Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tokyo Day 9 - Akihabara

Hey Hey its been a while again haha /DD

On our 9th day we have been to Akihabara as I already told you. On our way we found a clock which looked pretty cool I think. It was at Shimbashi Station.

 At first we wanted to go to a Maid Cafe but it was pretty expensive and in the end we decided not to go there.

So to have at least some maid experience we decided to dress up as Maids haha :D
You could choose between several costumes and it was all for free ^-^

Our Puris with the cute costumes :3

Jasmin doesnt like the pictures but I think we are super cute!!!

We also tried our luck at some UFO catchers but we didnt had any ,_,
So saaaad buuuuu. 
This is how a Game Place looks like ^-^

 Buuuut I found the plushy I was looking for!!!! I just love this cat so so much <3 br="">

We also bought a lot of souveniers there for our beloved ones. I hope they will like it because we think they are totally funny :D
Of course I couldnt also resist buying some kitkats ,___,

Akihabara is known as the electro and anime town. So there is a lot of Anime, Manga and Gameplay advertisement. Take a look!

Me in Akihabara :3

And of course we found some One Piece related stuff again xDD
One Piece still seems very popular in Japan o;

Its been a long day since we walked through a lot of stores with a lot of stairs ,__, so when we were at home we fell asleep!

The next post will be about Day 10 AND 11 since we only went to Atom on day 10 and I have nothing really exciting to tell about it xD However day 11 will be full of stories again ^-^

Read more soon :3

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tokyo Day 8 - Shibuya One Piece Store

Hello followers!

Puuhh Im sorry for the lack of updates ,_, but sharing a laptop isnt really easy!
Plus we dont have much time during the day because we either sleep lol or are outside the hotel exploring tokyo (shopping)

Sooo on our 8th day we went to Shibuya to search for the One Piece shop and we found it whoo!!

I bought so much stuff for my boyfriend hihi
but I will show it to you in germany after he has seen it :)

Getting ready for that day took Jasmin really long.. thats why I decided to camwhore a bit lol

With my new cap!! It was only 980 yen from shunshine city. First Ive seen one for 2980 yen but I thought oww maybe I will find a cheaper one later. Thats when I found my cap for 1980 and wanted to buy it but then Ive also seen that there was a 70% discount on it whohooo so lucky!!!

My shoes in the first picture are also from the Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. Actually they are a europpean size 38 but Ive already been partying in them and they didnt hurt :3 

Sooo that day we didnt really do much more than shopping in the One Piece Store and... Purikura of course :D

Here are the Puris from that day

I will end this post with some lashes I bought the last days ^-^
Next time I will blog about our day in Akihabara!!! We dressed up as maids haha
Byebeee <3 p="">

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tokyo Day 7 - Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Hello gaaaals!

Yes another entry this day wohoo

Yesterday we went to Ikebukuro for a bit more shopping :3
I told Jasmin that the Sunshine City has a lot of cool and affordable stuff so we went there and of course also found something xD

Me in a street in Ikebukuro

And me photobombing Jasmins picture of the street :D

It was really awsome to be in Ikebukuro again and I felt soooo comfortable! I guess it was because at my last stay in Japan our hotel was in Ikebukuro so we spent a lot of time there back then! It was really nice to be back again and even find some more exciting shops :)

 Ouhh Im so lazy when it comes to taking pictures of my buys... I think I will just sum it up in  Germany. But maybe you are lucky and I get my lazy ass up some day in Tokyo hihi

Our shoppingbags were all piiiiiiink

At 8 pm the Sunshine City closed so we went to a Purikura place again hihi
I just wished Id looked in real life as skinny as in a Puri booth XDD

Well I think all of our purikura went out great that day. I guess we are getting better and better woohoo! ^-^

So yeah.. quite a short entry hu? xD Today we were in Shibuya again and I bought so much stuff at the One Piece Store for my boyfriend!!! I cant wait to show it all to him :D After he saw it I can upload the pictures of it :)

Thank you for reading!!! <3 br="">

Tokyo Day 6 - Toranomon, Ginza, Tokyo Tower and Hooters

Hey there!
Sorry that we didnt blog yesterday but we thought if we just go to bed after coming home we would be finally able to sleep well. Yeah Jasmin could but I still couldnt sleep until something after 5 am again ,___,

HOWEVER the day before yesterday we had a lazy day without make up!!! Gosh my face felt so good lol 

We decided to explore a bit the area around our hotel and guess what we found? A super cute forest with some shrines and cute little statues.

Take a look!

It was really loud in there because of the insects. Since you can see the Tokyo Tower from our hotelroom we decided to go there.

