Friday, June 28, 2013

Trip To Krakòw - Day 3

The third day was a relaxing day. We slept as long as we wanted and then met with everybody in the garden for lunch again.
I just had coffee since Ive been still full of the day befores food but some of the guests even drank wine again /DD 

So speaking of our place we stayed I want to show you some pictures :3

This was the view from our window.
The house was placed directly in the nature with a lot of green, flowers and so many cute details!

We even had a fireplace where we grilled fish and the red wood thing you can see in the picture below is a balcony where we had two swings made of wood! So relaxing ^-^

My baby resting on our veranda ^-^
There were so many things to explore in this garden! I even found a small path (sorry for the blurry picture) which lead me to bridge and a river. It was really breathtaking and made fun to explore the nature surrounding me :3

Here is a small room tour video!

Later that day we found some games and some of us played badminton and some of us played bow and arrow. I was in team 2 :D

I never did this before and we had reallly fun.

At like 5 pm we decided to drive back home again and Arthur a friend of the family was so nice to let us out in Krakòw directly because Grzegorz and I wanted to go to the cinema!

You know whats great in polish cinemas? They play films in english with polish subtitles. Thats why I was able to understand everything which was pretty good :)

We decided for the movie The internship ( in german I never heard about it before so back in germany I did some research on the internet and now I know why.. it will be released in SEPTEMBER in germany lol long time to go... and the trailer wasnt even that funny in german but I HIGHLY recommend to watch the movie in english!!! I DIED of laughter in the cinema. And not only me and my boyfriend. We were like 10 people inside the cinema and we all had to laugh out loud at least 5 times XD It was really hilarious.

Here is the trailer of the movie! If youre not going to find this funny than I really dont know whats wrong with you xD

Soo after the movie we just grabbed some food and called a cab (its so cheap there taking a cab back home... I could get used to it lol) and thats it for the day!!

Leaving you with this beautiful picture of our place we stayed ^-^
Be prepared for the last part of my Krakòw trip tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip To Krakòw - Day 2

On the second day was the big day - The wedding day!!

at 11 am we went to really cute register office which looked like a small castle for the marriage.
It was all held in polish of course so I couldnt really understand what they were saying exactly but well it was a marriage I think we can all guess what theyve said xD

After taking some pictures we drove to a cottage where the party should take place. I think we drove about 1 1/2 hours.

The cottage was surrounded by mountains and it was such a beautiful landscape it reminded me a bit of Switzerland ^-^

Inside the cottage we were offered a lot of food for example a soup as a starter and we always had something to drink on the table. At first it was only wine, water, different kind of juice and coke. After the main dish you could also see the vodka hihi

 the first thing I noticed was that the table setting was a bit different from german ones...
next to all the other glasses like the glass for wine, the glass for water and the glass for champagne we also had a shot glass XDD

can you see it? :D I never experienced this before but I liked it :D

Between the different dishes we had enough time for doing whatever we want. Grzegorz and I were outside quite often and talked with a lot of people. Everyone was so nice and tried to talk to me and if we couldnt understand each other Grzegorz translated for me ^-^

There was also a band playing in traditional polish clothing I think. It looked really cool! They played most of the time but when they rested we had a dj. So there has been played music all the time!!

Of course they played a lot of polish songs. They even played a lot of polka and some techno!
At some point I just couldnt hold it anymore and had to head over the dancefloor. I really liked how everybody was dancing there because you just danced how you felt and how you felt comfortable with ^-^

heres my favourite video from this day. I regret I didnt recorded longer because you can see that EVERYONE no matter what age is having a great time and I also like the music a lot :3

I danced with a lot of people mostly girls but I also danced with this old man. He was sooo cute :D
We couldnt understand each other but we had a great time dancing.

Sooo here you can see me "dancing" XD
I just want to say that I never learned dancing thats why Im just... jumping up and down on the dancefloor but he didnt mind since this was the second time we danced together :D

Enjoy and feel free to laugh about me :D :D

every once in a while we had little party games which were so much fun!
I couldnt record everything since I was part of the games too but here is a small video where I didnt take part in. It was a bit like the game Reise nach Jerusalem ( I found musical chairs on a translator? ) but with people! So there is a line of women standing towards a line of men and in the middle is a man sweeping until the music gets faster thats when everybody has to search for a dancing partner as quick as he can! The one whos left has to be the one in the middle sweeping ^-^

It was something before midnight when I left the party since I got a headache again ,_, I guess it was the veeery loud music. Grzegorz accompanied me home but then went back to the party. He came home at like 2 hours later and we even heard foot steps from people coming home at like half past 5 :D

In the next posts Im going to show you our beautiful accomodation <3 p="">

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trip To Krakòw - Day 1

Hello readers!!

Some of you may know that I have been in Poland the last days due to my facebook updates and I have to say that I kind of want to go back again!

