Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nacht der Nächte

Yooo just a quick pic from yesterdays partying.

As u all know its CARNIVAL TIME WHUUUU
so there are a lot of very cool events here in town.
2 more carnival parties r coming up and I've got such a great idea :D
But ssshh wont tell. Its a surprise.

This time I went as a footballer..nyaa it wasnt as good as the other costumes but hu I had fun !!
René was a basketballer :b

yoo flat hair fer sure. We didnt stay long. The first band played so cool music but the idk just english songs..nothin good to party carnival q.q

Next carnival parties will be at march 6th and 8th so stay tuned for m outfit ^__^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Style Dinner

Today my sister and I had an american style dinner.
We went to the supermarket and bought some usefull things.
Since my mom is in switzerland with my dad we had to cook.

We made yummy corn ( including veggie wiener for me )
and this was her burger lol. Looked so big.

I tried doing my hair and this time Im rly happy with the result.
Take a look !

My hair looks a little bit orange in different light...

however in real it looks more like the first one.

Soo.. I rly think I can manage my hair now ( even if I still need more hair. Will be ordered on March 1th. )
so I have to work at my make up mhh ):
I dont know y I cant do this -.-  It never looks gyaru !! YYYYYY ?????
Still not...I tried so many ways and watched so many tutorials..I rly need Jewerich or Dolly Wink bottom lashes. I want them so bad to improve my make up Q_Q

However, hope u had a great dinner as well !

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yummy dessert


Just sittin here with a yummy cup of ice cream !!

love to eat it with bananas, eggnog, chocolate and o/c many many colorfull crumble mixture ♥♥

have a nice evening everyone of you ;3

Mir san alle Troglauer Buam !

Yesterday was a little party at the neighbour village and guess who played ???
Troglauer Buam !!

I rly love going to concerts of this band

Sine my sister stayed at home I was allowed to wear her dress ^0^
Unfortunately its a little bit too big for me but whuaa Im so thankfull !!

If you wanna listen to their music or just get more information visit their website : 

Or just watch the video ! 
Troglauer @ mtv home.
O/c I have to show u a vid in which they perform a song of Green Day haha.
Take a look even its in a bad quality. However u migh cant see anything clear but u r able to hear everything (:

Eventually a picture of me and René.
LOL y do I look so scary XDD

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Planning my outfit

Yesterday a new package arrived.Guess what was inside ??

yeey. My outfit for LBM !!

Im planning how to wear this. In my head there r soo many ways of and I already bought shoes for it.

I clipped on a flower b/c Ive seen such cute shoes at the GIRLS LIFE  Trailer

at 00:23.

So I thought it would be a nice idea !!

Also, I wanna wear overknee socks but unfortunately the ones I bought ARENT overknee socks.
Im rly startin to hate New Yorker ):
The last 2 shirts and cardigans I bought got damaged so damn quickly. ):
Even their so called overknee socks arent OVERknee they better called underknee -.-
2 times I made the mistake nd shop there. New Yorker had too many chances but I rly think they got worse quality x:

But go on !!

sooo  I have to buy new once. Think I will buy them at ebay. There they r cheap. and AHHH Ive seen these beauties !!!!
They would fit so perfect !!

only 8 euros !!

Other thing which is planned r my nails.
Want to do sth like this.

Wanna use black nail polish, silver glitter shiny nail polish, gold glitter, white nail polish, black nd white roses and silver shiny rhinstones. Ill try in the next days :3

Nother pic of half of my outfit

Does anybody goes to LBM, too ??
Wanna meet me ?? Write a comment

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NEED YOUR HELP and new nails

First, I wanna show u my new nail art.
Its nothing special but my sister and I tried how the new stuff works.
B/c of the fact lots of my stupid dumbassshit nails broke -.-
It doesnt look very special u.u

colored ( its my fave hand. b/c there r less broken ^^ )

glued. stupid hand

Both together without flash and bad light

Okay and NOW I WANT YOU TO VOTE !!!!!!!!!!1111one
Please help me to find out which one of these fits me best !!
Cant decide between blue or peach ( rosa ^^ )



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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick update

So yaa.. Today my class and I went to SACHS in Schweinfurt. Its a fabric for..sumthing which is built for cars..
idk anymore ^^''

We were eating there and  now Im going to the city for applying for a job at the local GameStop.
Nyaa. Hope they like me >0<

tried sumthin with my hair. It looks kinda weird on the pics lol.
At first it was rainy and later the sun shined ;3

The last pic reminds me on a rhino. solol.

