Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I ship from Germany to the EU
I accept paypal but bank transfer is accepted within germany.
If you live in Switzerland I can ship within Switzerland, too! (cheaper)
Prices are in euro and without shipping.

2,20 € within germany 
3,45 € - 7 € rest of the world (depends on where you live what you order)
additional items may cost more (depends on weight)

Once I shipped I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items on the way.

Grey Leo Sweater from Yumetenbo
Fits german size S-L but you should have a flat stomach since its very strechy.
It is not from d.i.a but it is a look a like. You will get a real d.i.a bag for free if you buy the sweater.
Price: 20 Euro SOLD thank you

Ma*rs onepiece
Real Ma*rs One piece bought in Shibuya 109. Onesize. Small boobs are in advantage.You will get a real Ma*rs bag for free if you buy it.
Price: 20 Euro SOLD thank you!

Tutuha cross
Real tutuha cross bought in the Shibuya 109. You will get an original tutuha bag for free if you buy the cross.
Price: 20 Euro SOLD thank you!

Tutuha top in red.
Bought in Shibuya 109. Fits a german size S-L since there is a zipper in the back. When you have a bigger stomach you can just zipp it up! You will get a real tutuha bag for free if you buy the top.
Price: 35 Euro

Pink Care Bears Hoodie
Fits a german S-M since the arms are sewed rather tiny. Bow is lost (last pic) so the price is reduced.
Price: 15 Euro SOLD thank you!

Hime / Agejo /Cute dresses / onepieces
Both bought from yumetenbo. Want to get rid off them because they are so >not< my style any more. Both Fits a german S-M
Prices for each: 10 Euro BOTH SOLD thank you!

Night wear / Pyjama 
Bought from bodyline. Fits every size since its stretchy. (Onesize) 
Price: 15 Euro SOLD thank you!

Monday, March 26, 2012

New d.i.a purchases

One side of the coin
 I love the other side of it.

In the last weeks of march I ordered these two lovely clothes from my favourite brand d.i.a
Its a leopard chain top and a black panty.
I dont fit in the pants now but I compared it to my old jeans and layed them together and they are perfectly the same !! Since this was already my goal before I have no doubt that Ill fit in those jeans (again)
I achieved it two times before and I will achieve it a third (and maybe a last time please?XD)

LOL It looks kinda like a swimsuit on this pic but I just layed the panty on one half of the top since I wanted them to be on the same picture.
 Also the panty looks very blueish on the pic but in real it is deep black (:

Dont worry, you will se an outfit post of the top very soon!

Later this evening I want to make a SALES POST
Its nothing special but I just noticed that there are a few clothes Ive never worn or just once to try them on lol...I dont know why I bought these.

Friday, March 23, 2012

want to go to funfair - come home at 5am

Awww yeeeah funfair yeeeah !!

On wednesday the funfair in our city had a Family Day which meant that there was a 50% discount on every ride :3
I decided to meet with Linda in the evening because a funfair is even more fun when its dark and all the lights are sparkling ^0^
Before we went there I had a Bubble Tea at Yummy Bubble Tea but Kiwi wasnt really my taste :s

When we arrived at the Volksfest we had so much fun !! I only had 20 euro with me but I was able to do all of these things:
4x break dance
1x fun house
1 Chocolate fruits
1 Bubble Tea
1x Jungletrain
2x Autoscooter ( bumper car?? xD )
1x Chesseburger

and then it happened.... we played some kind of coin game...
Linda spent 20 euro for it and I spent 5 but we just won 600 points. Then we asked what we can "buy" with these points and he pointed at a very small heart which looked like it wouldnt even cost 1 euro LOL
Then we asked how much a bigger plushy would cost and he said 25.000 points 
BAHAHAHAHA we are such losers :D
But in the end it was at least fun.

We came home at half past eleven in the evening but we werent tired so we decided to go to "Café zum schönen René" its like a small meeting point with a DJ and a bar at the train station.
Before this I had to get money from the bank. I only got 10 Euro because I didnt want to spend more money.  At midnight we arrived there and the first drink was for free and the second only cost 2 euro ^-^

This was my eye make up for that day btw

One hour later we decided to go clubbing LOL
We went to Odeon Lounge and there I payed entry fee and had 3 cocktails and all this for less than 10 euro XD 
We came home at like 5am and we actually just wanted to go to the funfair :D

Random pic of me because even if Im standing like an idiot in front of my mirror I somehow like it.

Now Im totally broke
and I still have to pay my d.i.a Top well, I payed for it but with my money I saved for japan next year so I made myself debts xD AND I have to buy my Ticket for Rock am See but its still not sure if Im able to go there !!! It drives me crazy. Since they announced Green Day as Headliner the server even went down ,____, I need to know if I can go there !!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My first participation in a giveaway ever :D


I just have to enter this giveaway I need lenses so bad !!!!
I just got lense addict lol

So when I read my lovely Lisa is making a "quickie" ;D I just had to enter
( omg this sounds so weird )


I love reading her blog because she always posts about make up I really love and in which I am interessted in. As she would just knew that I would like to know more of the nyx glitter palette for example :D
She also has nice coords you should totally check her blog out because of that!!
Not enough she is one of the coolest persons I met and I would like to hang out with her more often but unfortunately she doesnt live that near so Im always happy when I can read about her "adventures" (:
Since shes a little shoppaholic I always get jealous of watching at her new stuff xDD But at the same time Im happy for her and to be honest... what kind of girl doesnt like to look at nice new purchases ??
I could write so much more about her but you know what.. convince yourself by checking out her blog and maybe entering her super cool giveaway, too! 

