Saturday, September 29, 2012

Birthday Birthday Birthday

Oh daamn it seems like september is the month of birthdays!
3 of my friends celebrated their birthdays in september. I blogged about Evas and today its Ramonas and Lindas whoo!!

So Ramonas birthdayparty was last friday and we celebrated it at her house.
This was my outfit for that day

I really like how my hair turned out that day! I tried some new method and it worked so I think Ill use this method more often now :3

Even Jasmin came from Nuremburg but she had some problem with her lenses so her eyes were red!! poor her ): but nevertheless we enjoyed the party ^0^

Pic with Barbara and Yve

aweee I miss my nails ,___, Im not allowed having long nails at school because we have to type with 10 finger system and I cant write fast enough with long nails -.- BOO RULES

The day after my family and I drove to Nuremburg because I needed some new bras which fit me. In our forum I complained about I wouldnt find any cute bras in my size which are cheap but Andy told me about a store called Hunkemöller. Unfortunately Würzburg sucks if you want to go shopping so we drove to Nuremburg where the next Hunkemöller was.
They had an offer called "buy 3 bras the 3rd is for free" and same with panties.. I was like


I ended up paying 77 € for 3 bras and 3 panties.. how fucking cheap is that omg I cryyyyy.

However back to the birthday topic.
Yesterday has been Lindas bday so I baked her a cake.

At first I wanted to steal the whole idea of a barbie puking sparkles into a toilet but I couldnt find a cheap toilet anywhere ,_, so I ended up with a barbie puking on the cake..^^

Linda drove home to her parents and celebrates her birthday in nes so her birthdayparty for würzburg will be on tuesday with Isa and Chris omg Im soooo excited!! My best partybuddies awww ♥♥

Oh and as I said on Facebook Im planning a 400+ followers giveaway and I already got some stuff but since I spent so much money on birthday presents I dont have any money left this month. I need to wait until monday so I can buy the last missing stuff for the giveaway :3 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

weekend impressions

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a friend of mine having bubble tea and champagne.. xD

This was my outfit for the day
in the last pic you can see I tried drawing my eyebrows pink. I ended up looking like Jefree Star.. but not in a good way XDD

oh oh oh and luckily I found out with the help of a very nice girl that my d.i.a belt is real!!! asfghsy
now I love it even more.. /DD brandwhore.
thanks again ♥

Alsooo I go tanning again more often now. Since I can now combine it with going to the gym its easier to get my lazy ass up than just for one thing. 

Sadly I fail doing hot tan bed pics ,_, All these girls on tumblr look so sexy and Im just laying right there with no make up at all and... merp. (okay I put on eyebrows but cmon..I need themXD)

and randomly I want to show you my current babies ♥

I sell and buy so often.. xD 

Well.. enough for today. I dont really feel like blogging. Just wanted to leave some pics here. bye 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 4

Finally I start with this again. I dont really have motivation to post about past events but the feeling of not wanting something left behind incomplete is stronger XD

Soo starting with 

This day was a friday and Linda and I planned a kinda lazy day since we didnt want to go to the Aquapark like my sister and her friends. We slept kinda long and then went to the beach. On the beach I fell asleep in the sun and woke up with a weird feeling and headaches ,___, Linda has been in the ocean but I wanted to go because I just cant handle too much sun so I left on my own and went back to the hotel. There I met my sister and her friends Isa and Annabell again. Together we walked through Rimini to find something to eat and we found this creepy guy...

It was as huge as its own aquarium O_O
Linda later joined us and we had lunch ^0^

It has been a reaaally lazy day but in the evening we went to Carnaby and I was all excited because Isa told me she has some friends who come to Italy only to party in Carnaby so.. I thought this disco has to be amazing :D

My sister and Anabell stayed at the hotel and Linda, Isa and I ended up walking about 30 minutes to a Shisha Bar... after a few cocktails and crepes we finally arrived there lol. Because it took us quite long to walk there it was kinda late so we only smoked one time and then went back to Carnaby!!!

Isa and me quite drunk but somehow I like it @carnaby

Carnaby is a 3 floor disco and I totally love it!!! The Barkeepers are amazing!! They do little shows and talk to you and the whole atmosphere is just great. We liked the barkeepers on the 3rd floor the most :D
But the music on the 2nd floor was my highlight.. electro dance stuff :3 Always the best! 
We even got to know a very nice group of other gemans. They were the first people who were actually nice to us without wanting something sexuall and the boys also had a girl with them so.. wuuahh talked with them a lot

 with one of the barkeepers. You can see the original one on my FB but this is just too ugly for my blog XDD

Sadly Linda went home quite early because she was so damn sick. I feel so sorry for her ): So Isa and I were one of the last people in the club and somehow we ended up talking to the DJs. Carnaby closed at like 4 am and I think its weird in a party destination because Im used to clubs that close at 5 or 6 am and we arent even a party destination..XD So... they kicked the others out with their national anthem. I mean how fucking weird is that?? :D After closing the club we went with the DJs to eat something and Isa left a bit earlier than me. Unfortunately our hotel is closed from 6 to 10am and I couldnt make it on time to the hotel so I stayed the whole night with the DJ at his place.. ahaha this is so fucked up I mean.. I could have been murdered or something /DD Alone with a random stranger well okay he is a quite famous DJ but still.. at the night in a foreign country which language I dont speak.. oh well I regret nothing ;D
He even drove me back home to our hotel so he is really nice and not a murderer :)
I have been up all night a few times before too but 10am really is my personal highscore XD Ive never came home that late.