LOL I am eating fast food with MAYONAISE and drinkin FANTA.
hahaha This looks kinda wtf b/c of my diet post in which I said " stop drinkin fanta " etc :D
They paid the meal for us so we just could decide between coke,mezzo mix and fanta.
( wtf ? -.- )  So please dont blame me even if it looks very "funny" ^^

Monday, February 7, 2011

Managed my hair.

yaaaaaa.. I think I could manage my hair.
It still looks not so big but Ill order when I got a job.
Im not able to spend so much money all the time without workin.. <.<'

What do u say ?
Oh and.. Im going to try something new with my eye make up. It doesnt look gal mhh..
I know I have to work at my lower falsies. Damn uuu. Its too curvy I think..
I know I can do it. YAA.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Longer Hair and Deco-den

Sowhaaaaaat my hair arrived yesterday
 about 12 or 13 o clock *0*

Unfortunately I didnt notice that I just ordered normal hair but I need extra thick hair NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 

This is how I look.

sry for shitty quality. first is webcam nd snd is cut.

So first, I have to dye my hair one more time. Omg my poor hair.
So it rly fits my extents. And scnd I have to order AGAIN ;_;
b/c I want more hair !!!!!!

Ursis Haare made a great job. It wasnt the first time I ordered from this shop. It was my fault that I didnt realize my other hair was extra thick. q.q

Last week Ive just seen so cute things !! I HAVE TO HAVE THEM !!

1. superspecialosm ringwatch YES RING WATCH !! in it is a picture which says
this is so totally meeeee !!. I need this ♥♥♥

2. OMG keychain. Such a freakin cool lookin keychain.

Okay last thing I would like to show u
 is my pimped mobile phone.

ah yeah.. my cosmopolitan from china doesnt work anymore.. I damaged it q.q
So I have this shitty phone now which isnt even able to take photos WHATT ??

However I bought some cute decoden on etsy so now it looks rly cute ♥

At first I had an idea but then it turned out to be just..puttin them on dont care where lol.
Isnt finished yet.

Stay tuned ya.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nighty Night

Going to bed now.
Hair arrived today. Im so happy :3
Tell u more about it tomorrow.

Nighty night

Awesome as Fuck and Sport Tips

Many of u know that Im totally in love with my fav Band GREEN DAY !!!
So they will bring a new Live DVD Album coming out on March this year.
I was at the concert in munich when mtv filmed this for Mtv World Stage. It also was shown for 1 day in germanys cinemas but unfortunately they chose to put the tokyo concert on that dvd ;_;
But who caaaaares. I definitly buy this. Jesus I cant wait for iiiiiiiiiit ♥♥♥
watch the trailer. srsyly o.ó

So okay go on with the fabulous
 Sport Tips !!
Hope u all lost sum weight since the last post lol

• Try and find out which sport type u r. Need sum ppl for motivation Or do u prefer practicing 
alone ??
Depending on what u chose.. 
○join a gym, aerboic course, spinning course, yoga course, do cheerleading..
○ U can do yoga by urself, go swimming, go jogging, buy a hometrainer, ..

Dont have the time do do that ??
U can easily do sum sports in ur everyday life ! 
○ Use stairs instead of the elevator or the escelator.
Whenever u have to decide.. choose to walk !!
Or use ur bicycle rather then driving a car.

○ Dont sit at ur busstop or in the bus. Standing burns more kcal.
While u r standing and waiting for the bus to come for example u can pinch ur ass cheeks together. Hold them 20 sec and then relax. Hold them for 20 sec. Relax. Do this as often u r able to.

○ On toilett u can do knee bend and other strechings.

○ U dont need expensive training stuff. Use Waterbottles as dumbbells for tighten up ur boobs.
Do every morning and evening gymnastics. 
Me for example, I do 30 sit ups then relax. 30 sit ups then relax. 30 sit ups finished.
Some knee bend. Play scissor with my legs to tighten up.
Lay down on the floor and "riding a bike"
Gymnastics is as important as jogging for example. Its no use to be thin while u r squishy. Thats disgusting.

• Start with lower goals. Later u will be able to do more and better.

Need some motivation ??

Look at all the pretty gals. U want to look like they do right ? U cant do if u dont get ur lazy ass up !!
Buy some clothes one or two size smaller. It will be a great motivation for u to fit in !!
Write down some motivating sentences.
Have controll over ur weight and write them in a little book. So u can always see how many weight u already lost (:
Ask a friend for help. Maybe he / she wants to lose some weight too ! Together is always better than alone <3

Hope I could help u !!

