Monday, February 11, 2013

Carnival is about to end

On Saturday my sister and I went to Güntersleben for another carnival party!
This time Ive been an angel and she was the devil hihi

I dont have much to say except we had a lot of fun. On the next morning I was really tired because at 12 pm there was the carnival procession in Würzburg. So I met Chris and some other people to celebrate carnvial and catch some candy hihi

At 2pm some discos opened and we headed to Tanzcafé Ludwig to party :3
A few hours later we wanted to go to the Posthalle but there was an emergency and we had to wait at least 30 minutes to enter so we decided to go home and rest a bit.

After the short break we took a cab to the airport and met my sister and her friend again. On the procession Ive been a blonde navy girl with my gyaru make up on but in the evening
I didnt feel putting on my wig again and that heavy make up. So I just took my navy cap with me.

and looked like a navy boy lol

We partied until the end and I came home at 5 in the morning. So you can guess that I am now totally exhausted from celebrating carnival. Im partying since friday /DD
But I love it and Im a bit sad its already almost over :(

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Carnival @ Airport

Hey there lovely readers ^0^

There are so many carnival parties at the moment and yesterday my sister, Isa and I went to one at the Airport. I went as a devil again but this time a little bit different hihi

comparison between last time and this week!
For yesterday I bought myself a red wig and I really liked it. Oh and I also needed black horns because otherwise you wouldnt see my red horns o:

It was the first time ever I wore a wig outside my home and Im not sure if I did it wrong or if my head is just one huge motherfucker XD

However we found a stall where you could get airbrush tattoos. We immediately thought of Rimini because there we made fun about being tattooed "riminibitch" (ok we were totally drunk back then and it was only fun of course but we really liked the idea but couldnt find some airbrush stuff and so on)
So we got RIMINIBITCH airbrushed at the airport :D

didnt like my face
so sad my bestie couldnt be there, too. She was also a Riminibitch 'heart'

Aaaand my sister and I made such lovely pictures in the photobooth!!! I love our set so much ^0^

Later my sister and I are going to another carnival party in a neighbour village. Im sure this will be fun, too! Im not quite sure about what Ill be wearing but no devil this time I swear hihi

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nacht der Nächte

listen up folks carnival is here!!!

Finally it is that time of the year again to be in disguise :3


So yesterday I went with my sister and Chris to Nacht der Nächte.

She dressed as a pirate, he as a cowboy and I was a devil!!
I had to cut my sister off because she didnt like herself.

Can you see the red lense Im wearing? I so fell in love with them. It totally suits my costume °0°

my sister and I

We had a lot of fun and sang loudly to carnival songs all night. Of course we stayed until the end :3
We also talked to a lot of people I dont even know /DD
Just like somebody said to me "Fasching is Fasching" hihihi

My sister is trying to kill me!!!
Aaaand I dont know these guys down here except Chris ^^

Im looking forward the next carnival parties! I still dont know what Ill be wearing then D:
Maybe Ill be a devil again. O: Shame on me I know. If I do so this year will be the first year after aggeees Im going to wear the same costume twice a year. But I really liked me as a devil :3

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Meet Up 2013 PART 2

I woke up at 9 in the morning feeling sooo damn good because Ive nearly slept 12 hrs.
We started dressing up and I was finished 20 minutes before the meet!!! This normally never happens so Im quite proud of myself :3

While I waited for Barbara and Jasmin to finish I took some pictures with my macbook.

It looks like Im growing a beard!!! lol

So as we went to the mainstation 20 minutes late (not my fault this time!! but still kinda early for us.. hihi) there already were a lot of gals and guys!
I tried to welcome everybody and hugged everyone when I came to a little group and said "hellloo Im kitai nice to meet you! do we know us already??" and everybody said I would know this one girl but I just couldnt think of anybody.. then I suddenly recognized her. Kyo dressed the first time ever as a girl on a gyaru meet up. Before she only did tomoboy!

I was so positively shocked that my lense fell out and I didnt even noticed lol
Later Jasmin told me that I would only have one lense in and we searched for it as we found it on the dirty mainstation ground ,_________,
Nothing seemed to help so I had to go back to the hotel and put in some other lenses. GUUSHH giirrl. The weather was so nasty ,0, but I felt so freaking hot while everybody said its freezing D:

Nevermind when I came back the last people arrived so we could get ready for the group shots!

I stole these pictures from Binh Truong, Maya and Rox!

