Friday, April 29, 2011


Yo Gals.

I got bad news man
if you are using chrome browser you will get this malware thing.
This freakin bitch is sending me this shit and Im really really pissed off -.-
Im working on this problem but I did like everything to manage this.
I deleted all of her cmts unfollowed her and blocked her as a follower so wtf.
Is this bitch trying to hack me or what ?

Pls still follow me. Its not my blog its 

Okay heres another thing I would like to tell you about.

It's our Cir HimeBerry

We now got this freakin hot layout with new super special awesome profiles
and some music on it. But dont worry, its not on autoplay :D

Thanks to Tanee this time

Tomorrow Ill write something about Fast and furiouse 5.

Okay bye for now 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gyaru Crafting

Hellooooooo dear followers ^-^

I always wanted to have these kinda stockings with cute bows and bling bling on it :3
Since I couldnt found any in stock or not that expensive I decided to make my own :D

What do you think ?

I bought these two stockings and cut this hairbow from claires and sewed it on one of the stockings.
Then I sewed a chain and a string of pearls on the bow and TADA.
Finish xD

I like it whats your opinion ?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Yesterday Renés grandma invited us to her home for bbq ^-^
( omg it was so much fooooooooooooooooooooooooood Q_Q )

it was a great and sunny day.

René has this colour b/c our sunshade was orange xD

She made us yummy ice chocolate ( real milk real cream real ice cream omg I was ready to die ;_; )

and she gift us some chocolate rabbits :D so cuuuteee.

Later on we went for a walk ..

I had so much fun tihi :D

Later that evening we went to an easter fire ( i dunno y there was one lol. do you guys have something like this? ive never heard before and Im sure there doesnt exist one at our village or neighbour villages..pff.. )

But it was such a great and warm feeling *0* 

ya its not that good quality. Just to remember

Hope all of you had a great easter weekend^-^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I ordered from rakuten

First of all:


so..since Im too lazy to take pictures of my other stuff from frankfurt and they are not THAT cool anyway.. 
I will show you what I ordered from rakuten with the help of Celga.

This lovely shirt / dress / whatever in baby pink :3
my sister says it looks like sleep wear o.ó NOOOOOO.

second this one in lavender <3

and laaaaaaaast... THESE AWESOME PANTS !!

omg omg omg. I want EVERY COLOUR. well okay I would like to have the baby pink, lavender and white x black most but WHUT..I dont have that money CRY.
So I just ordered white x black and lavender.

I didnt order these things but I LOVE THEM
( ya shoes. what else XD )

arent these sexy shoes ?? unfortunately they were sold out ):

So Im now waiting for these things and my hair to arrive then Ill be able to talk more about it ^-^

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Im on tumblr

Nyan nyan !!

Since a few days Ive got tumblr, too !
Before I was just surfing through tumblr and saved the pics and gifs down on my computer but then it seemed like...whuuut this isnt funny without all the headlines etc. I want to tumblr, too !!

and ya..


I reblog/post Green Day, Gals and the normal tumblr stuff like awkward moment fuu comics etc etc.

Everyone loves tumblr :3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Garden Post

Yaya blabla
I know I was supposed to show you the rest of my shopping stuff but I dont wanted to take pictures now ^^
Im kinda lazyyyyyyyy~ so we just went out to the garden and René took some pics of me.
b/c of the stupid wind my hair went flat. YAAAAAAAAAA ( totally nope -.- )

 boobboost lol 

Ah ya BTW I bought this white x black shirt and these shoes !! So you will see some gets anyway..


On the left side you can see they are a bit small for my feet its b/c it is size 38 and I actually wear 39/40 :D :D
However..they were the last one and it isnt soooo bad to walk in ^^

I wanted to make a video but ya.. as always..I failed.
its kinda funny I think. If not its ok also ^^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shopping Stuff Part 1

Evening readers !
As you all know I was shopping yesterday and I bought some really cool stuff.

I just wanna show you a few things. I will post about the other stuff tomorrow or even tuesday b/c I have to work tomorrow.

Sooooo lets start with SUSHI :D

First of all before going shopping we needed to eat something.

I had some sushi and René had some noodles.

We arrived at the center about 11:30 I think. Before we went to the OCS to buy some magazines but unfortunately they only had ageha left. BUT I GOT THE LAST ONE. WHUUUUUUUUUUU.

Okay here are some things I bought :

Lady Gaga MAC Lipstick. I had to search for hours to find a shop that sells MAC products -.-
The colour looks like this above on my lips. I added gloss,too. It really looks like a barbie pink :D

 This bag from Primark.
I really needed a BLACK bag, man. 

Sunglasses :D They look sooo sweet and they were so cheap ! 1,50 Euro !!

this bracelett and earrings. <3


what do you think about it ?? I LOVE THEM !!

I think I will wear them on the meet up like this..

Not finished of course xD

ahja I also bought the skirt. 

So.. sorry for not having too much pictures to show you but Ill post the rest on monday or tuesday as I allready said before.


Friday, April 15, 2011


Do you remember this ??

YAAA its my shopping voucher my parents gift me on my 18th birthday in january !!
and tomorrow it is time to GO SHOPPING AND SPEND THE MONEEEEEEEY.

But not all 500 Euro. I have to buy hair from URSIS HAARE and I want to spend some money on rakuten.
So there are only 250 Euro left. BUT WHOOOOOOOO SHOPPING !!!

