Thursday, May 31, 2012

camwhore post // black hair // JAPANTAG

This post is only about me and my face and nya... nothing else except JAPANTAG at the end of this entry. So if you dont like looking at my face for the next 89383 pictures scroll down and read that XD

Today I decided to stay at home to find an outfit for Japantag.
I also had fun wearing my old black extens ^0^

After doing my make up and changing clothes for the second time I didnt want to do my hair anymore XD DAAA Im one lazy motherfucker.  I more felt like.. camwhoring a bit ^-^

LOL Im so sorry I really can not decide which pic to delete ,___, And no these arent the same pics. They are different. at least to me^^

For this time I glued on my diamond lash glamorous eye as bottom lashes. I think it turned out not thaaat bad ^^

mhh looks a bit messy.

Oh aaand I nearly forgot to tell.. I ordered some new shoes especially for Japantag!! Since I dont have any fucking black shoes at all I had to order some. I ordered them at and I have to say... Im the last person on earth who now is the owner of these kind of shoes LOL
Shall I tell you why?? The first time I saw these shoes I was like.. "omg EWWWW how can ANYone think they are good looking ö.ö ??? " but when I got "used" to it I started liking them. Unfortunately at this time everyone seemed to like these shoes and also bought them.. which made me not to buy them. I hate just to buy something only because everyone has it so I waited. I waited until I had a reason to order new shoes. And here it was - Japantag! At first I wanted to buy black wedges but they were sold out everywhere ( every wedge I liked ) ,___,  but then a pic of these jeffrey campbell fakes appeared on my screen and I knew it was time to buy them. The "omg jc here jc there" time was over so I could now order them without disgusting me (lol someone get my fucking logic please)


You will see more of it sunday or saturday at the Japantag ^-^

Apropos Japantag... I STILL cant decide what to wear. I kinda like this outfit but its not that comfortable because I gained weight lol...D/ 
But the other outfit could be just TOO black....Oh daaaammnnn.. Ill decide spontaneously ,__,

btw...can you see those hearts?? Somebody asked me if these are tattoos..LOL why the fuck should I tattoo my legs up there ?? If I would do so the poor tattoos would look so fucked up because of my constant weight loss and weight gain XDD 
dumb peasants.


Ich werde am Samstag mit 3 meiner Leutchen zum Japantag fahren. Um 11 Uhr oda so kommen wir an und ich freue mich sehr euch alle treffen zu können!! Offizielles Meet Up ist um 19 Uhr am Turm von wo aus wir dann zusammen zum Ufer laufen werden um eben das üblige Gal Gedöns zu machen xD
Falls es einer noch nicht mitbekommen hat >>
GALS AT JDAY. Alle teilnehmen :D
Wenn sich einer wie gesagt scho vorher mit mir treffen will ( SUCHE WEITERE PURI PARTNER XD ) schreibt mit hier n comment oder am besten auf FB ne pn damit wir Handy Nummern austauschen können ( HAB EINE NEUE NUMMER FÜR DIEJENIGEN DIE NOCH MEINE ALTE HABEN !! )

Ill be at the Japantag from 11am if everything works. Official meet up will be at 7pm at a tower near the Rheinufer. After we met we will search a place near the Rhein to sit down and do the usual Gal staff. If somebody still doesnt know about the event.. take a look here >> 
GALS AT JDAY. Im looking forward to meet all of you!!! 

AAANNND...because I just CANT leave you without those two gorgeous pics of me...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glitter palette "review" and face spam

as I promised Im back with new pictures of me.
First of all I cut my bangs!!
I think it suits me ^-^

lol gal make up without having the hair done looks bit weird.
Nevertheless I wanted to camewhore.

Next pic is too light but I like my eyes there :3

Okay, but this post is not only about my face
I wanted to review a bit about my glitter palettes which I bought from claires.
I wouldnt recommend the lighter thinner palette. As you can see they are not really strong!
The 3rd colour from the right is the glitter pink. Doesnt really look pink hu? 4rd one is the lightblue....MEEP yellow green and white are also MEEEEEEP.

