Monday, January 31, 2011

Dont trust a hoe !

tumblr pic.
I love her coord.

nyooooo since I got bored I wonder if I should post about my weight loss ?
Is anybody interessed in how I lost 17 Kg and turned from 


how emberrassing


NO belly move in by breath holding !!!
( is this even an english sentence ? <.<' )
swear to god !!

Now I gained sum weight so im not looking exactly like this. So sad !! But Im workin on my "come back " ;D

So if u r interessted in ..
pls cmt on this post or easier .. click on this pole.
Its totally free and ANONYMOUS 

R u interessted in my weight loss ?

Btw check out my new playlist. Good or what ?

Btw2 : Just thinkin bout doin this b/c I dont know whatelse to talk about /D
Want my hair to arrive so.. weather I post nothing or some other stuff like my weight loss.
Its up to u. Just thought it would be nicer instead of posting nothing or realy useless xD

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still not posting pics of me

b/c I look so dumbish with short hair. I could cry ):
I am not able to do cute hairstyle with short hair. Honestly, I dont want to b/c I love long hair and I love ME wearin long hair :3

So u have to be satisfied with other posts just one more week I hope.

Ursis Haare mailed me
that they got my money so they hopefully will be able to send me my hair the next 6 days !! 

So two days ago I bought a new Partydress from Tally Weijl which was on sale so it only costs 5€

And of course I HAD TO buy this lovely bag :3

The only Partypic of yesterdays Powerday at the Airport including me.

yeah so good looking lol :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Make up Stuff

Yesterday I bought some new make up and I decided to go to a local store called dm.

It was the first time I bought p2 make up.

Except: Powder Chocolate Manhattan
White Kajal Manhattan
Creamy Make up sand Maybelline


The nail polish isnt as good as I hoped ):
It doesnt cover. The essence and catrice nail polish Ive bought few days before are way better.

The mascara named " yes to drama " looks so cool ♥ 
However, I can not really see much of this "drama" on my eyes.

Before nd after

Noooop. But fortunately the other stuff is great :3

The lipgloss' colour looks yummy, sweet nd natural.

And the mousse make up nude combined with creamy make up sand and the powder chocolate fits my teint.
Nyeey Im happy ^-^

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nails, Hair and eyes

Starting to frighten you :D
LOL looks a bit too scary b/c I freakin dont know how to handle with this stupid lash glue.
Its not a high quality glue so.. aw i hate it. Local store doesnt sell ARTDECO glue anymore WTF ??!!
Does anybody know a good glue for lashes ?? 

So okay, I am bored b/c I have to wait for René and Johanna coming home soo.. this post is about my hair, my nails and my eyemake up of yesterday.

On Wednesday I dyed my hair again and now it looks like this :

jesus. hate me with short hair -.-

 I really have to say that I like this colour :3
But Im going to dye it AGAIN. B/c as I already said I want to have this natural ..blonde.

 Pic of my eye wu.

Okay since i really do not look gyaru with fucked up short hair and fucked up make up I tried doing my nails.

And nyaahh Im really proud. It was the first time I tried doing stuff like this so whuu.
*cheer around*

Plans for the next days are..

Tomorrow : dying my hair and getting  my chosen haircolour.FINALLY.
Also tomorrow : order new extents. Same as last just blonde :b

And Im also thinking about ordering some Dolly Wink or Jewerich or wtf bottom lashes. I know they are so expensive but.. HOW DO PPL LOOK GOOD WITH UPPERLASHES USED AS BOTTOM LASHES ??? I think I fail everytime I try wtf  ;_;

Could u please say I would look way better with real bottom lashes so Ill get up my freakin lazy ass and order some ??
Or do you think if somebody doesnt look good with those lashes on he wouldnt even look better with real ones ? ;_;

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEW STUFF Clothing and nails

Just a short time kill post :D
Today I bought something very cute in H&M.

Its a white veste or something like that. Take a look !

I allready have an idea how to wear this. However, you have to wait a little for this coming up xD

Guess what else arrived today ??

Some of my sweet nail deco parts I ordered a few weeks ago !!

Im really glad they fit my nails. They arent too big so they are good to use.

omg my nail looks dirty ;_;

Ill buy some nailpolish the next days so you can look forward for new nail art . NYAAAY

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Champagne pour moi, s'il vous plaît !

todays my super sweet 18th Birthday and I partied yesterday till the a.m.

We went bowling and guess who won ? NYAHAHA


In the evening we all met in Versbach where Heaven7 played and it was sooooooo much fun.

oh yes, my haircolour is another story.
I dyed my hair again so its a bit brighter than before. But on monday Ill dye again lighter and theeeeeeeen..
some natural blonde. Since I just got brown/red extents I have to order some new ones.
Ill order them if I see exactly which colour my hair got finally. So sorry for looking totally not gyaru this evening. However my hair will just arrive in over 2 weeks so. wtf.

We were dancing to hits like " 17 Jahr blondes Haar " LOL This was just so osm b/c this was played at like 22h when I still were 17. and blonde. so lol.

This is the first picture with me being 18.

no good quality but who cares now ?? I just got a superspecialosm camera but more lateeeer.

So okay here we are dancing  and having a good time ♪

oh yeah.. just another picture to reinforce the prejudices germans allways wearing this ^^

So what else... NYAAAAA

what did I get ?

JESUS can u see the fuckin differences between this photo and all the others I uploaded ???
I just got a freakin Nikon coolpix p100 and this shit is way better than my old Canon ixus 75 lol.

Im so flashed by this. Now u can look at my osmness in HD.


