Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spontaneous Meet in Würzburg

Hey everyone!
 On Saturday I met spontaneously with Ramona, Barbara and Jasmin in Würzburg ^-^
Actually there was a gyaru meet up planned by Lisa in Stuttgart. We wanted to dress up in traditional costumes (dirndl and lederhosen) and go to a funfair called Canstatter Wasn but it was cancelled the evening before so the 4 of us decided to meet anyways but in Würzburg!

We didnt really have a plan what to do but we had good luck with the weather so we went to the beautiful residenz garden and took nice pictures :3

But before we went to nushu and ate sushi!!

If you are in town and want to eat asian food I totally recommend them ^-^
One of the staffs even took a pic of us!

Afterwards we walked to the residenz garden. Its such a wonderful place in the summer! We even saw a bride taking pictures. So lovely!

At first we took pictures of ourselves so every time someone of us couldnt be on the picture xD

But then we asked random people if they can take pictures of us

This pic is so funny because Jasmin and Barbara are doing the same pose while Ramona and I have a similar pose too xD We didnt do this on purpose :D

I feel sooo dark in this outfit ,_, But I was glad that Ramona lent me her tutuha dress and cross since I had NO idea what to wear. (you know, the evening before I still thought I would wear my dirndl)

We changed location since the garden IS SO DAMN HUUUGEEE AND EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF IT IS BEAUTIFUL *0*

Sorry this one is so pixelated but we only had our mobile phones with us xD

After our small session we went to a shisha bar called Orient Palast where we smoked shisha and had cocktails of course hihi
No meet up with my girls without sushi and alcohol. It seems like a tradition XDD

My cocktail was called Pink Breakfast and tasted yummy :3

We really talked a lot and sat there for hours. We noticed we have been friends for so many years now. Its amazing how time passes by so quickly! In less than 80 days Ill be in Tokyo with Jasmin ^-^
Its a bit sad that Ramona and Barbara are going to fly to Tokyo when we are in our plane back to Germany ,_, However Im looking forward our trip and I hope we will all stay friends for many more years ^_____^

Thank you for this great day girls :3

Monday, May 13, 2013

Style Change / Tutuha Inspiration

Hellooo :3

Today I want to blog about tutuha/glavil/fernopaa!

The last weeks I had to do a presentation for school and I decided for the topic street style in japan and also told something about gyaru and its substyles. Thats where I couldnt stop looking at goshikku pictures and started searching for tutuha clothes online.. and eventually fell in love with it!

I just like the fact that it is dark and colourful at the same time. Also they have soo much bling bling and accessories :D

I mean look at it. They are wearing at least 3 necklaces.

I like her eyemake up so much ^0^

Here you can see even if shes wearing a pink dress she till looks so dark because of her make up and accessories. I really like that!

Since I fell for tutuha I'm really into the colours red and purple mixed with black.
Here you can see some of my favourite coords :3

The red jumper with leo pattern and the devil ears is sooo cute!!

I also love the make up of the tutuha staff. I searched for some picture where you can see it quite good.

Believe it or not, in real they look even better!!! °0°

So... maybe some of you also like this brand/style now ^-^
Or did you already before?
Tell me about it in the comments if you like ^-^



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