Sunday, December 23, 2012

Barbie Diamond 3 Tone Blue REVIEW

Hello lovely readers ;3

Some weeks ago I received a small package from uniqso who send me a new pair of lenses. They came in such a sweet box!

Sadly they dont have cute animal lens cases but at least they come with any cases ;D

So this is how the lenses look on their website

They look blue since their name also is Barbie Diamond 3 Tone BLUE.
To be honest I was a bit surprised because they looked a bit different when they arrived. They had some red dots in it but I thought well why dont give them a try?

Diameter: 16,5 mm
Disposal: 1 year
Water Content: 38%

The lenses in without any make up on

The lenses in with make up

They are the biggest lenses I own so far but their 16,5 mm dont cause any problems by inserting them.
They are comfortable and I can wear them for a longer time without any itching. 

Some close ups

Even if this is a sponsored review I want to write my honest opinion about the lenses so I have to say that I normally dont like lenses like these. I prefer it when there is a fluent transition and when they fit more into your real eyecolour. Furhermore I was a bit disappointed that they werent as bright as I thought.

  BUT I have to say I kinda like how dark they are. I didnt own any dark lenses before only bright ones but I really like their colour.

And as you can see on these pics here you dont see the harsh transition in distance anyways :)

So in the end Im pretty happy I ordered these lenses because I guess if Id never seen how dark lenses look on my eyes Id never ordered some dark ones :)  

Thank you Uniqso for your good customer service and fast shipping!

If you want to see how these lenses look on dark eyes just check out Rins blog!

If you want to get some new lenses take a look at Uniqsos website they run some awesome promotions at the moment!!

Also if you enter the code barbiekitai you will get a 10% discount on your order!

Get your own Big Eye Circle Lenses here

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 5

Omg finally Im writing the 5th and final part of my trip to Rimini.
For 4 months now Im trying to write about my holidays in Italy but as you might have noticed Ive had lost my motivation to blog but now Im back and ready to write the last part.


I can only remember that due to the fact we got home at 10 in the morning we slept kinda long. Later then I met with the DJ from Carnaby because he wanted to show me his flight simulator which he built on his own!!
I wouldnt believe it if I havent seen it with my own eyes. The good thing was this construction was at his mothers house so I was able to see an old italian lady which was kinda like a "to do" thingie on my "what to do in italy" list :D

He brought me back to the hotel and in the evening Isa, Linda, my sister + her friends and I decided to go to the LIFE club. The first 200 partypeople got a tshirt for free! You could decide between "Life is better brunette" or "Life is better blonde" I love it since Life can either be just life or the disco Life in Rimini :3

That day also was the day were we decided to take a lot of pictures. I dont know why we got the idea on our last day and not on the days before... 
however thats why I have some party pics for you :3

I didnt wear lenses or lashes I just looked so freaking normal.

Oh and look at my blingee bunny ears!!! I love them °0°
Even wore them in the club
my nails glowed in the dark :3

Lindas, Isas and my plan for the night was simple. First get to Life Club because of free entry. Grab our free thsirt and our free cocktail and dance for some time. Then heading over to Carnaby and go in there for free due to our party connections ;3 The usual entrance fee there is about 13 euro.

Arrived at Carnaby we also met the group of the day before again! This time even Linda had fun and wasnt that sick anymore.

with our teamer Alex in front of the Life club

 Unfortunately we had to check out at the hotel at 8 am so we couldnt stay out for that long this time. At like 6:30 in the morning Isa, Linda and I met again at our room. We talked a bit about what everybody has done, I took some bites of my pizza and then fell a sleep. But only for like 30 minutes because then we had to pack our stuffs. Yes we didnt even pack... so we were a bit in a hurry and at 8am we really checked out of our hotel. I just can tell you it was the WORST idea I could have had to sleep for 30 minutes because this made me so fucking tired omg. Srsly I just should have stayed awake.

I dont really know where to put the "7thday" but I think here is quite good...


At like 9 am we went to San Marino by bus and there I tried to sleep a bit but I wasnt successfull. San Marino isnt really a beautiful city I dont know what everybodys talking about. Well, maybe it was just the day because it was rainy and Id just been so tirrreeeedddd!!!
In San Marino we tried some alcohol in a booze shop because its cheap as fuck there and even if the whole situation had something like going into a "free candy" van with an old man sitting in it, I still dont regret buying some alcohol there. We bought a bottle of Limoncello because thats been another "to do" thing on my "what to do in italy" list. I wanted to try it since Ive seen it in Jersey Shore when they went to Firenze!!!

