Monday, October 27, 2014

Galoween Bavaria Meet Up with Plutonium


Last saturday our circle Plutonium held its monthly meet up with the theme Galoween ^-^
All of our members showed up and we had two other lovely gals with us. Inaia joined us again too and we even met Azumi! She said we were the first gals she met and Im happy she enjoyed her time with us because I really like her ^0^

                                  On my way to Nuremburg with Barbara and Ramona

When we arrived there we all were hungry so we decided to eat first in Sushido

with Kyoooo

Afterwards we went shopping a bit and then warmed up again in a Starbucks. There we started to do our galoween make and had lots of fun being stupid xDD boooya

Covered in blood we were finally ready to take pics. Unfortunately we got shooed away by some securities again.. it seems all of them lack in intelligence and social skills <.< Ever tried being nice to someone?? ugh Howeverrr... to the pics!!

We spend a lot of time at the mainstation talking, taking pictures and videos :D It was so much fun!! Kyo has to edit the video with music and then I can show you :3

Some more pics for you ^-^

Okay thats all about this day. I enjoyed the day soo much! Im really glad to call those girls friends I love all of you so much!! Even Inaia and Azumi who are new in my life are so great and I couldnt be happier to have those people in my life < 3

Thank you!!

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