A bag for my camera.
Shopping voucher about 500€ in Frankfurt. ( Primark wtf  )
Hair voucher about 70€ Ursis-haare.
H&M Voucher about idk :D Thanks Hina and Terra ♥
Money from my parents to party hard.
Even more money from my grandma.
Money from my aunt nd uncle nd cousins.
Some bath stuff.
Nikon coolpix p100

Nyah nyah that was it. Thanks to everybody.

I just take one more piece of this yummy cake.

bye naaaaaaaaaoooooooooo. ♥

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ugly duckling

I wanted to have THIS ( left ) haircolour

so I decided to lighten my hair first.
and than I put on the other colour.


My hair looks like this omfg JESUS !!

Nyaaaaaaa super special NOT osm.

Since tomorrow is my Birthdayparty I have NO other chance than buyin a new haircolour in the morning and colour my hair darker. WITHOUT RED STUFF !!!!!!!
So byebye blondewish q.q

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gal Meet up Nuremburg

Sooo finally I write the post which all of u were waiting for.
The HimeBerry Meet up.

Lets start with my look on that day.

Okay, so Hinabi, Terra, René and I went to Nuremburg for the meet up.
We were really excited and talked a lot in the train. But when we arrived we had to wait more than an hour for Tanita to come ,_, It was 15:35 or something like that when she arrived and René and I were so hungry.
We were looking forward to go to an All u can eat restaurant but the other wanted to go to another place so the start was very awful but changed later when we met again after having DINNER,finally.

Later we went shopping in the city. First we went to claires and Hinabi and Terra found a lovely hat. I also would liked to have this one but these 2 were the last ones. So I got a bit disappointed.
This is the hat. I was able to wear it for a while.
Next shop was called.. idk anymore but Ive seen a foxtail and wanted to go there and claim this lovely item but Jasmin was faster than me so she got the LAST FOXTAIL ( again. shit shit shit. )
You can imagine how disappointed I was ,_,
However, the last shop we were, I fortunately found an item just for me just so lovely.
It is my light pink jacket seen on the next pictures.

here it is in the shopping bag                           and here I wear.
Of course I found other items, too but not so many. Just one dress, a shirt and a necklace.
I will show you in a few days.
So after having a cup of coffee at Starbucks..
we took pictures and stuff at the train Station Nuremburg.
getting ready..

suzu and me.

I also took a video.

ENJOY us dancing stupid dances and so on.

So okay. What do I say to the whole meet up..
It was quite fun meeting the other people and going shopping with the girls but, Misa and so on said before they would like to do a gyarusa but NOBODY TALKED ABOUT THIS AT THE MEETING !
Not that I would like to join but.. nya. Isnt this neccessary for doing a cir ? talking about WHO wants to join WHAT shall we do WHAT want we to do etc etc. 
I mean, Hinabi is already a BP member and Terras always going with her on meetings and I would like to join BP,too if they let me some day when I got better. Its not that I dont like the idea of HimeBerry or the members ( id even know exactly who wants to join ^^ ) its just that the idea of BP sounds more what Im searching for. Hina and Terra always telling me stories of BP meetings and so on how nice Pai is and that they always organize something doing karaoke and puris and having fun blabla.
Most of the time I talked to Hina and Terra. Sometimes with Suzu she seems to be a really nice one but not that much and the shortest talking I had with Jasmin and Melissa. Jasmin seems to be a little bit shy and Melissa..i dont think she really likes me idk y but..nya. Oh and Tanitas little sister I know from school is so cute and nice and so Tanita is. But unfortunately she had to go earlier ( and she came later. noop. )

But..nyah. This was just my opinion of the whole meeting. Maybe I just was in a bad mood b/c of the beginning and the foxtails and hats I missed ^^

But hopefully I will be able to go on a BoggyPeak meeting to have a look how they are doing.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hey YOOO !!

Im getting ready for the Gal Meet up in Nuremburg. Im so excited !! 
In about an hour Ill meet Hinabi, Terra and René at the train station Würzburg to take the train to Nuremburg and see the other Gals ;3

Its HimeBerrys 1st meeting. They decided to do another Gyarusa.
Im really looking forward it and of course I CANT WAIT GOING SHOPPING , TOO !!

So this is how I look.

Idk i love my hair today but on the selfmade pics it doesnt look as big as it is in real. Nyo.

See you later Aligater !!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gestern waren René, Chris und ich im Laby 
und wir hatten wie immer ne Menge Spaß :D

Die meiste Zeit waren wir Kickern oder Billard spielen. Chris und ich haben beim Kickern eig nur Glückstreffer gemacht. Wir waren so schlecht wegen mir haha

Ich beim Billard

Ich hab sogar die Kugeln getroffen YEEEEEY

Später haben wir nur rumgeblödelt (:

Bestie Chris & Boyfriend René

Spätestens seit How I met your mother kennt ja wohl Jeder 
den Bro-dex.
Chris und ich wollten sowas ähnliches für unsre Freundschaft schreiben aber es kam am späten Abend nur noch Quatsch raus :D

So Zeug wie :
Artikel 23: hihihi Alkohol hihihihi
Artikel 24: hihihi die ist dick hihihihi
Artikel 25: hihihi Poposex hihihi

Nyoo Am Samstag ist erst mal das HimeBerry Treffen in Nürnberg bzw ein allgemeines Gal meet up für alle aus Bayern ;3

Ich freu mich schon riesig und hoffe dass es genauso toll wird, wie ich es mir vorstelle ♪ ♫

Bye now ~


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