Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bodensee in Bregenz


I dont have many things to blog about but today we went to Bregenz to took a walk in the city and near the Bodensee.

I love sitting at the lake with my feets in the water and just chilling around ^__^
We wanted to go shopping but Im a bit depressed at the moment.
Its so disappointing to walk through the shops and shopping centers and there is not a single thing you like ,____________, 
I remember when I loved shopping and spending money on clothes and shoes etc but since Im back from japan...this whole thing changed. In tokio the clothes and shops were so...AHHH pure love !!
Here in europe I can hardly find a shop in which I like anything...buhuhuhu.
But on the other hand its a good thing so I can save money for tokio next time XDD
mhhh however.. another pic from me at the Bodensee.

yeeah stupid laughter xD
Okay thats enough for now.
Tomorrow is my sisters birthday !! SWEET 16 !!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Züricher See / Hooters

Nyeeey !!
Today we went to the Züricher See and we had fantastic weather !!
It was sunny and warm so the lake looked wonderfull 
Take a look

So many swans :3

We went for a little walk and after this we got hungry. Since we wanted to buy a Hooters Shirt of Zürich anyways we decided to eat there.

We had some yummy food ^-^

After we finished our meal we were ready to buy the shirts but one of the beautiful waitress said they dont sell uniform shirts in Switzerland .__________. So we went home disappointed !!
AWW whats this shit. In Frankfurt you are able to buy the uniform <.<

Tomorrow we are going to St.Gallen for sho sho sho shopping !

bye !

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arriving in Switzerland / New boots

yooo people !!

finally we arrived at our home in switzerland !
On my way I bought some new slipper for indoors 
take a look

taha taha i love them they are sooo comfortable and warm my feet :3

In munich we had to change trains so we ate something at mcdo and I found a mustache french fries :D

lol since I look dumb as fuck in this pic Ill show you a prettier one ^-^
However, tomorrow we are going to Zürich and searching for Hooters and going shopping a bit.
We also want to go to the Züricher See wuuuu ^-^

Read more tomorrow !!

( aww please tell me if I edit the pics too dark because my sisters display is sooo light so maybe I edit some pics too dark and I want you to tell me because I want you to see everything clearly !! D: )

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Im going to Switzerland !!

Finally a new post from me.
Sorry that Im not able to blog that often now. Its because I have to work the whole week.
However, Im going to switzerland again on saturday !!!

For those who dont know.
My dad lives there since .. 8 years or wtf and we are there 2-3 times a year.

I got this new thing on my sidebar so you can check out posts easier if you are searching for travelling posts.

Soo... just that I have anything to blog about Ill tell you something about our trip to switzerland 2 years ago in summer. ( wth I cant believe its already 2 years ago...time goes by so fast O_O )

It was my sisters birthday and we decided to breakfast with dolphins ^___^
This was sooooooo awesome !!!
Here are some pictures 

Since this was 2 years ago I didnt dress gyaru. I didnt even know that this style exist so.. XD
Dont blame me because I look so un gyaru...its because I AM NOT gyaru on these pics.
René and me :D

Afterwards we took a ride on the FREEFALL TOWER !!!
Okay..just the one for the little kids ahaha..but I was afraid as its the huge one !
The kids were all like.. " I aint eve excited "
My mum and me we were like " WAAAAAAAAHHH" and René was just sitting there laughing because of us XD

Okay sooo... I hope you check out my blog EVERY DAY because when Im in switzerland ( saturday ) Ill blog everyday wuuuu. Im so excited ^-^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New hair bodom.

I changed my haircolour well... I tried.
I wanted to have grey hair with brown highlights but it turned out to be green.
So I put more highlights in it and it turned out too dark ;0;

Now it looks like this.

mhhh.. in reallife it looks worse xD
Well, it turned out to be not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat bad anymore but I still dont like it.
I think I look like a witch or some evil person DX

However... I like those pics and my outfit so Ill show you some more !

I think I dye my hair blonde again in 2 weeks when my new extents will arrive.
I definitely need new ones XDD
Look at the ends...so terrible.. my poor hair. The whole dying thing was too much for them.

Read more tomorrow ^___^

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decoden on my mobile phone !

As I already told you I pimped my mobile phone.

I bought some decoden parts in chiara, shibuya 109 and chiara Ikebukuro sunshine city.

Thats the result !
 Back view with mirror
And front side ^__^

You can also see my nails in detail ( because somebody asked for it )

I liked my phone before,too but now I think it's even better looking.
And of course it fits my nails :D

What do you think ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I bought in Tokyo !

Heey guuys..
I think you all waited for this entry :D
But I have to disappoint you. I dont spend that much money so I just have some clothes to show you.