My hair arrives in the next 4 days so Ill be able to post normally again with outfit posts etc.
Thank u for waiting. U r such great readers !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Im mrs. " shes too big now shes too thin "

my post about my weight loss (:

In year 2008 I got 72 Kg. This was my highscore lol.
So on a high of 170 cm my BMI was like 24.9 wtf.

Never heard about BMI before ?
BMI stands for Body Mass Index.
So this is good for getting to know if u r overweight or even too skinny.
Of course this is just a guideline.
You can search for it on the internet by "bmi counter" then they will 
calculate ur weight with ur high and so on and TADA ur BMI is born.

This was me with 72 Kg.

And this was me with 54 kg.

My Story !!
With 72 Kg I didnt feel very comfortable of course but I was too lazy to get my ass up.
Since I got bellyache everytime I had period I started using  the anti baby pill.
So during the first year I lost 2 Kgs and felt very good about it. 
Second thing which happend was that the infrastructur at my village sucks as hell so sometimes I need to walk 2 busstops more b/c the bus stops just
This year I lost another 2 Kgs wuuu.

Having 68 Kg made me feel like WUU im a superchick and while buying sum new clothes I recognized size 40(l) fits me !! ( before it was more 42(xl) like 40 q.q ) So of course I wanted to lose more weight !!

With 62 Kg size 38 fits me this made me probably the happiest girl I thought but it went oooooon..
on 31th of july 2009 I got that 62 Kg but on Dezember 24th I already got 54 Kg WUUUUU
NOW I was the happiest girl ever ! 
I now wear top size 34/36(xs/s) but unfortunately my hipbones r too big so I can never ever wear a jeans size 34 (xs) CRY !!!
However, 36(s) is way better than 42(xl) ^^

Look at my fat as hell arm in the picture !!

and Now

I also lost my stupid double chin :D

But unfortunately I still got that stupid fatcheeks everytime I laugh !!

However now comes the important part.



• forget about this useless butter. Srsly. This has no damn use.
I havent eaten this for 2 years now and I didnt ever missed that shit.
You can eat ur bread WITHOUT butter. Really. Im not joking. It tastes really good just putting jelly on it.
Give it a try !! Also u should buy these special pans in which u dont need to take butter.
U will cook so healthy without useless fat !!

• Put down ur fat need. U can handle the taste if u try slowly.
Drank 3,5% milk before ?? Then try now 1,5%. Later u will be able to drink 0,3% and save all the useless fat. But keep on drinking milk. Ur body needs that protein. R u allergic or want to save even kcal ?? Then try soy milk. Honestly, that doesnt taste so I have to drink free lactose milk.( u save useless milksugar wuhu )

Dont stop eatin and starve urself. This just ruins ur body and u will gain lots of weight back !!
Better : Eat sum healthy food. There are so many available !! Me f.e, I try to eat every evening a grapefruit putting a LITTLE sugar on it. Take u time. Eat a yummy sandwich ( remember without butter ) putting on some salad, eggs ( protein !! ), tomatos or wtf u like. 

Use brown bread instead of white ones. This may have more kcal but lower fat and makes u well-fed.

• U r allowed to eat some fatier things SOMEtimes. But then please read and decide carefully what ur going to eat. Many productcompanies want to make fun with us. They write "only 450 kcal " as big as they can on that box of pizza but if u read twice u see a very small "half a pizza got " nearby -.-
AND please use a kitchen roll to dab up this useless fat. okay ??!!
Also u dont need to eat the unhealthiest candy with the most fat. Inform about ur food so u know what to eat. For example never eat that white chocolate. This is pure fat so disgusting -.-
There r so many sites on the internet which r useful.
 For germans might be a good one !!

• Try to drink ur tea without any sugar. I used to take 3 buckets and now no more !!
Handle it down with taking less and less buckets. U can do it !!
Furthermore u should stop drinking shit like Fanta and all the other sofullofsugar drinks.
Better: Drink water !! Wanna save kcal ?? Drink some cold water. This saves u up 8 kcal.
Every hour on a day.. Got over 80 kcal. WUU.
Sick of the nontaste ?? Use dietary dupplements just like this :

It is healthy b/c its magnesium, vitamin, iron and so on ! Since this is available in so many flavors u never get sick of drinking water !! Just jazz it up yaa !

Sport tips on the next Posts. This is gonna be a very long entry now wtf.

Enjoyed ?? Feedback ??? cmt this shit or add me on Facebook.
Kitai Fi

Cyo thinner next time :D


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