Thursday, December 29, 2011

My very first CIRCLE LENSES

Oh lord...

since a few days Im trying to get my new ( well..."new" FIRST ) lenses in and today I was successful *0*  
I ordered my lenses with Lisa They are called EOS Candy lense grey. Somehow they look green on my eyes but only in the light ! When its darker they look more grey ish (:
Just like my real eye colour ^0^

Im so fucking proud of myself. really haha. I feel like I can do anything now hahaha. So stupid I know but it was such a big egoboost to me. 

I made a video before I went out the house...

excuse the mess
yeah let us throw my camera down the table for the 198329 time.

Please dont be so mean to me... it was my first time EVER so maybe it looks a bit strange sometimes XD In the video one lense is not where it should be :D And my make up isnt as heavy as usual because when I first tried to put on my heavy make up the lenses fell out DDDD:

Now  Im a little bit unsure about heavy make up..buuhuhu. But okay I think if Ill practice I can put on more eyeliner again and I wont be so afraid to glue on my lashes /DD


Im SO looking forward to dress up and style my hair put on my nails and try some heavier make up WITH lenses. omg omg omg omg. I want to know how Ill look like :D :D

What do you think about the lenses ??
Is it good that Im using some now ?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Erbsmas

Just a quick shot from yesterdays party in a little neighbor village.

I wore my new top from black queen ^0^ I really like the cross chains hanging down !! <3
my hair went flat again because I clipped in new blonde extents..*sigh* you always have to curl them for like a week until they get as "damaged" as you want them to be so the curls will stay longer /D

aww barbie earrings sparkle .. :D

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This was christmas

Yesterday we celebrated christmas just like everybody else did.
We dont own a real tree but thats not a problem even though I like the smell of a real one.

My mom had to work so we had dinner kinda late at 7 pm.
My dad cooked for us. We had lobster, shrimps, salad, bread, different kinds of dips and wild salmon.

My dad bought some champagn but for me it just tastes like some normal sparkling wine. My dad thinks we are philistines XD

Later we handed out our presents. I got so much nice stuff !!

my favourite hairspray Schmusekatze by Schwarzkopf.
Money for Rimini 
( my sister+her friends and me+my friend Linda want to spend our summer vacation in Rimini ^-^ )
Prada Candy perfume
3 different kinds of lashes *0*
a case for my make up with my name on it :3
barbie earrings and
sexy ass shoes :D

My shoes and my earrings

I also got some little presents from my grandma and grandpa.
They gave me a voucher for a massage hrrhrr, warm socks of course some chocolate and some money ^-^

My cousins and me gave them pictures of us. ( The grandchildren )
somehow they all ended up like this :D

tötööttö :D

yep..this was christmas.
This evening Im going on a Christmas party called Merry Ersbmas. ( because the village in which it takes part is called Erbshausen..get it?^^'' )
and tomorrow we are going to eat at our favourite restaurant...GUESS GUESS GUESS..
well okay not that difficult to guess :D restaurant hubland *3*

wish you all a great time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

personal fucking post ever. y am i writing this.

gosh how do I start ?
I got triggered to write this post because of a bad secret on g_s of me and I think I should write my feelings and my opinion down since a lot of people in reallife get this whole thing wrong, too.

I think I have to start with my secret just that there wont be any talking around here...

I agree in the point I look scary on this pic. Im always thinking about my make up since Im not wearing lenses because of my fear of veins. nyah shit. people do have fears and I have this. you dont have to understand but Im not able to look at forearms or wrists. I cant tell you what it is exactly that scares me but Im really afraid of. So Im scared to have contact with my eye veins, too. Gyaru make up without lenses doesnt look like the real thing and this disappoints me everytime. Sometimes Im even thinking about quitting gyaru but then I realize that this means too much to me so I have to work on my fear.
Second thing ...I dont think its good to blaspheme on a pic which is almost 5 months old. It was the first time I had REAL bottom lashes so it was my first try to do eye make up with them and Im sure you looked scary as well on your first try.
I dont think its okay to call my mole a wart. But okay its your opinion if you think its ugly you think its ugly. Thats it. Its just not true that I photoshopped my mole out of a single picture EVER. First of all I neither even have PS installed somewhere nor I dont know why I should do it. Its a part of me just like everything else is. I dont cover my boobs and I dont cover my scars so I wont cover my mole. Just saying. Cheap nails werent cheap but if you think they look cheap..its also your opinion I just think you dont have to tell me that angry and pissed off just like you really hate me or just hate to bitch around ( haha the word. here it is. finally. )