I hope I didnt forgett something...
I write where I bought it and for how much so maybe its helpfull for you if you plan your trip to Tokyo next time ?

First of all my belt.
I bought it in Shibuya 109
Shop : Twisty / diavolo
It cost around 100 euro ~
What I liked about it you are able to design a belt by your own.
So you can change the buckle and the chains etc.
 details :

These are the garters I bought
Left is from a shop in Ikebukuro Sunshine City and cost around 15 euro ~
In the middle is the garter from the ageha online shop and around 9 euro ~
The last one is from XOXO-kiss kiss in shibuya109 around 15 euro I think.

My Barbie purse was around 70 euro ~
I would have bought more but the store was so small they havnt had too many things.
I bought it in Harajuku. The Barbie store was in La Foret.

Now the clothes !!
First this one 
 Its from XOXO-kiss kiss and was around 25 euro ~
I have the same in black, too !
Back view.

This one is from MA*RS shop in Shibuya 109
It actually cost something around 30 Euro but somehow we got a discount abou 10 euro so its end price was only about 20 euro~  yaaay ^-^

I bought this one at the yumetenbo online shop.
It arrived at my warehouse while I was in japan and I would be dumb if I send it to germany with expensive shipping cost. So I decided to send it to my hotel and saved lots of money :D
However...here it is.

This top is from Coconut Kiss I think.. Its a shop in Ikebukuro Sunshine City
and cost around 20 euro I think ?

This top is from d.i.a store in shibuya 109
It was the first top I bought :D
Its about 55 euro~

I love the back !!

I also bought this from d.i.a in shibuya 109.
I dont know anymore how much ~.~ maybe..35 euro ??
I like that its another colour but Im not sure about the shoulder things... we'll see !

Here I have something from Tutuha !
I have to say I kinda love this shop. The staffs are the best looking in shibuya 109 ( next to d.i.a staffs )
Its more industrial I would say. Never thought about it :D
The top is about 50 euro~ and the cross is about 20 euro~
 I like the colour and I LOVE the cross. But somehow Im afraid I might look like a pirate with those ruffls and stuff...mhh.

You have already seen my shoes.
They are from one of many shoe stores in shibuya 109
( but if you want to buy shoes I would go to Ikebukuro sunshine city. They have SO many. I found some wegdes I fell in love but they were size L and I need LL BUHUHUHUHU )
They cost around 70 euro~

Of course this one. I already told you. Just for the list :b
D.i.a shop in Shibuya 109 around 70euro~

And the top I wore in this post 
is from XOXO-kiss kiss in shibuya 109 and was around 15 euro I think.

I also bought sunglasses but I cant find them now XD around 10 euro in a shop in Shibuya 109.

Thats all !! Hard to believe right ?
I thought I would spend 1000 euro but it was only a bit more than 600.
I think its kinda hard to spend so much money on clothes in only 11 days.
Because you are not only going shopping. My nails cost something, the Yamanote line cost, bubble tea, starbucks, mc do :D, eating.. make up of course. Disneyland, too !
In the end Im happy that I didnt spend too much money and had a great time (:

If somebody said I have to leave tomorrow for Tokyo...I would go :D
I miss this city so hard ):

Hope you liked my post anyway !!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Yo Guys

I made a new header and a new background. Im very happy about.
What do you think ?
^_^Please give me feedback 

Oh and... I just own the background and my picture.
The Shibuya and Barbie pic is not taken by me.
I found it on my tumblr. I reblogged it a while ago.

Last Purikura and Shibuya cross video ♥

Sooo its time for another post !
I found some more purikura which I didnt upload yet but unfortunately these are the last ones we took in Japan ... buuhuhuhuuu kinda sad ;_____;

On our last night in shibuya we took some pics and a video !
here it is !

Famous shibuya cross. 
( Tokyo drift drifted along :D I love this scene ♥♥ / except that han dies DDDDDDDDDDDDD: )

We sat there way too long because we didnt want to go home ):
While we sat there and speak german a japanese man came and said " Sind sie deutsche ? " ( Are you germans ? ) and we said omg yees we are ( on german / the whole conversation was on german ) 
and then he told us we was 2 years in germany and visited Eisenach, Berlin and Hamburg. When he asked us where we come from we said Würzburg !! and he came with " Ohh yees .. Marienburg, Käppele, Frankenwein...Currywurst " hahaha that was so cute !! ♥♥

Its funny that when you are in germany and you say you live in Würzburg nearly NOBODY knows where the fuck it is but when you say it in japan everybody is like " OHHH haiii residence !! " XDD
Its because our city has much old and interessting buildings for foreigners escpecially for japanese :D

Hope you stay continued for my pimped mobile phone and my clothes I bought ^__^


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