I love my barbie sister ♥♥♥

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random shit talking without pictures

Oww... Im so sorry I havent blogged the last days..
Actually I wanted to blog yesterday about the opening of a new Bubble Tea Store in Würzburg but René hasnt send me the pics yet and I dont think Ill get them before monday D/

soo.... there would be only one thing I could talk about and this is my current diet lol
Ive tried a few proteinshakes (I just looked the word up but proteinshakes in german sounds more like a shake to gain muscles but I actually mean to loose weight..however.)
But the last months I just ate and gained weight /D (If I should tell you my whole diet story I would write for ages) 

My father has lost a lot of weight by using some kind of protein shakes. I think it is more than 15kg now. Then he told me he tried another cheaper one and he was NOT HUNGRY. I got interessted in (XD) and he told me more about it. Since monday Im using it and I dont have some weight results for you because Im still too scared to go on a scale. I havent ate that much this week. I ate 2 corncobs, 2 little plates of spaghetti with curry ketchup and yesterday I had my so called Asshole day.
Linda gave the days she eat shitloads of food that name XD
I had 4 pieces of pizza, a bit chips, 1 1/2 croissant with jelly and 2 blaster( windbeutel in german)
Next weekend I will weight myself and since monday Im taking pics of my belly that you can see if the diet is working but I will show you when it really has :D
Im also doing sports like sit ups some gymnastics and of course riding the bike (:
Now the sun is shining I want even more to loose weight again.

Another thing that happened is that Green Day announced some festival dates.
The first one was in Tokyo in August. Of course Im not able to go there... but then they announced Paris ( well, I think so. The festival is called rock en seine so I think its Paris XD )
BUT they play when I am in italy ): so I cant go there. I was so sad but THEN
They announced a date IN GERMANY !!!
Unfortunately its Konstanz. Konstanz is about 5 hrs far by train and 3 by car but maybe my dad has an idea but its not sure if this could work. Since my dad lives in Switzerland and he only has to drive less than an hour to Konstanz we can maybe stay at his place but this is all just thinking xD
I hope we can handle this somehow I want to see them so bad !!!

So uhm.. I dont know what to talk anymore...
later I will go with Linda to the Volksfest in Würzburg. I will show you some pics later or tomorrow.
I love going to the Volksfest (:

Oh and I bought a d.i.a item and maybe Ill buy one more (omg I cant resist buying d.i.a items when they are cheap on sale !!)
I will post about them when they arrived (:

So I guess...that was it. Random shit talking about my current life lol
booooooring I know :D

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Unposted pictures

This is a post made of boredom !!

I have nothing to blog about and since I scrolled through my old photos...I thought I should upload the ones who never made it into an entry xD

Soo.. this has no specific order. Maybe I have something to tell about each picture but we will see ;3

Aww these two were taken in shibuya 2011 
and this one down here, too :D

LOL This one was made in the train to Erlangen. 
I was on my way to a HimeBerry Meet (: and somehow I had to laugh and ...click

Awwww I cant belive I didnt upload this before...I think I look cute ^-^

 Yummy icecream :3
and getting ready for halloween on the pic down here

I just love my legs in this pic

These two are form the HimeBerry Meet in Fürth! Last year ^-^

 And this also... with Zaku :3

Two random shots. One in my bathroom and the other in the Asia restaurant nushu ;D

tried out some coords...it looks so weird without hair o_o

with Linda at New years eve !! <3

I look a bit like a boy...

In Switzerland with my sister <3

lol I hate when I really want an outfit but can not buy it because of my boobs ,_,
These thinks look awful with bras.

Denise and Vio dödödödööö...very old pic o; I am the one with the white hat xD

 lol...I have nothing else to say.

I think this has been posted somewhere but I thought it looks cool.

What am I doing?? 

In Shibuya 109 in the tutuha store. A shop staff took a pic of us o:

At Mcdonalds with a spongie xD

uwww I like my hair here 

Okay sooo...very random :D Maybe you were interessted in those pictures. I like them a lot :D I dont know why haha.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Face Down Ass Up Thats The Way We Like To Fuck

Aww yeeeah electronic dance music yeeaaahh.

On Saturday there was this event called Stylism at our village. It was like a disco event and it was crazy !
I fell in love with the music
This was my outfit:
lol seriouse look

Lisa lent me her leoprint top :3

The music was great but the cocktail prices were too high in my opinion. I would have bought more if the money that I spent on the drinks would have meet my expectations about the amount of alcohol in the cocktails...it was like I drank water ... however. I decided to only buy Fanta after one drink xD

This was my make up for this evening.

We had to leave quite early because I went there with my little sister and her friends. Linda felt sick and she drove home to her parents in Neustadt ): 
It pisses me off  that I dont have that much party friends..I dont want to leave the club earlier D: I want to dance when the GOOD music comes ... I feel like one lonely motherfucker when Linda cancels my dates with her x: You may remember Chris. He asks me sometimes to hang out on the weekend together but he only wants to go out with his girlfriend and I dont want to because then Im like the 5th wheel on a car and would even feel more stupid than leaving the club earlier. 
grr... sucks. 

However..one last pic to end this melancholic thinking 



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