Oh and we also bought a bottle with a very suspicious sticker on it. There was just this bottle with nothing else on it than a white sticker with some shitty word document font saying "sex on the beach". Honestly, I dont want to know whats really been in there lol.
sometimes I really ask myself how come Im still alive.

After a few hours we went back to our hotel in Rimini to wait for our bus to come. While we waited for our buses I fell a few times asleep on a hammock. At some time I just couldnt do this anymore because OH GOSH I NEEDED A REAL BED SO DAMN HARD. To do at least something I went to one of the many tourist shops and bought myself some sexy ass pants.

Oh yes I love Rimini!!!! I wish I was rich so I could party all night. It was such a great time 'heart'

But I can not decide what was worse. Our journey by bus TO Rimini or our way BACK home.
Bus tours in general are so annoying and I still couldnt arrange to sleep well on the bus -.-
If youve ever asked yourself "omg can she be any more annoying"
Thats why Linda and I got a bit in a fight because as I just said I can be a serious annoying hardcore bitch when I dont get the sleep I need. Linda also wasnt the best buddy you could wish for because she got REALLY sick now so you can guess how much fun this freaking 13h bus tour had been for us.
At this point if youre reading this Linda I want to apologize again for my behavior but it was also kinda good this happened because it strengthened our friendship 'heart'

Ok I guess thats everything I wanted to say about my trip to rimini. Im glad I finally finished this..
next up will be FINALLY my circle lense review with sponsored lenses from uniqso :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Assi Gals At Christmas Market FFM

Hey there bitches!!!

Finally something new from me :3

Yesterday Mia organized a little "assi gals at christmas market" meet and of course Barbara Jasmin my boyfriend and I went to Frankfurt!
Unfortunately Ramona was ill and some other people couldnt come too because of several reasons o: But we had fun anyways!!

since its christmas time Jasmin and I brought some hot glogg for our little journey and we already drank nearly all of the 2 liter on our way to the meet. I LOVE hot glogg.

When we arrived we met the other gals and then wanted to go to a japanese bakery but guess who was sitting in there and needed ALL OF THE SPACE? Of course Lolitas. Period. 

We needed something else because it was raining, cold and some of us were hungry so we went to an italian restaurant where I had some delicious lasagna omg so yummy ,0,

 Milky and Barbara

Oh and me with a merry christmas bow ^0^

You wonder why I dont wear extens? I dont dye my hair anymore I just tinge them (I hope its the right word..) because I got serious problems with my damaged hair x:
However since I tinge them they changed their colour from totally deep ass black to a more lighter black. Something like dark chocolate brown or something so my extens dont match my real hair anymore.
I want to keep them healthy until I can dye them blonde again and kill them again without getting bald.
I hope to be blonde again at the wintermeet!!! 

After eating, taking pictures and chatting around we already needed to go to the trainstation again because we had to drive 2-3 hours home and otherwise we would have arrived way too late at home.
,___, Even if it was a short meet I enjoyed it!! I appreciate every hour I can spend with my girls ^0^

 Vero and Amanda 

On our way back home we took some more pics together. These two are my favourites of yesterdays pics of me XD

with Barbara and Jasmin

Unfortunately I STILL dont have any good pics with my boyfriend ,___, I cry so hard about thaaaat.
Ive only got one pic which I had to edit so.. lol I dont think that even counts <.< but he looks cute in here!!!

 Ohh and something off topic. On Friday I went clubbing for the first time again after AGGGEEEEESSS. I am so happy I finally went out again. This is just what I love. Good music, dancing and alcohol. Gimme more of that, life!!!

This just has to be placed here so nobody thinks I got boring or something. NOOO I can still party ^0^

Sunday, December 2, 2012

d.i.a sales post

I ship from Germany to the EU
I accept paypal but bank transfer is accepted within germany.
If you live in Switzerland I can ship within Switzerland, too! (cheaper but maybe needs a bit longer)
Prices are in euro and without shipping.

4,10 € within germany or maybe cheaper
?? € rest of the world (depends on where you live so please ask!)
additional items can cause a higher fee (depends on weight)

Once I shipped I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items on the way.

Please do not forget that these are secondhand items so I used and washed them before. If somethings wrong with them I left a note at the picture if theres no note they are alright!
Since you can ask me for more detailed pics of whatever you want to see etc there IS NO REFUND, sorry!

Questions? ASK ME

d.i.a pink/black strapless top with golden chain
bought on mbok, second hand but still good condition since I nearly never wore it because Im too fat for it.