BUT As you can see the other palette is really good ^-^

mhhh I dont really have anything else to say xD
Well maybe... I try to lose wight healthy now. Brand new experience lol
I even ate grainy cream cheese ( ?? ) which just has 0,4% or 0,8% fat AND lots of protein.
Linda taught me lots of things :D she knows so much about losing weight HEALTHY!
I hope Ill stay strong since I really nearly gained all my weight back what Ive once lost ):
Even my mom called me fat ,___, Ok Im happy she did lol but it still hurts.
I dont want my old weight back (lol secretly I want) At first Im happy if I lose 10kg. (old weight is 17kg far awaaaay ,_,)

 Ill just leave you here /D
wish me luck on my way!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New stuff / Update of last days

Hey gals n boys ^-^

I havent updatet for some time ^^'''  but now Im back with some random news ;D

First of all I bought new bikinis!! 
Just 2 but Im still searching for a black bikini top argh

Take a look!!

H&M sells really cheap beach wear atm the pink one was only 9,90 Euro !!
(I wish they would sell bigger cups too in cute designs ,_,)

I got shopping addicted again. All these beautiful summer clothes and all I can think of is "BUY ALL THE STUFF FOR RIMINI" ( because we go there in our summer vacation // mentioned this the 3457th time /D )

Oh btw! Linda and I have so many plans! From 29.7 - 3.8 we will be in Switzerland and hopefully meet some swiss Gals there, shopping of course and swimming hrr :3
From 19.8 - 27.8 we will be in Rimini with my sister and her friends and from 31.8 - 2.9 we will be in Konstanz at Rock am See to stalk see Green Day asdfjk
Unfortunately we dont have money for Mönchengladbach 25.8 Green Day Open Air ,____,

last friday a store called Zeitzeichen gave away 4.000 YES FOURTHOUSAND ice creams for free. FOR FREE !!!

Of course I had to catch mine XD

A classmate came with me and chose Daim since we both wanted to try Oreo and Daim 

these are delicious as fuck TRY THEM !!!!
( Im super happy that I have a smartphone btw. Now I can take pictures everytime I want and can edit them and upload and omg how could I ever live without my baby samsung ??? <3 )

Just like in this situation... I was at the real;- supermarket and they sold these lovely babies...

I HAD TO try at least one.... and I decided for pina colada !!!
Super yummy I think. Real;- really has a great variety of alcohol. I want to spend so much money there XDDD When I walked through the supermarket I always had this one sentence in my head:
" I dont have a problem with alcohol. I LOVE alcohol"
haha :D

Okay now I end this post without any picture of me BUT with a yummy tofu curry...sausage ( is that the word in english?? XD ) and a guave milk tea ;3
Next post will include me again ;D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Stuff

Hello dear followers ;3

As youve already seen on my FB page I bought a glitter palette from claires.
And thats not all. I bought two of them because I love all colours ,___, and of course brushes waaa they are so hot !!

Again I edited my pics for tumblr lol
(my last one got 200+ notes #feelingawesomeasfucknow)

damn this one looks kinda crappy on my mac... I hate it when I edit pics on my computer and theres alway a different light setting than on my mac. DAAA

okay this one looks a lot better XD sooo.... I want to try this glitter make up soon but as you can see I have to order new lashes ;s The lashes on the pics are the last ones I have omg buuuuu....and they wont last that long I know that. But okay...last time I ordered lashes was december so...I guess they did a good job :3 ( my problem always is that I lose them or they glue so fucking strong on each other because I just throw them in my purse that they will break ,_, )

Okay I will leave you with a promise to blog asap about a make up with the glitter gel ;3

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New slut nails

Hey there bitches!!

Yesterday I was at the nail studio to get some new nails :3
It didnt even take one hour to finish them O:
Quite fast! But I only got french with pink glitter on top.

edited these two for tumblr xD

I decided for them because I wanted some new ones even when I will have a test in school on the computer.  After this test so lets say in the summer vacations Ill get some gal nails again ;3
I already have an idea in my mind but well mind changes a lot XD

they were really cheap. They only cost 27,50 € 
....compared to tokyo everything would be cheaper XDD
But I think this is a good price anyways. They might not be the best but since I have to take them off anyway in about a month I dont really care :3 I just want to add a bit glamour to my current boring life/style.

what do you think?? Im in love with pink glitter !!!
But when I saw the other glitter colours...omg its so hard to decide !! I fell in love with blue glitter, green glitter and of course silver and gold glitter, too!! I want everything.


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