The reason for traveling to Poland was the second wedding of Grzegorzs dad and he kindly invited us to Krakow where we stayed for 4 days.

After 13 hours driving in a bus we finally arrived at Krakow on Friday morning and immediately headed over to his dads place where I got to know his (then) soon to be wife and got warm welcomed with a glass of wine (it was still in the morning :D)

After the getting to know each other we rested a bit but then went to the city as soon as possible since I wanted to see the city!!

I got a guided tour by my boyfriend hihi He knows so much about the city and the city is full of history its amazing!

We stopped by so many churches and castles and very interesting buildings. One day I even saw a woman holding up a sign " Free walking tours. Join us" I really loved the idea of this!

Fortunately we had really good weather. The sun was shining and it was very pleasant.
Thats why we walked and walked and walked for hours through the city :D

Krakow even has one huuuuge building (I guess its been a castle before) where you can see the architecture of the many different eras! For me it doesnt look that pretty but its still amazing how many different architectures you can see in ONE castle. It also had a beautiful garden in it and many staturies of former important people.

If you are in Krakow youll see a lot of carriages, too :3

After sightseeing we went into a mall for a bit window shopping and to check the cinema program.
Ive seen a LOT of monster high stuff there xDD

In the evening we decided to rest a bit in the local Hard Rock Café!
It was my first time ever!!!

We had Bahama Mama and... Purple Haze (XDD) I dont know how they came up with that name but it tasted like sherbet!!!! I think this was even one of the ingredients omg so delicious!

It was already dark outside when we headed to a shisha place to meet with Grzegorzs dad and some of his friends again. Outside my boyfriend and I shared a pizza together but unfortunately I was sooo tired from the journey and the walking so I got a headache. Thats why we couldnt stay any longer to hang out with the others! So sad :(

We called a cab and then finally went to sleep!

On the next day was the big day. The wedding day!! Be prepared for super fun wedding videos and a lot of pictures about our beautiful place we stayed <3 p="">

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Going To Japan With Jasmin This Summer!!!

Hello lovely followers!

Since I dont really have something to blog about I just let you know that I will be in Tokyo again this summer and this time with Jasmin!!!

Im so happy to travel with her since I know we will be getting along with each other ;3

I know her for like 3 years now I think!

The first time I met her was at our very first HimeBerry meet up (our old circle) and I still remember the words I wrote to express my feelings about her in a blogpost... I said that I thought she was too shy for me and doesnt talk much... HOW COULD I EVER THINK ABOUT HER THAT WAY XD

Of course this changed after the second meet :b

We went on many many meet ups together, were in a circle together and are now in one again, went to gyaru sleepovers, dressed as manbas, organized meet ups for HimeBerry together, went partying together in different cities aaand we went together on our very first BIG gyaru meet up!!

Where of course we took our first purikuras together!!
And now she is on like 80% of all of my purikuras XD
However I cant wait to do many many more puris in Tokyo hihi

At first we wanted to travel with Ramona and Barbara but then Barbaras work said she wont get off at the time we wanted to fly but 3 weeks later which is still in our summer vacations but Jasmin and I found a hotel bargain for a limited date and of course we caught the bargain!

So thats why it will be only the two of us but Mia, Kate and Amanda are flying to Tokyo 3 days before we fly back so we will have 3 days together in Tokyo!!! So cool!!
Also Hans, a member of our beloved circle velvet, will be in Tokyo to visit his sister the time we are there. Meet up time again!!! :D

I also planned to meet with lovely Eriko again. A girl I got to know last time I went to Tokyo! I hope to spend a whole day with her since last time everythin was a bit confusing ,_,

Aaand of curse I finally need to meet Alaska Gold! (I dont even know your real name omg. But I always stalk her posts and she even comments on my posts too °0° I think we'd understand pretty good because we have the same interests :3)

This time we planned to party in Tokyo!! We want to go to club Atom of course, too. Can you recommend some other clubs to us? Electro clubs preferred! Maybe in Roppongi area since we are going to stay there and hoped we could save money for transportation to and from the club with just walking home :D

But we are open to any recommends you can give us!

Some information YOU may wanna know is that we are flying with Lufthansa this time. So no stopps and no long waiting hours!!!! I AM SO HAPPY omg xDD 12 hours at abu dhabi just were too much.
We will even fly with the A380 *0* omg I LOVE planes and being able to fly with this HUGE and MASSIVE plane is just so.. adsadfjölas wonderful!

I will take a lot of pictures from inside the plane, the food, the entertainment and stuff so it will may help you choosing an airline for your next flight!

pixelated because I was drunk and she had an eye infection! D:
Party hard anyways lol

Staying in Roppongi also means that I will hopefully see the Tokyo Tower and the Hard Rock Café!
We also plan to go to Hooters, Ghibli museum, Disney land and Disney sea and the typical stuff like shopping at the typical places!