With nice boys from our hotel at the beginning of this night :)

thats it for this day. One or two more posts about italy will follow soon than I can close this capture :3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

d.i.a, food and make up

Yesterday my mum picked me up from the gym so we could go to the customs to pick up my mbok package ^0^ 

I ordered these two tops and a fake d.i.a belt.

Im not sure about the second top because it has these stupid bra thingiiees.. its good if you have no boobs like most asians but if you have some it doesnt look thaaat good.. so Im searching for a way to hide them or some thing.

After custums we got hungry and found such a cute american restaurant! Ive never been there befor but they even have a cocktail happy hour so Ill check their drinks out next week when Im going to capitol for foam party :3
We ordered a burger and some chili cheese fries...omg I wanted to try them for so long and it tastes sooo goood nomnom. There goes my workout lol

In the evening I put on some make up and I tried smokey eyes on gyaru make up for the first time and I think it turned out quite good! I just have to say since I have pink hair I got a bit lazy when it comes to nose stripe /DD I dont even know why..

So ya.. onto the pics! 

here you can see the belt quite good!

So sad my pink is fading away so fast! But my hairline is growing and I dont know how I should handle this... so I guess I go back to blonde as soon as my pink just faded out completely. I ordered another set of extens so I will have even have more hair after turning blonde again :3 I cant wait to clip in my extens and curl them and..awww long hair is just so much fun

Some side note for the end. Im organizing an 
Internatinal GYARU Lovers Winter Meet in January 2013. 
Just telling you now so you have enough time for saving money and spreading the word. Everyone is welcome who lives the style or is interested in. The full description is on the
 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE << click this

So how do I spend my last day before school starts again? Yep... Working!!
Bye for now

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pinkie Pie

Short break from the italian posts. If you have me on FB you alread know
 I dyed my hair pink!!
whoo whoo. I really love the colour  but it looks only good when Im wearing make up...xD 

I still need to cut my bangs because with this haircolour I look like a fucking scene kid and I really dont want people to think Im one of those <.<
Soo I just have to get my lazy ass up and go to the hairdresser!

Oh and btw lazy ass... Im now going to the gym! Oh yeeah thats right. I want to go 3 days a week for at least an hour. Today was my second day and it is so much fun!!! Really! Crazy isnt it?

Look at my top! Kira, a friend of mine was so nice to buy this in japan for me so I could save some money. Aww new d.i.a top!!! I love it! Zebra print and gold chains :3 So sexyyy and my haircolour fits this style ^0^

Okay enough facespam for today. Ready for work now!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 3

As I told you we had to stand up quite early in the morning since we wanted to go to venice!!
So our trip started at 8 in the morning and we got told it would take us 1 1/2 hour by bus but we endet up taking 4 FOUR DAMN HOURS... I know why I hate bus tours ,_,
However when we arrived my anger went away because I immediately fell in love with the city.

On the ferry with 2 girls we got to know during our holiday

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this city.. grab your chance!!! You wont regret it I swear! Next time Ill be able to visit venice I want to take my future boyfriend with me. Venice is defenitely romantic and perfect for couples.

We took a walk through the city with our guide and I just couldnt stop taking pictures. Everything looked so amazing and exactly like I thought venice is going to look like. I just thought it was a bit smaller but venice is kinda huge o: They even have a Hard Rock Cafe but we couldnt find it...Ive never been into ANY Hard Rock Cafe...buhu I want it so bad ,_,

The first gondolas and gondolas men ( ?? XD ) weve seen!!
I was so excited aahhh. They look so cute with their hats on

We took a walk through the Markusplatz and we got told a lot of famous movies were filmed here like Sissi and James Bond and other movies I havent seen /DDD
But look at the streets...they are so small and tiny and old. So beautiful!!!

More gondolaaas

And then the best part we even took a ride on a gondola!!! I was so fucking happy omg. I dont care if it was with my bestie and not with a boyfriend. I sat in a gondola awwww it was so great ^0^
It cost 80 Euro per gondola so Linda and me asked some strangers if they want to join so we only had to pay 20 euro each :3 It was totally worth it! I can imagine this is even more romantic by night with all the lights and stuff

This one was near the famous Rialto Bridge 

In the evening we came home at like 10pm and had to take the shuttle at half past eleven for the disco... 
This time we went to Baia Imperiale. Omg this was fucking awesome. The entry was about 26 Euro and we already got a discount but it was worth every euro I spent. This disco is fucking HUGE it has 7 dancefloor and even a pool somewhere. I fell in love with the hardstyle area and the normal charts/electro area. At some point some dancers came in disguise and I couldnt stop laughing as Ive seen a god damn roman. The dancer really wore a whole roman outfit with helmet and everything like.. what the actual fuck XDD

I have a video but I have so many other videos I will cut them together and upload them as one as a finish post to italy summer (: 

This was the crew for the night whooo!!

my sister looks so cute omg

I really liked the club and the people there werent that pushy as somewhere else. I think it has something to do with the entrance fee and stuff. It was really relaxing dancing without perverts xD
Only thing was so typically me.. I came back to the group and saw 2 old guys talking to my friends and they looked pretty italian so I said in german " omg look at those old guys. They could be my grandfathers! what do you wanna do with them???" and then they talked to me in german and I was like..omg I wanna die /DDD 
We came home at like 4 am but if there drove another shuttle bus we would have stayed longer  because it was so great But to be honest I was really tired because of the daytrip to venice and it was even hotter there than in rimini and then party...well nobody remembers the nights you got plenty of sleep!


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