Price: 40 € SOLD thank you!

so heres a pic of Jasmin wearing it. <3 p="p">

d.i.a shorts 
should fit with hip measurements of 90cm maximum. (the skinnier you are the better)

Price: 50 €

d.i.a butterfly fur belt
good for chubbier girls because it isnt as tight as the usual d.i.a belts (I said chubbier not fat)

Price: 60 € SOLD thank you!

detailed pic

worn here

d.i.a white/leo top
bought in shibuya 109. second hand. Ive worn it kinda often.

Price: 40 € SOLD thank you!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet 2013

Sorry that I havent blogged for so long. I have a lot to do with school atm and Im really working hard on saving money for japan next summer. I didnt even do something exciting to blog about. Well maybe that I have a boyfriend for 5 weeks now. Pics follow someday but we dont have any good ones now.. So yep I didnt even party for like a month. All I did was smoking shisha and hung around with friends. so blog posts like a d.i.a sales post and a sponsored circle lens review will follow soon!!

But lets go on to the actual topic of this post..

The Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet 2013 

thanks to Twins Diadem for the lovely banner!

Okay I know I already blogged about that I do organize a gyaru winter meet up but I didnt say anything else about it and I guess youre starving for information :3

So first of all the main facts are that I already organized a winter meet up last year and people seemed to like it! I got some feedback ,weather its been positive or negative, from which I could learn and am now able to change some things. 

To be honest I didnt think that THAT many people want to come to this meet up so I now have to change my plans a bit and have to organize a little bit different. 
But I LOVE the idea that gyaru from all around the world come together to have fun, live the style and get to know each other better. 

Beside the fun a big hurry brings it also brings some rules with it. I know rules always sound annoying but let me explain to you why I think it is important to have some rules here.

a) First of all I guess that everybody wants to do purikura on this day, right? So what if lets say 60 people storm a very small anime store at the same time to do purikura in ONE puri booth...
let me just tell you it already took us 1 1/2 hours with only 15 people. I guess you get the point, right?

b) Also we just cant allow everybody to bring someone with them. Lets just do your maths! If only 50 people from "going" list on facebook come and everybody brings at least a friend we end up being 100 people with only half of it being gyaru... thats not the meaning of this meet up.
So we made up the rule that you are only allowed to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend with you if you travel alone and feel very lonely. (Or he/she is a good photographer then we could need them ^^)
For example: 
Gyaru A has a boyfriend but she travels with Gyaru B and C. = Gyaru A IS NOT allowed to bring her boyfriend. 
Gyaru D has a boyfriend but its her first time on a meet, she doesnt know anybody, feels a bit nervous and has no other gyaru to travel with her. = she IS allowed to bring her boyfriend.

c) Since it is me organizing this meet up I feel free to make up any rule I want and I guess a lot of people know that I just freaking hate lolita style. Its not the persons I hate its just their stupid ass outfits... I just cant describe how ugly I think this looks. I do hate a lot of other things and styles but in my opinion I HAVE TO make this clear here because Ive seen a lot of so called hime gyarus (no offense) who wore LOLITA brands on GYARU meet ups and I was like adsöalak. NO. If anyone happens to wear this I just feel free to not talk to you and wont let you sit with us and just segregate you as far as its possible. Call me mean but a gyaru meet up for me is a gyaru meet up and not a convention or any other shit. Hope you get my point.

d) This should be clear but since a lot of my haters arent that clever I guess I have to point this out again. People who bitchfought with me are not welcomed on my meet. Please dont ask "omg is it mee??" "omg I hope its not mee DDD:" Believe me, these people know they are meant. I can count them on one hand and please dont think Im mean because I exclude other gals just because I hate them. No. I exclude them because I dont hate for no reason and Im not alone with the desire to not have them on this meet because it would just cause unnecessary problems and all I want is this meet to be fun for everyone! 

This is why Sascha created a form for this meet up which I would like you to fill out if its 100% sure that you come. (Thank you again Sascha!)
It should be at least filled out at the 2 January so I will have enough time planing the last things and can reserve everything. After this date I will give you the final information you need. Dont worry I will say it early enough :)

TO THE FORM(<<< click it)

You can see that it wasnt me who created this form.. Sascha was so polite and everything :D
Here for example is my first idea which I showed him.

lol it sounds so typically Kitai. But I also like Saschas version xD

Important thing I have to say is that we changed the time for the meet up from 2pm to 1pm. The reason for this is that the purikura place is only open from 10am to 6pm. Its just that we will have more time :)
Further information will be in my next post about this meet after the 2 January when youve all filled out the form!

Any questions so far? Do you still need help finding a place to stay? Something else I could help you with? Feel free to ask me Ill do my best to help you!!


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