Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Party before flying to JAPAN TOKYO


finally I found time to post again ^-^

Our flight goes tomorrow at 11:15 at Frankfurt Airport via Abu dhabi.

However, this post is about yesterdays Party at Capitol Music Palace.

I went there with Ramona and Tamara and we had so much fun ^-^
We met some guys from america and talked the whole night in english XD
One guy even said he know the guy who punched SNOOKI ( my favo in jersey shore )
in the face AHAHA do you remember this episode ?

omg Im NOT pregnant I just ate too much HAHA shit.

However we had a great but for me too short evening.

Heres a pic with two of the guys


Im gonna cry I know for sure hahaha.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hooters in Frankfurt

While we were waiting for Jedward to arrive, Stephan a friend of Ramona and I decided to eat something.
We searched for a Mcdonalds and found a Hooters before !! O_____O

I wish I would be a Hooters Girl So sexy and cute !!
Someday I hope I can work in a Hooters Restaurant haha

So I bought a Tshirt there.

 When Im in Tokyo I want to go to the Hooters there, too !!
And then Ill buy another thsirt xD This time in white ! Im so excited !!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yoo whats up guys ??
Yesterday Ramona and I went to Frankfurt by train because Jedward were there.
Actually they had an autograph session but this was cancelld. So we searched them in the city.
About 1 hour go we arrived, we got a message which said they will be on the airport in about 1 hour.
So we drove there and had to wait for 3 hours XD

While we were waiting we found 2 cute japanese girls who went to Sweden and Finnland for exchange ^_^

and Finally they came !!

we took some pics and vids. We were about 15 people or something. Not that much. So they huged everybody and took photos with everyone. They were so nice !!

 so ugly HAHAHA but I like how tight he holds me :D Im not a fan of them. Ramona LOVES Jedward so Ive done her a favor and went with her to Frankfurt. Sure I was a bit excited, too ! I like them and I was happy to meet some famous people I like haha

But I hope Ill see my Mike, Billie and Tré soon and can do photos like this with them OMG IM DYING ONLY THINKING ABOUT !!!

Ill should create a twitter acc so I can stalk them on twitter to find out where they are in germany and when LOL
Ramona has to drive with me then and do me a favor XDD

Ah before I forget... I made a video. ENJOY

If you dont like it.. go to 1:17. ILL HUG ONE OF THEM ( lol I cant even see who is who. You see, Im not a fan :D )

Oh and if you dont know them...
They are from Irland and took part in the eurovision song contest with their song called Lipstick

Heres a video when they were on tv total. I like this video better so watch this XDD

Ill post some more tomorrow or later. Because Ive something else to post xDD

See you then ;D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Want some cake ??


This is me at work. friend and me dont have something to do XDD

Im working in a supermarket called Kupsch since april this year.
Im very happy that Im able to work there and to have such nice work colleagues !!

So as you can see Im wearing my uniform for working. Its red and blue ;D

In this picture you can also see i was eating a tiramisu... this wasnt a good idea b/c of my lactose LOL
however..Ill never learn it. But Eva was so nice to help me eating this xDD

while we are talking about eating..I got some food for you I ate last week.

This one were two pancakes filled with nutella :D
Its way too much chocolate but yummy if you like that !

And this delicious dessert...

This was vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces and some eggnog :3
It looks a bit like sperm..eww.

Hope I made you hungry haha :D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Find me on the internet and VLOG Y IM ANGRY

So yo whats up.

I just wanna show you a list on which sites on the internet you can find ME.
I dont have fakes now thats really cool :D But if you want to know more of me here are the links :

Facebook : Kitai Fi ( /kartoffelkotze )

And here is a video in which Im trying to apologize for not updating my blog and explaining you the reason why. And of course used this reason for complaing about this whole thing :D

Sorry for grammatical mistakes and some..fucked up looking.
Video blogging is so much fun but idk if Im good at it maybe its too boring ?? Too weird..or just not good enough. Idk. I just think its fun ^_^

And here is just a random waving post LOL 

I look cute thats why I uploaded.

Please comment. I would like to get your opinion on my video thing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kiliani Festzelt


Im sorry for not updating my blog as promised but Ill do a video blog about this shit and tell you why. I AM SO PISSED -.-


Yesterday we went to Kiliani again. My boss invited all of the KUPSCH ( my working place ) to the Feszelt to have some fun ^_^

It was so..omg XDD I really enjoyed the time.
One of the persons made A LOT of pictures and videos. My boss was like " omg remember me to fire him " hahaha ( It was just a joke ;b )

I hope he will update them soon or send me via email !! So excited !!
Even while we drove Autoscooter hahahaha. This has to be a funny vid :D

I think this thing on my face looks shit :s In real it looked good I thought..mhhh..
I dont look like me...just like a different person O_O kinda evil XDD

But...okaaaaaay. Later that day Ill do another post about my Internet accs and a vlog.