now onto the actual topic I wanted to write about. The word bitch.
Bitch is not only very often used in the gyaru comm against german gyarus. It is also used very often in my reallife like when going clubbing, at school blabla.
I think some of you have a very wrong view on the word bitch. I cant help but you always say it like its a bad word! It isnt. We live in 2011 almost 2012. Words and meanings changed. I dont know what you are thinking a bitch is but to me it is NOT a girl who sleeps with tons of guys, getting payed or not. Bitch can also just mean a girl is a Zicke /in german./ To me bitches are beautiful girls who like to party, are mostly skinny, care about their look like make up, hair, clothes etc. They were jewelry, have long and good looking nails, are sometimes mean to others but not without any reason. These girls like to bitchfight but they always have a reason for it. Its hard to describe but its definitively not a bad word. Its the same when I hear gogos are nasty and prostitutes or something. They just dance and earn money. They dont even undress. Thats another topic but I really dont get how these words/jobs/... STILL have such a bad reputation.
I like to feel like Im the queen of the situation. I like to party hard. I like to feel like Im the motherfucking princess in this club. I like that boys think Im pretty and dancing around. I dont fuck around like theres no tomorrow. Thats bullshit. Im just enjoying my time and when somebody has boobs why shouldnt they show them ? I think its sexy. ( I dont mean to undress and hold your titties in every face. )
Bitch is no more a bad word for a cheap girl you can easily have sex with.
However,  my opinion is if you still think bitch is a cuss you also think sex is ew.
( omg AV gals EEEEEEEWWW. they have sex EWWWWW. Your boyfriend, your father, your grandfather, ... watches porn,too. Your parents had sex. Thats where you come from. Just saying. )

Sunday, December 11, 2011

KUPSCH Christmas staff party

2 colleagues(eva, alvarez) my boss and I ^-^
yeaaah Christmas party !!

Yesterday my working place KUPSCH had its christmas staff party !!
I had so much fun ^0^
We had our own room with own buffet. omg so much yummy food everywhere !!

This was all just for dessert :D

Here is a plate of the main dish.

and this is my boss showing you the starter ;D

The restaurant looked quite expensive and it had a nice atmosphare.
Here is some decoration

This was our table !!
We were so many ^___^ Some of my colleagues brought their partners with them :3

ehm..ya... I only have eyes for the food /DDDD

All in all it was a great evening and I want to thank everbody who took part in and of course my colleague for taking some photos, too 
and my boss for organising such a great christmas staff party (:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Im at school right now and its booooring 〜(≈.≈〜)
I bought some new earrings. I love these way too big & slutty earrings.

nyaaahh. In my school outfit. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Current Wishlist and ordered

These days I have nothing else to do than surfing through the internet and take a look at all the clothes, shoes and other stuff I want to have for christmas

First of all...of course SHOES !!

I want these leo wegdes so bad !!
I also wanted to have these over the knee boots because they are REALLY over the knee boots ( not that stuff what you get here " omg its soo overknee " just touched my knee and then stopped .__. )

Unfortunately they are sold out so Im thinking about these little babies <3

Im just wondering if they are over the knee ?? mmhh...

LASHES !! Another thing I want to have :3
I want to try these 3

I hate that Jewerich boxes include only 4 lashes ... but I want to give it a try.

Girls need bling ! This is why I want to have jewelry ;D

For the first time ever Id like to have a perfume !!
Actually Im not a fan of perfume but this one is pure love.
Prada Candy :3

Some make up brushes would be very nice, too !!
I just own four. Two are for  putting on powder, one is for blush and the other one is for foundation I think but Im using it for my eyemake up /DD
and last..I want to have a hometrainer again ,___________,
thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin

random pic

And now I show you what I ordered :3

ordered this in MOCA
omg awwww
and this one in grey !! *0*

I know I wont get everything so I called it my current wishlist instead of my christmas wishlist.
Its not that much but everything is expensive ,_,

what are your wishes for christmas ??

Saturday, December 3, 2011



Yesterday I decided to do some new pics of me..
I tried doing my make up a bit like Coconas... I love these glitter make ups ^0^

I also tried using the new gel eyeliner..LOL It was my first try with it and I failed a bit ,_,
But I think if Ill practise everyday I will get better.^-^

you seee ??? I also glued on my nails from tokyo ^____^

Later Ill meet up with Linda to eat SUSHI ( omg we will buy all of their foooooooodd >D )
then well go to a Shisha bar with our Birthday kid CARO to meet up with her and all the others. Later on well go clubbing to the capitol !!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy 1 december !!


I hope you all enjoy this month.

This morning I opened the first door of my calendar ^-^

this is my calendar haha

Which kind of calendar do you own ?? Mine is only full of chocolate nyam nyaaam :3


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