Arriving there we found a cute Crepe and Bubble Tea store

I stole this picture from Jasmin because its pretty cool I think and I only had my phone with me which took crappy pictures.

The Tokyo Tower!!!

 lol yeah no make up face and wet hair

In the evening we went to Ginza because they have a Hooters and we love Hooters!! The girls there are so sexy and the food is gooood!

We had Melon Soda and Curly fries

Later two american guys asked Jasmin for two cigarettes and she surely agreed and then something super awsome happened... they invited us for shots and everyone could decide for a cocktail. He said we gave them cigarettes so they give us cocktails :D :D SO COOL!!!

At something before midnight they closed and we had to go home to catch the last trains. This was Ginza by night so beauitful!
We even saw an Aquarium with sharks but the video uploads for forever so I will upload it later. I still have to show you my recent gets haha /DD

Yesterday we went to Ikebukuro Sunshine City and today we are going to Shibuya again ^-^
Maybe Ill blog about Ikebukuro tonight!!! Byebeee

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tokyo Day 5 - Odaiba

Ola olaaaa

Yesterday we went to hanabi in Odaiba as I just mentioned in the post before.
A few days ago we bought Yukatas in Harajuku and we tried to look a like. We even wore matching bows and flowers ^-^

We in the elevator of our hotel

And here you can see my Yukata from the back
It took us like forever to get these on. But somehow we managed it xDD
Odaiba isnt really far away from our place but since it was a huge hanabi we had to stand in line to get the train in Shimbashi. We waited for about 30 minutes to get into an overcrowded train ,_,

But in the end it was all worth it! The firework was beautiful

We have been there for about an hour and then we left again because we didnt want to be on an overcrowded train again... well, it was crowded anyway so in the end it didnt really mattered XD

Before heading home we wanted to take Purikura first and so we did!
On our way we met some random guys we called them "gaijin hunter" ahaha we didnt really want to do something with them but they didnt let go so we went doing Purikura with them.

I hate when boys dont let go of you even if you say you have a boyfriend. Like what do they think?? Are they so convinced of theirself so they think they can get ANY girl they want? Not with Jasmin and me lol After the Purikura one of the boys said "I love you" and I was like lol yeah daisuki mo and then he grabbed my arm and I said "I told you I have a boyfriend!" After this he was a little pissed and barely talked to me again XDD His reaction just proofed me that hes a total gaijin hunter -.-

Ill upload some of the Puris anyway since I look good lol

This is a beautiful collage of all our Puris ^-^
I really like them especially the derp one haha

Here it is extra huge for you :D

 So today we had a lazy day in Toranomon and Ginza. I will blog about it tomorrow. I hope you enjoy my blog posts ^-^

(Papa, Mama und Jo und ich versuche die ganze Zeit schon Skype zu installieren aber es klappt irgendwie nicht :( Ich melde mich aufjedenfall wenn wir es hinbekommen haben oder schreibe der Jo auf Facebook. Ich hab euch alle lieb und nicht vergessen aber das wifi ist hier so ultra schlecht!!)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tokyo Day 4 - Shibuya and Izakaya

Helloo ^-^

Today will be a really short entry... but yesterday we didnt really do anything exciting xD We went for shopping in 109 again and of course we found something in d.i.a haha
I have to charge the batterie of my camera atm so I will post a picture of what I bought tomorrow.

I also bought some socks for my boyfriend with stuff he likes! But I wont show them either because its a surprise for him ^-^
However I can show you the socks I bought for myself. Grzegorz likes Naruto and I like pink thats why I bought them. It reminds me of us together. Ohhh so cheesy I know xD

After the shopping we went to an Izakaya again. Actually I wanted to show Jasmin the one Ive been to the day before but I just couldnt find it anymore ,___, I know we have been so near because I could remember so many other shops and signs but the Izakaya was nowhere to find bleee.
So instead we went to another one but it was pretty expensive and the waiters didnt understand us...
 Well at least they had some yummy lemon sour^^

Before leaving shibuya again and heading back home to our hotel we wanted to take some Puris again. This one is my favourite XDD I just wanted to look weird and ended up looking like doing this "blowjob face" and Jasmin doesnt look much better XD So that explains the penises... but when Jasmin drew the little points ehem.. I just could think of "make it rain on them hoes" and HAD TO write it down xDD Sorry mumi and daddy your daughter is so fucked up.

And here is the rest of our session!

So yeah thats basically it. Today we went to Hanabi in Odaiba and somehow managed to wear our Yukatas :D Im so proud of us we really looked so damn kawaii in this super fucking hot piece of fabric but more about it tomorrow ^-^


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