Keep on following !!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Saturday, July 9, 2011



Yesterday our Volksfest Kiliani has started.
There are so many rides and so much lights and bling and huuwww I love Kiliani ♥♥♥

Unfortunately I hadnt time to manage my real hair b/c I was so late ;___;
I just curled my extents and 2 strands of my own hair LOL pretty fucked up.
But who cares we took a ride and at the very latest our hair was gone then :D

Later or tomorrow Ill post more from Kiliani.
A friend of us took some more pics and a video while we took a ride hahaha.
This was soo funny. Our hair flew away :D :D
I hope this will work somehow..

To be continued ^_^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Searching for a summer hat

Hey guys !

Omg Im so sorry that I cant update that often.
Im so busy with work atm. ;_;
I have to work more often now b/c I wont work for 2 weeks in august ( you know the trip to japan )
Soo I have to work 4 days a week not 2 or 3. AND I have to study for my driving licence ~.~
So my week looks like this atm
Mo: work Tue: driving lessons Wed: work Thu: driving lessons AND work Fr: FREETIME YAHOO. Sat: work
BUHUHUHU I dont want anymore but nyahh..I need the money for japan xD So its worth it.

However, back to topic.

Since its freaking hot in Japan these days I need a sunhat and some flip flops.

I found this one in local H&M 

lol René looks like granny :D ♥♥

Unfortunately its purple -.-
So Im still searching for the perfect one..
And what I really dont get is...
I just want some simple flip flops in black. Maybe a little flower on it but just normal.
Flat. Black.Normal.
But what do you find those days in the city ? Only super chick glamourous new super trendy summer shoes ;_______; I DONT WANT YOU !!! Where are my normal flip flops ??
I dont want to have glitter on it or big rhinstones or small ones or feathers o-ö or..HEELS.Heels on flip flops...are you fucking kidding me ? -.-
When I want some heels I go and buy some 14cm heels but never less ! And you want me to buy those fucked up supertrendy 3cm heel flip flops...NO. <.<

brr I could talk about this like forever.. this makes me so angry and sad buhuhu ;__;
But my search will go on ! 

Wish me luck and please keep on following me !
Only 25 days till Japan then Ill blog everyday ^__________^ EXCITEEED.

( ah did you notice in this pics..I was at the hairdresser. I got side bangs now or a side pony Idk the word in english ~.~ Im very happy with it. Now my face doesnt look like a pancake anymore o.ö )

Sunday, July 3, 2011



dear followers, some of you might didnt hear this but you read right !
Ramona ( Hinabi ) and Barbara booked their flight in january with Ramonas brother.
Now he doesnt want to come with them anymore and I took my chance !!
On friday we booked our flight on my name so its official guys. Next month Ill be in tokyo, bitches.

You know what that mean...

Oh my god. Im dreaming of this for over then 5 years now. I feel like I die when Im going to be there FOR REAL. Not only looking at all the pics. FO REEAALL !!!

(not my pic )

We will fly from Frankfurt Airport on 31th july and stay until the 11th of august.

Our plans for tokyo are :
going to disney land
going on a Gal meet up 
getting nails done
getting hair done
and usual stuff like Purikura, shopping, taking LOTS of pictures and maybe vids, meeting other gyarus and uwuwuwuw I dont know. So many things to dooo !!

( putting in here some random japanese pics b/c otherwise its too boring )

Im so thankfull for Ramonas and Barbaras parents. Without them I wouldnt be able to fly with them ;______;
This means so much to me.
And of course Im glad I have my amazing mom and dad who allow me to go with them and help me with checking everything about money things, health things etcetc. 

Of course they are a bit worried because of this nuclear thing in japan but they know its my dream so they let me go. Omg I love you all ;__; ♥♥♥

So today I went into city to buy some usefull things.

first of all I needed a make up pouch. This one was quite cute and on sale =3=

Then I wanted to have a mirror to go. I always used the mirror at the back of my chinese mobile phone.
Since this doesnt work anymore I dont use the mirror as well. So it was time for a new bag mirror

I me would be better but okaaay... 

Now I had a super idea :D
Okay not that new but its usefull.
I dont want to take all my money into ONE purse so I bought two others now.

this one is perfect for going to supermarket when I dont need that much money.
And this one here is just another purse. Maybe Im using this for food or for shopping.
I dont know yet (:

Anyway, I wont take only cash with me. On monday Ill get my first credit card so its easier for me to pay or to get money. EXCITED !!

I dont know what to tell now anymore... Im just blablableble fucked up in my mind. Theres only japan japan japan japan japan in my head. 

Ah well, I forgott to tell. Since Im not owning an own laptop right now ( Ill get mine in september ), Ramona is so nice and let me blogg from her laptop :3

If you have ANY Tips, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to comment down here or msg me on my FB acc.
If someone will be in tokyo at the same time...
On 6th august there will be a Gyaru meet in tokyo.
But if you are in tokyo before or after this date.. I can ask Ramona and Barbara for a meet up and if they agree we can do so ^___^


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