Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tokyo Day 13,14,15 - Disneyland

Hey guys!

I dont have anything exciting to tell you about the day 13 and 14.
On day 13 we drove to Tokyo to search for the shonen jump shop because I am a huge fan of Bleach and Jasmin is a huge fan of Naruto but when we arrived we noticed that there was a lot of One Piece and this new basketball anime thingie but no Bleach an Naruto stuff :( We were really disappointed because it was the only reason we went there.. so we strolled a bit through the other shops and found a Rilakkuma shop where I bought this huge pillow XD

Well at least something that day!

On the next day we wanted to meet with Eriko and Ina again but unfortunately I got sick :( My stomach hurt so much I couldnt even walk ,_____, So Jasmin went alone and I just stayed the whole day in the hotel.. 

Soo that brings me to day 15 where we went to the disneyland :3

They had their 30th anniversary so everything was decorated for it ^-^
It was really pretty and even the castle was decorated!

It was rainy and windy but we had fun anyway! Even if we didnt really took a ride that day because we would have to stand in line for literally hours ._. So we decided to go paddling XD We only had to wait 20 minutes and it was so much fun ahaha
Our guide shouted some phrases like "muscles muscles" in japanese and we had to repeat them :D
Jasmin and I were the loudest ones haha I really enjoyed the ride
 We also took some other rides but they werent that exciting since they were for kids. But hey we didnt have to stand in line for so long^^

We also ate some delicious ice cream! It was crushed ice with strawberries, strawberry juice and milk! So yummmyy. Oh and look at my awesome glasses :D

We also bought a lot of other souveniers..
This was what I got :D
I had to leave the flip flops in Japan because they didnt fit in my luggage anymore plus they hurt my feet so much ,_,

For dinner we went to a restaurant inside disneyland.. they had micky mouse shaped 
chicken nuggets xD So cute!

And thats been my day in disneyland! On the next day we went to disney sea which was way cooler than disneyland so be prepared for that post ^-^

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tokyo Day 12 - Shibuya, meeting Eriko

Heeyoo ~

On the 12th day I was finally able to meet my lovely Eriko again! We first met 2 years ago on a Gyaru Meet in Tokyo and since then we stayed in contact via Facebook ^-^

After meeting at Hachiko we decided to do Purikura first and these are the results 

Its so difficult to pose with shoes that arent flat in a Puribooth because I always ended up being too tall to fit into the picture so I had to make myself smaller xD

After the session we went to 109 for shopping a bit and of course we ended up in d.i.a again :D
Eriko also likes d.i.a thats why we spent a lot of time there again.

She also took some pictures in the store like it was the most normal thing on earth xD
Jasmin and me in the d.i.a store

Packed with new d.i.a bags we went to the Gyaru Café 10sion where surprisingly Kayo welcomed us. Of course I heard of the café but I didnt know that Kayo was working there :D It was really funny and we talked a lot about gyaru fashion and gaijin gyarus. Since she travelled and met a lot of us she had interesting things to tell ^-^
We all ordered some drinks, took some pictures and then left again because we got hungry.
Eriko, me, Jasmin, Kayo

Since Eriko also isnt from Tokyo we searched on the internet for some place to eat. We havent had sushi since we arrived in Japan so we went to a sushi restaurant :3
It was really comfortable and also affordable! I was happy that they had salmon nigiri *0*
When it comes to sushi I simply love salmon xD

We talked a bit and suddenly came to the topic clubbing and Eriko told us that she never partied in Tokyo! So since Jasmin and I planned to go to Atom that night again we asked her to join us and
 she agreed!! So great ^0^

We split up and Jasmin and I went to the hotel to sleep a bit and met again with Ina and Eriko at midnight.
At first we finally went to the first Izakaya again :D The one with the free water and edamame and uhh I just really liked this one.
The staff also took a picture of us. I look so chubby here ,___, (damn it xiuxiu meitu why you dont work anymore ,_, I need to put something on my chubby arm to hide it! Dx)

We had some cocktails but whe couldnt really taste any alcohol in it.. However one drink was really delicious. It was ginger ale with whiskey! So goooooood *3*

At something like 2 we went to Atom and it was even more crowded than the last times. I guess it was like that because its been saturday and even the securities seemed to have more muscles than the ones who are there thursdays xD It was amazing as always and Eriko even took a picture of me dancing on the pedestal hihi
I really like this picture! I think you can see how happy clubbing and good music makes me and how Im just one with the world <3 p="">

At 5 am as the club closed we went for afterclubbingpurikura again :D
I LOVE THE PURIS I really think they turned out great. 

It was a really great day and I was glad that Eriko and Ina understood each other, too ^-^
I really enjoyed this day Thank you girls <3 br="">

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tokyo Day 10 and 11 - Shibuya, Atom and d.i.a Store

Hey guys!
Its been a long time haha
Unfortunately I got ill and didnt have motivation to blog but now Im back to write about the rest of our journey ^-^

On the 10th day we decided to walk up the huge stairs next to our hotel. 
 It was so steep that Ive been too afraid to walk downstairs again xD
So we walked another way back. (Fortunately there was one)
The view from above!
When we were finally up there weve seen this beautiful garden ^-^
There even was a koi pond. So pretty!!

In the evening we went to Atom again with Fabio but before we drank 
some cocktails in a Jamaican bar xD
It was a super fun night again as always at Atom :3 Unfortunately the afterparty puris didnt turn out so good this time xDD
Fabios hair was too unusual for it I guess :D
And I just dont like how "used" I look in these pics
On the next day we went to Shibuya again and this was my outfit.
Nothing special but I dont own something else which matches this wig so I looked kind of goshikku ish

Of course we went to d.i.a again and this time we even asked the shop staff for a picture and they allowed it. So cool!!
I also bought the top shes wearing :D
We also managed to film a bit. Since it is forbidden we had to hide it. Thats why the video isnt that good but maybe youll get an idea of the store.
(Its been on another day but I find it matches the theme pretty well so I put it here)
 In the evening we got hungry and ate at McDonalds. Finally I had chicken with mustardo again :D
It was also my last time  buhu
 Oh and I shall not forget to show you our Puris of the day.
I really love our shopping puri ^-^
 One last picture in front of the 109 and thats been day 10 and 11 ^-^

Read more next time about meeting Eriko ^-^
See you byebee <3 br="">


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