We are going to Frankfurt because there is an OCS where I can buy EGG,AGEHA and maybe POPTEEN,too. And of course there is a Shoppingcentre which includes...
 A PRIMARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The name of the centre is Nordwestzentrum

So.. be ready on sunday to read my achievements and whatch out for the upcoming posts :

• What I bought on Rakuten
• My new hair

See you guys !! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GYARU MEET @ Kirschblütenfest


Morning readers !!

On sunday our gyaru cir HimeBerry had its second Meet up !
Also some friends came to join our meeting ^-^

René and I took the train to Fürth and cought up Suzu :3

When we arrived we had to wait for Melli to come so mine and Tanitas boyfriend took some group shots !

After Melli arrived we went to the Kirschblütenfest and meet Hinabi and Terra there ^-^

we had A LOT of fun. This was truely an awesome meet up. I love you guys ♥
The weather was perfect so we chilled out while eating rice sushi and slush ice ;b
Then we took more pictures  haha

I also meet Zaku again after like 50000000 years again.
I missed him q.q
Hes such a cool guy to have tun with whuu.
Of course we took photos,too XD

LOL  rené did a great job ;b

So whuu one pic of me

and now a short and not that good video but...nya. I tried XDD

(stupid dumbass video will be posted later. this shit wont upload for aggggeeeeeees -.- )

Thanks for that awesome day guys ♥♥♥

Byebeeeee ~

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cousins 18th birthday Party

Heyaa dear followers :3

2 days ago my cousin had his 18th birthday party.
We had a lot of fun b/c of goooooooood music and nice people !!
I was so happy that some knew me even Ive not seen them for over a year now.

The only thing I didnt like was the fact, that the only REAL food to eat was goulash -.-
yummy for vegetarians like me ! But ookaay I ate a pretzel instead without salt so.. whuu^^
(non real food are flips and sour worms )

My sister and I looked like this !
We were posing some shitty poses.
We had a lot of fun acting like this :D

You know when you are clubbing and you are going to get a good photo of you while anybody stupid thinks he/she can ruin your foto while looking weird in the background ??

Ya, we did it !! :D
Soooooooo fun.
I love my sister

Read more tomorrow about the GAL MEET AT FÜRTH !!
Videos Photos lots of fun.
We even got a new member !! SO STAY TUNED !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Perfect hair colour


ola chicka. 

Yoo yesterday or..whut idk I dyed my real hair too. Look at it !!
Isnt it great ?

colour fits me yaa. or what do you think ? ^-^


Tomorrow there will be the 18th birthday party of my cousin WHUU. He invited us and OMFG Im soooo excited !! Didnt partying for like.. MONTHS idk. WHUUUUU

party party party

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New hair colour

Yoo chickas.
Yesterday I dyed my hair as I said before. HONIGBLOND !
First, I just bought one coloration b/c I had to look if my hair is going to change. 
( made awfull experiences before -.- ) but this time I had luck and my strand of hair changed !!

However, since I got just one package, I only dyed my extents. And I really love the colour turned out !!

here you can see the new colour vs the old one.
Old lighter one is on the top and the new colour is down on my extents.

I got that one problem before...
I never wanted it that light. So I was searching for a colour who is a bit darker. Something between brown and blonde. But it should be more blonde ! I thought about caramell blonde or honey..but all colours seemed to be... way too brown or..idk. Didnt like them
Then I found syoss honigblond and AWW fell in love.
After a while I was scared about this orangeish..I didnt want it to be orange blonde or too orange or even red !! But it turned out perfectly !!! Can you see the differences ??
Cant wait to dye the rest of my hair that colour :3
Its not too dark not too light not too brown not too red or is perfect for me !!!

So there are just a few more things on my list to do !!
• buy70 cm hair
• dye hair
• waiting for my lower lashes to arrive
• buy hot rollers
• get sexy clothes
• get GOOD make up

Another thing happened was this..


René and I. Arent we such cuties ? :D
As I told you the post before, we let us drawn by the man !! ahaha. Too funny.

Okay, thats all for the day. Read more tomorrow !!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gyaru Secrets

First: YAAAAAAA my blog is no shit *0*  its okay WUUU XD
2cnd : Nyaa.. Im sorry. I always push pause. I dont listen to it too :D
I was just too lazy to delete the player. D: Okay, now its gone and no more ruinung.

But is my face that shit ? Q_Q
huuwww *waiting for my lower lashes to arrive* q.q

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Since today the Frühjahrs Volksfest is in town again !!
Especially at night when all the lights are on and its just WHUU fascinating

It was soo hot that we had two slush ice
mine was cherry and Renés was coke.

Yaaa big green slimes fallin down on me :D

Later on we saw a man whos drawing peole. Omg this is so amazing !!

We wanna go there on wednesday and let us draw O_O Im so full of anticipation !!
Hopefully he wil draw my eyes and boobs big. Not my teeth or my brace.. Im so scared about this XD

Weve also seen this stall ...

Strawberry, egg nog, amaretto, coconut,vanilla, honey almond, baileys and much more :3

René bought me strawberry and for him cocos, Latte Macchiatto and brittle.
Latte Macchiatto - Strawberry.
TASTES DELICIOUS but for my taste a little bit too much sugar.


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