Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration Post

yayaya what to do if youre bored ?
YAA do an inspiration post or read one :D

Sorry for not updating my blog the last days. HimeBerry our gyaru cir now has its own blog !
Its a lot of work to do so.. Im a bit stressed to make everything as cute as possible :D
It is written in german b/c we are just a small cir but we also got a translation tool for you on the page.
Soo.. we would be very glad if you take a look at our blog in the near future b/c than we will upload pics and other stuffs. 

but barapapapaa.. go on with the inspiration pic spaaam !!

shoes *0*

And this is an inspiration for my room !!

my boyfriend says its okay if we paint our room this way when I learn to pole dance.
I think its a good deal :D 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Diamond Lashes

Yesterday I ordered diamond lashes sweet eye (under lash)
yaa finally I got REAL underlashes :D

First I wanted to order the cute eye b/c I found them on a blog and they looked pretty cute like this

But when I FINALLY found a shop who sells them.. they looked like this..

aha.. -.- damn you. y u forgott the other lashes ??? 

its exactly the same name..idk y they look different <.<
and I cant find any other shop who sells them !!

But dont mind..I ordered the sweet eye..so..dont care...

Little shoot todaay. Whuu. It was so sunny *0*

and whuu playing with my new photoeditor :D

however..I want to dye my hair again. YA LOL poor hair you think ? nono..
dont matter about them ! before I started blogging I colored them.. ya.. weekly or..whatever.
The brown I had was the longest periode so its okay if I dye again ;b
My hair is protected or sth like that XD

But what colour ?? 
When I saw the last pics of the LBM I really dont like my haircolour..its too light !!
Actually, I never wanted it that light. But the natural blonde last time I dyed didnt last !!
I dunno y -.-
So this time Im hoping the best !
And I chose....

syoss honigblond !

but thats not all !!
I want to have 70cm hair. and this time it will be THICK !!!
So Im on a mission :D

This will cost a lot of money b/c I have to dye my extents also.. b/c my favo colour
 doesnt exist on extents <.<

Sooo.. it will take a little bit time. I hope its all ready for the Jday on may 28th.

Wish me luck ^-^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Layout + Votings

Heyaalll !!

What do you think about my new layout ?? Is it hit or shit ??
Im not sure about it..im more the light one but this is totally dark. 
Should I retry or is it good enough ??

Another point ^-^


Click this link if you wanna support the gal scene :D
Hinabi is taking part in a challenge called " capi girl of the month "
( capitol is a german disco ;3 )

So if you wanna see pictures of her click the link to support !!
Shes gonna win a fotoshoot !!
The other girl arent as creative as her, are they ??
They even got the same hairstyle..
Show german that we are not boring !

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday I was at the LBM ^__^

My day started at 03:30 am. We went by train at 5 o'clock in the morning in Würzburg and after a while ( at 11 am ) we finally arrived in Leipzig !!

This was my outfit.

It was a warm and sunny day. Sometimes the wind blowed but not that much.
Sometimes a little bit too sunny ;D

Funfunfun Fun in the sun

We meet Caro, Melissa, Jasmin and whuu a lot of other people *0*
I was SO HAPPY to meet you all !!!
Also I meet a lovely girl named Fuffi or what. Idk :D
But she was soo nice and whuu I like her ^__^

please ignore that I look like a man OX

And borboboooom... I BOUGHT MY FIRST EGG !!
Yahahaha. Not only reading on the computer. mohohoh. Proud as hell.

Yaa lightning Melli XD

Thats it for the day ^__^


Friday, March 18, 2011

Nailart check it outta

Tomorrow is LBM so I have to do my nails.



