Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Gyaru clothes arrived VIDEO


Today I could pick up my package with new items in it at the customs office ~.~
Thank go it was only 30 euros but thats still much since Im trying to save money.
But more on friday ^^

I made a video because I thought it would be the best way to show you how the items look like.
Im still ill so my voice sounds kinda boring thats why I put some music in this video.

I really LOVE my shoes. They are amazing. And my leg warmers.
So fluffyyyyyy.

But I think Im going to sell this last item. My style is more agejo and this onepiece is more like hime or some .....other things^^ ( dont want to say shit because some people could get mad of this. Just like im saying bitch kay ? doesnt mean something worse.gosh.where you live. )

chuu anyone interessted ? XD

Okay that was it. I think Ill blog again on friday. Im having some good news for you. chchchch
very exciteeed !

Saturday, June 25, 2011

International Gyaru Day / HimeBerry Meet up

Hey Gaaaals.

Whats up out there ?
What are you doing on this special day ? ^-^

We had a HimeBerry Circle meet up !

On the way to Erlangen, where this meet up was held we found somebody
who wants to clean my shoes XDD
Another bachelor. hahaha

This time we were 9 people !!
Omg so many Gals in Bavaria O__O
Gyaru is booming these days man.

We ate some sushi 

and then we went shopping. During this a lot of people asked for pictures and were interessted in our styling. We mostly got positiv feedback ! haha so happy ^-^

Of course we took some group shots !!

Omg i love you girls. You are amazing :D ♥♥♥♥♥

At the end only Yaya, Suzu Hinabi and me were left.
So we went to a Cocktailbar and drank some Cocktails !!

Girls and their cell .. ^^
These were my too. First Swimming pool and 2nd Pink pop power pudel ( I dont know LOL something with pink and poewer and pop and grapefruit and aperol..it was yummy :D )

Since this is the international Gyaru day we decided to make a video.


Hope you are able to hear everything ?? It was so fucking windy. Our hair went flat soon and I was worried about my lashes to fly away O_Ö

Some random Pics..

 whaaat am I doing :D Looks like Im fucking thi car oh yyeeahh.
What what in my butt.

Jenny our NEW MEMBER tried to teach us Para para..

I failed so hard XDD
Yaya made a video about this.. I hope she will upload it soon !!

I had such an awesome day I freaking love my girls.
Im so glad we are able to meet each other that often.

and to yall out there..

happy international Gyaru Daaaay ♪

Monday, June 20, 2011


Owww gaaaad

Since so many people asked me for a hairtutorial I decided to do one.
I dont want to answer the same questions again and again ~.~
So I made it very detailled.

Its just one of my hair dos. Sometimes Im using hot rollers but Im still not very good at it so I didnt use hot rollers for this video.
Also, my voice is so manly O_O First I thought it was from partying last friday 
but now I turn ill ;___;
So please forgive me. Oh and yes.. my grammatical sentences..you know what Im trying to say so dont piss me off on my bad grammatical knowledge.


did you noticed something in my video ??
I fit in my trousers !!
Its still very uncomfortable while sitting but I can wear them :3
Im SOOOOOOOO happy ♥♥♥

I dont think its a big deal to get hair like this. But its getting annoying telling everyone the same things so I thought it would be better you can check out the vid.
However, if there are STILL any question feel free to ask on my comment box.
if you have any tips for me to improving my hair.. feel also free to comment down here !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New order with Celga

Hey Gals

first I wanna say thank you to the blog owner of Gajin Gal Lover for introducing me ;3
and WELLCOME to my new followers ^-^

Okay topic of the day will be my new order on rakuten with the help of Celga !

My last items only needed 7 days from japan to my house :3

This is my current order 

the baby pink bow.

black x babypink furry leg warmers

the leopard grey ;3

I bought these two b/c winter stuff is cheap now and I always wanted furry leg warmers and this top is awesome also xD

of course new shoes since my other ones got broken ;___;
I bought them in lavendel. They are so shinyy ~

I bought the black one with babypink ribbon on it.
Suzu has the same ♥♥

here I bought black-B of course :D

Omg so many babypink and lavendel colour !! XDD
I love these colours. They so fit my style.

I hope they arrive soon so I can do another video in which Ill show you the stuff.

Ah and sorry for posting this. Some of you may have already seen this on my facebook page but I cant blog untill this weekend b/c  my last lashes I own now ( well, the only good lashes I own now^^ ) I forgotten in a friends car after the party weekend Dx
Tomorrow Ill visit him and get my lashes back xD

read more next time

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Party hard


hinabi is coming to pick me up soon
and Im just gonna post my hair for tonight.
I had to do very quick b/c ya.. I was too lazy to start earlier /D

 ignore my ugly face in this pic^^

hope you have a great evening !!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outfitpost and our gyaru cir HimeBerry !

Heyaa Gals out there !

Just a quick update of my outfit today

Today I wore my new dress Ive already shown you in my last video.

I love this colour so much !! I need to buy more stuff in this colour XD
I allready ordered some shoes in black x baby pink :3
But I will show you more when it has arrived !

By the way outfit post !!
HimeBerry has updated its monthly post.
So you better check out their new Outfitposts of June !!

I also wrote a little review about Suzus Bday.
We went there last Saturday.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yo Gals
this is a new post from Kitai ^-^

Today I checked my mail and my items I ordered in April finally arrived !!
I am happy but on the other hand Im a bit depressed b/c my shorts I ordered DONT FIT ME!!

I gained way too much weight so Im totally motivated to loose this shit.
I have to loose about 5 Kg and I will do it !!

Whats a bigger motivation than fitting in gyaru clothes ??

Okay a video of the items.
Please check it out.
I made audio comments.
Dont hate my english okay.
I think  its quite good <.<

Okay and now for the photos !!

I did some camwhoring b/c today 
Im pretty in love with me LOL

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outfit Post HimeBerry

Hey Gals

today is the 1th of june so its time for another Outfit post.
This time I was not really creativ b/c I stole the idea from Hinabi and Barbara.
They both bought such a sexy jumpsuit !!
Its available in germany and looks like its from d.i.a o_o
so I HAD TO buy this jumpsuit !!

After I bought, I recognized Suzu has the same jumper as well and Tanee also said she wanted to buy it next week. LOL

We should do a group shot or something like that hahaha

Here you can see if I bought a smaller size my boobs would expload and damage this top ;__;
So I had to buy s but now my belly looks a bit fat b/c I ALWAYS have this problem..
Boobs dont have enough space but my belly could be pregnant or some shit XD

curls gone since it started to rain ;_;


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