Oh and we want to go and see Hanabi fireworks! We wonder if there will be any from the time between 6 august and 24 august?

Do you have something else to recommend for us, any place we NEED to visit or are you at the same time in Tokyo? We could hang out together :3 
We will arrive tuesday 6 august and fly back to germany on saturday 24 august!

Just let me know ^-^

Looking forward to blogging every day when Im in Tokyo just as last time!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation Post (Japantag Included) Picture HEAVY

Hello lovely followers!

I just had two weeks of amazing holidays! ^0^
But at first I want to show you some pictures that were now uploaded on Gyaru Lovers about the gyaru meet in Fürth

This was my whole outfit for that day.  At the moment Im writing a tutorial for Gyaru Lovers "how to order from mbok" because we still need some usefull content on our site and not only beautiful pitcures of the gals of our nation ;D

So onto my holidays!! On the first day I convinced Gregor to come with me to the Airport and we had real fun :3 I love dancing and good music and I was soo happy I could share it with my boyfriend <3 p="">

On the next day, Saturday, we went to Frankfurt for shopping. At first we wanted to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend but eventually we didnt and I think it was a great idea because we had so much fun together as a couple *0* We found so many cool stores and experienced a lot of things with the subway because in our city we dont have one XDD Frankfurt has a lot of cool places for young people and the city is so so beautiful!

We even met another couple on coincidence! Gregor was searching for a longboard when suddenly a guy on a longboard crossed our way and he noticed that my boyfriend likes it so we got into conversation. The two guys immediately understood each other and so did I with the girl :D
The funniest part of this was that the guy was called Georgie (spoken as written Ge-or-gi) and my boyfriend is also called Georgie (spoken Tschortschie) !! I found this really funny and I love such coincidences.

 in frankfurt. we found a cute crepe store!!

The next days were a bit boring because I didnt really do something instead of working. Aaaaand preparing for Japantag!!!

This time we decided to travel with Flixbus to Düsseldorf since it was the cheapest way and I have to say Im really satisfied with it. We only payed 38 p. P. from Würzburg to Düsseldorf and back via Frankfurt and its not only cheap. Beside that its very comfortable in the new busses and everything is pretty clean. They even offer free wifi and sockets for charging your laptop or mobile phones!
Furthermore there is a QR code in all busses and if you scan it every time you travel with Flixbus you will get a 10 Euro Voucher after the 10th time you travelled with them. Good deal isnt it?

So on Friday evening we finally arrived in Düsseldorf and first went to Don of course to eat dinner!!

I had gyoza and edamame again XD And Gregor something with chicken and teriyaki I guess. It was also yummy!

After dinner we walked a bit through the city and went into some stores until it was time to meet with Aiko and her boyfriend since they wanted to pick us up :3
We had a nice evening with a lot of good talk and we felt really welcomed at their house <3 p="">

On the next morning Jasmin and Robin arrived also at Aikos house and we got ready together for the Japantag ^-^

With Aiko and Jasmin °0°

Our breakfast was a good cherry beer that Robin brought with him.

It was quite late when we arrived in Düsseldorf but since our meet up was set up for 7 pm we were totally on time!

Unfortunately it was sooo windy and cold and it even started to rain again :(
So my plan chilling on the green grass and doing pictures in the sun failed... and we went to El Paso instead. Everything was a bit unorganized because we waited and waited and everyone wanted to do something else and yeah.. at some point I just felt like "fuck you" because it was really nerve wracking. Thats also why we dont have a real group picture from all of us but I tried to get as much pictures as possible anyway so enjoy some of the shots!

Group Derp!! 
With Kei, Jasmin, Twinz, Silke
Hans, me, Aiko and Amanda <3 p="">

My hair looks so red in some pictures xD and in others brown..
We also met a classmate of us with her husband! ^-^

With my cutie pie ;* ;* He even wore purple lenses and it suits him hihi

Here you can see the lenses!! I love purple on his eyes. My make up and hair wasnt obviously finished at that time. I changed something with my eyemake up since I didnt like it but I wanted to show you the lenses anyway ^-^

Arriving at El Paso we met the others again (Sasha Wesley Chelsey Jojo Jessica and many more!) But they already sat on a table and were full so we searched for our own table and found one ^-^

I have a small video for you ^-^ I love videos! I dont know why we dont do them more often.. I think this has to change!

On the next day we went back home again full of beautiful memories and feelings ^-^

After sleeping one night in my own bed again I "moved" to Gregors house for a week because he had the house for his own :3
It was a really great week. We went to the cinema to watch Hangover 3 which I can highly recommend! We also ate from nushu again and watched simpsons all day cuddled up in our own cave hihi

So romantic and cute!! Im so glad to have such an awesome boyfriend <3 p="">

Thank you for the great holidays ^-^


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