The left hand looks like this now

Ya lol.. only 3 good nails q.q
I rly dont know what I shall do with the other hand.. as u can see my 2 broken nails on the left hand are very very small. Its not as usual as on normal hands xD I bite my nails 17 years so.. ya they did never have a chance to grow /D so nail polish on it looks like a total mess <.<

But i LOOOOOOOOOVE my 3 long nails

Later Ill go into city and take a look if I buy plastic nails to put on my right hand.
Unfortunately the ones I found are ALWAYS too tiny <.< ya my nails are not only very small they are even too fat. wth is wrong with theem. hate you o.ó

ah ya nother thing to tell

made by lovely caro :3

Its not a big meetup bc a lot of them are in cosplay or wtf xD
But if you have the chance to come.. pls COME www
no specific dresscode.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

carnival in switzerland

YES carnival.
Theyre still celebrating it here (:

Yesterday evening we went to a Guggemusik Party but there were too many ppl so we didnt came in..
however we went to the tent next to the guggemusik party and WHUUUUUUUUUUT freakin great music !!
We were dancing and some seconds later we recognized that nobody else was.. 

 they just drank their stupid alcohol and did nothing. However the music was great so my sister and I were the only one dancing :D
The djs gifted us cds haha. Later that evening some ppl started dancing too ^^

we went to winterthur for Fasnachts Umzug.
My family and I were so excited but unfotunately they through more confetti around then bonbons or...ya..playin great music or something. IF a group played a good carnival song I was the only one singing and shouting TOT

r they stupid or what...they werent even in disguise. except the little children <.<
sooooooooo the highlight of this day was when these ppl came tadatadaaaa

I didnt get it in time..
somebody of them grabed me and carried me to the rest of the group. when I get that I just saw my sister on the arm of another member and she was full of confetti !! They pulled up my shirt and blew confetti into it. Back and front. This was cold and wtf so much laughing all the time XDD

so fazit.. i think the swiss ppl are kinda lame <.<
i mean, they dont dance I even asked a girl quite next to me and she also complained about how uptight they all r and..wtf no music no singing no dancing at a carnival ???????? r they kidding me ??
I rly think they just do carnival for the little children and..theyre all having a confetti fetish.
belive me.


Later we had some slushy icecream ^__^

and I found a pinky pie ballon *0*

whoop whoop. thats enough for this daaay.

Tomorrow morning we'll be driving back to germany again. möp möp.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

UPDATE Switzerland

Yoooo since yesterday we are back in switzerland 
this time with my grandparents.
today we went on the mountain called säntis ^___^

theres still so much snow wtf. i dont wanna know how much there will be at winter :D

take a look.
my sister with my grandma <3

this is my mumi, sister and grandma with jacky ( dog ) ;b

soo whuuuuuut...we went to coop and guess what I saw ??

 idk how it tastes but ITS PINK so totally worth to buy it ^^

its unbelievable how many vodkaflavours there r available.
they got CARAMEL, BLUE, ICE GREEN TEA, PINK etcetc...

O_O in germany we only got black and red lol. how boring.

and whuu I found something tastes good
yay strawberry soda ^___^

great saturday evening !!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carnival at Rieneck

Yesterday was great !
We went to Rieneck for the last carnivalparty and I was a lion ^___^
Nother room wtf ??
Dont be afraid. Its at Renés place. Didnt visit him for over 1 year haha.another story ^^

Yaaa my costume doesnt look very lionish :D
At first I wanted to go as a cat but unfortunately the outfit made me look fat so I decided to put on anything and tease my hair like a lion xD
Next time I should try on the costume before /D

René and me 

We meet lots of cool people and this year the weather was also great !!!
It was sunny and warm. Thank you weathermaaaan www

Had a superspecialawesome carnival as well ???

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Stuff from Nuremburg ^__^

Yaaay thank god Ive got such a cute boyfriend !!
He went to Nuremburg with his class and bought some things for me :3

Strawberry Pockies, a bottle of sangaria and 2 foxtails *0*

He is sooooo cute that he thought of me !!
Storycheck: On HimeBerry meeting we went shopping but unfortunately somebody bought the last foxtail in this store before I could >.< Of course I want to have a fake one. A few months before I didnt care but later I saw a docu on tv and AHHH theyr treatin the animals so nasty !! and this in germany where we dont except this -.- stupid bastards. So I was searching for a fake one but in Würzburg they only sell realfur which is rly expensice also <.< Sooo..YAAAAAAAAY thank you honey

Renés 1st nd mine 2nd
His one is black and white and mine is more greyish.

Few days before my parents came home from switzerland and gave me this:

Uhhhh I love it !! Its handmade bathstuff and called mrs whippy :D
It smells sooooooo freakin good like a strawberrycake and it also looks like one *0*
it wasnt even expensive only 7CHF ^___^

Have a great day readers !!


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