Monday, July 30, 2012

1st day arriving in Switzerland

Hey there!!
So yesterday we arrived in Switzerland. As you you we are not allone this time. My sister took her boyfriend with and I my bestie <3
derping on our way in the car ^0^

We arrived in the middle of the day and in the evening we decided to head over to the Gecko Bar. Its one of  the bars here in our village ;D

Group shot whoo XD

We got a bit shocked as weve seen the prices... 
about 4 euro for one desperados... but my daddy says its normal here o;
Nevertheless we had fun (: 

After this we took a walk around the village. Weve seen a lot of sheeps and some baby sheep ^0^ 
On our way back we went like a bit hiking. It was so  much fun :3
iphone quality sorry ,_,

and here is a snapshot of our village taken by Linda

Today we are going to St.Gallen and the Shopping Arena for, of course, a bit shopping ;D
I hope I find some stuff I need for example black chucks or something like that!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Off to Switzerland

Omg I am so sorry I didnt update my blog as I promised.
I had to pack my stuff yesterday but instead of it I played monopoly with my sister, Linda and Fabi my sisters BF. 
Now we are leaving in a few minutes and Im finally done packing XDD

Soo I will update my blog EVERY DAY when we are in Switzerland. Im sooo looking forward to it we have many plans and I will also meet some swiss gals!!

Im going to show you some pics from last week when René and I met for going to the local funfair. 

we ate chocolate bananas and met some friends of him. We battled us in some games and had a lot of fun (:
we even won plushiiiees!! SO MUCH omg I never won anything at a funfair so I was pretty happy about it. We won about 8 plushies XDD
I can upload a pic of it later. Im a bit in a hurry and the pics are on my cellphone o;

Some random pics of us sitting in a fast food restaurant ^0^

granny alert!! XD

Okay thats it for now!! So make sure you check my blog every day to follow my journey in Switzerland (:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gyaru Sleeopver @Milkys PART 2 // MANBA DAY

Awww yeeee!!

Saturday was the international Manba Day.. what a coincidence our sleepover was held on that day ;D
Ramona, Barbara, Riina, Yaya and me dressed up as Manbas. The others didnt want to I dont know why ,_, 
It was really fun and I felt like 12 sitting there with my pink hello kitty kigu lol
I think its good to have one day in the year to celebrate the old styles to not forget them and it really is so much fun!! To be honest I wouldnt wear Manba regularly. For that its just too much. Jap I think too much is the right word for Manba :D

But here we gooo!!!


This has been my Make up for that day.
Im going to spam a bit now ;3

Riina and Yaya brought some glittery with them !! So we glued some on. My make up looked like this afterwards:

Oh I always forget that there are some people who dont know that much about gyaru fashion but also read my blog... Well, this style is called Manba. It was big in Japan yeeeears ago. The western gal community celebrates this old fashion once a year. Just to keep it in mind <3
Gyaru is like the same make up just toned down. You know the nose stripe isnt that white. Your nose is just contured and your eyes arent that big. You glue your lashes closer to the eye. etc etc.

So we were kinda like in disguise ;D 

Pics of the group!!

Ramona and I getting readaaay.

 Later we took pics in front of the webcam.. it was so much fuuun. And look Milky even printed out some cute hearts etc :3

And this super cool arrow XDD

You may noticed that I have long hair in these pics even when I said I forgot my extens at home. Yaya was so nice to lend me some of her hair ♥ Aww Im so thannkfull!! Manba with short hair isnt that cool ):

aaand even more pics of the group. You can see we had fun lol

oh yeah we failed at that!
Riina looks like she wants to clean something lol

And Ive decorated some pics of us as Puriiis. Ok really bad but it was my first try soo.. Ima show you some ^-^

Ok Im going to end this post here. It was really cool that Milky organizied this whole thing. I really enjoyed the weekend and I want to do this like every second weekend XD I love my gals and I love to improve with them I think the pics discribe the best how much fun I had with you. I want to thank everybody for the great time and I hope we can have more sleepovers in the future! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gyaru Sleepover @Milkys PART 1

Helloo there !!
Maybe you know this already from Yayas post but for those who dont...
last weekend we had a 


she decorated the whole house with these girls. Isnt that cute??

The sleepover started on friday but I got ill and went to the doctor and she said I got a middle ear inlfammation!!! Why does this always happen when I want to have fun? Well I got some antibiotics but then I fell sick -.- I was about to cancel the plans and stay home instead but then it turned better and I already payed for my ticket for the train sooo... I packed my stuff and lets goooo!!

This was my outfit for that day
very casual ^0^

aaand make up
lol duckface I know but I love the duckface!!!! 
no regrets.

At the station I met with Ramona and Barbara and soon I noticed I forgot my extens at home...oh well what a beginning!
In the train we also meet Yaya so we drove together to Milkys.
There we met Milky of course  Riina, Kate, Amanda, and Mia.

Ramona helped me with my hair ^0^


we sat together since 9 pm to like 2 or 3 am I dont know anymore but it was really fun just to talk with the girls :D

The next morning
 I decided not to put in lenses for the whole day and keep my make up kinda natural due to the fact my eye was a bit red from the antibiotics etc. I didnt want to cause any further problems. My ear was totally enough XD So Barbara and Ramona already dressed Manba because it was the international Manba Day !! 

I only wore Barbaras d.i.a top ( thank you again )

Then Riina, Mia, Amanda, Milky and I drove to a mall to buy some things which we needed for Manba. Ramona Barbara and Yaya werent finished with their Make up so they stayed at home.

Mia and me in Milkys Car ;D

In the mall we found a make up store called kiko. I hear a lot about kiko but we dont have one in or around würzburg so I was quite happy to buy something from there ^0^
We found the darkest make up EVERRR XD Its called kiko skin evolution walnut. 
Its really good for manba!!

little Riina and Kitai spam XD I love her ,__, <3

Before going back to the car we made some more pics.
group shot time yaaayy

When we got back home we took pics again and afterwards we went to a supermarket for buying food and stuff.

Amanda and me in front of this supercute chocolate truck !!!
She is so adorable <3

So here are some group pics from my very casual style xD
I LOVED that Milky decorated her house so we could make superduper cute pics ^0^

 Miaaa y u so angry? XDD

 a bit derp but I look cute :D
I said "Noo I cant do this pose. I look like Im shitting!!" and then Yaya and Milky held my poo poo... oh well XD

ohyeeah and this was my make up that day before we dressed Manba.
No lenses and only one pair of upper lashes!!

Omg this entry took me HOURS to finish lol but I had so so so much fun!!
Im now going to write the next part but this post will be upcoming the next days sooooo.....
hope you liked the pic mass XD

will be about the Manba Day which we celebrated!!
I will give you a preview about the next entry ;D


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