After this we split into small groups. Some went eating first and some went to Purikura first. I was in the last group ;3

After tons of puri sessions a small group of us wanted to go eating but infront of the ocs we met kei, riinas boyfriend and vanessa. We talked to them and didnt noticed that most of the others already went to don so there was no space for us anymore XD

Amanda, Barbara, Jasmin, Mia and I went to Kiku Sushi instead. Very delicious and affordable.
with Barbara and Amanda (stolen from Mia)

INSIDE I suddenly started freezing my ass off.. I told Mia that I felt so hot before and now Im freezing and she thought I might had have fever ,0, she gave me some soup which was really nice of her < 3

During eating I whatsapped with Venus because we didnt have any Puris together! So after we finished eating we met at the OCS again for the next round of Purikura !!

While waiting in Line everybody took pictures. 

 With Anie from Switzerland < 3

and ooomg I love this pic of Sasha and me. I LOOK SO GOOD HERE. Thank you Binh for editing me pretty lol

 With Pummi, Kira, Anie and Daiana !! < 3

and I totally fell in love with this pic. with aische jenny rin mika whatevur me gusta mucha anyway

Finally it was our turn and Binh made again a pic of Sasha, Venus and me while being in the Puri Booth ;D

aaaaand the Puri of the pose ;D

FUN Puris are the BEST puris !!!

At this time I felt soooo exhausted from like.. nothing lol I dont even know why I was so tired when Ive slept 12 hrs!! So Barbara and I walked back to the hotel to rest a bit before the night part but we heard noises from a room next to us and recognized daianas voice! 
So we grabbed some booze and started kinda like a hotel room party with Daiana, Wesley and Kira. Later Venus, Mimi and Anie joined us too and when Jasmin and Kyo arrived we were complete!

Picture stolen from Daiana! < 3

Actually the meeting time for the night part was at half past nine but we were so busy watching stupid/funny videos. We even sang loudly to Ayaman Japan Poi Poi Poi. I think the whole hotel was entertained by us :D

When we arrived quite late at the mainstation most of the people already had gone to El Paso a Cocktailbar in Düsseldorf. Since we werent that many anymore and we needed to walk about 5 minutes to El Paso we needed some alcohol for our looooong journey ;DD
We bought 2 bottles of champagne and I already felt a bit drunk because I only had 8 sake maki and 2 tamago nigiri this day whuu whuuuuu.

When we arrived there half of the Cocktailbar was full of gyarus and gyaru-os. I felt really comfy because everybody talked with everybody and it seemed that even the shy ones now had made a lot of new friends! Ohhhh magical alcohol < 3

It really made me happy to see that everybody enjoyed their time. And I finally met Ari agaiiiin !!! Im so glad she stayed longer than originally planned!

Heres a pic of her and Jessica. Two hot chicks!! (taken by Binh again!)

It wasnt even midnight when my headache from yesterday came back ,_, Even the two pills I took didnt seem to help me. This made me so damn sad because I wanted to party hard !!!
At this time some of the girls and guys took a group pic but I just sat there on the bench with Wesley like... omfg no Im so fucking done with everything XD

I talked to Wesley btw a lot. I even taught him a german word. Schnorrer!! I looked the word up its "mooch" or "dead beat" in english but I couldnt think of it on saturday night so everytime we asked someone for a cigarette or a sip of a cocktail I said SCHNORRER! And he eventually got it hihi

Unfortunately I felt so sick that I had to leave earlier. Im sorry I didnt say goodbye to everyone but I wasnt in the mood for a lot of words. I know that everyone would have then said to me "Ohh noo how sad!" or "oh no what a pitty get well soon" and stuff. I appreciate it very much but if you have a strong headache all you wanna do is crawl into a whole and die hear noone, see noone and be alone. Im really sorry but I hope you understand o:

Kira was so nice to accompany me and at 9 in the morning I woke up because Jasmin and Riina came home I was like.. the fuck?? I MISSED SUCH A LONG PARTY NIGHT OMG WHY HEADACHE WHY.

Listening to their stories was quite funny until I felt sick again. I mean wtf is even wrong with me. Feeling sick a WHOLE WEEKEND??? Jasmin was then so nice and packed my stuff because I puked :( It was really nice of her to help me < 3

Checking out the hotel was kinda funny because the receptionist looked so pitiful to me. I mean, I looked even worse than I felt lol. No eyebrows, no make up at all, I just puked and I wore Barbaras hat which covered nearly all of my hair... 

Best feeling of that sunday was eating my pizza from pizza hut ^0^

 Ending this post with a pic of me BYEBEE

I dont think I have to tell you how much I love you guys. How much I enjoyed the meet up. How happy I am that I got to know so many new people and how Im looking forward to the Summer Meet in Utrecht, Netherlands!!!



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