Friday, August 31, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 2

Third Day

On that day we went on a boattrip and it was fantastic!
I guess in italy was the first time ever I didnt wear that much or even any make up for such a long time and even with the fact that people were around! Crazy isnt it? But it was so hot and I was so lazy and the ocean killed my make up anyways so why should I even try to put that shit on.

Okay so Linda and I went on that boat and we sat down at the front and hung over our feet  :3
Weve seen such a nice landscape and the best I could work on my tan

After a while we just stopped in the middle of the sea and jumped into the water !!! I always dreamed about this lol but when I had to I got a bit scared and to be honest it had to look a bit strange when I "jumped" into the water..since I couldnt really decide between jumping and not .. Well at least I had fun and was proud of myself :D

I better not tell you who of them I am XDD One sexy motherfucker

And this was our boat!

Later that day we decided to eat something and I had one fucking delicious burger. SO DAMN GOOD At first I only wanted to eat there because they offered free wifi lol.. but really their burger was so tasty ,__,

okay enough burger porn here

In the evening we went to a club called Altromondo. One hint... if you really like electro music.. GO THERE!! It was awesome. I could have danced the whole damn night. At like 1am gogos showed up. Omg I wish I would be as sexy as them ,_,

Unfortunately this night wasnt really my night ): Linda found some guy and I felt like the 5th wheel of a car so I searched for my sister or her friends but the club was so huge I couldnt find any of them. Furthermore I didnt want to get drunk this night because one cocktail was about 6 or 8 euro and it was only one swig malibu and the rest was juice so.. I dont see why I should have waste my money for that shit. As a blonde foreign girl youre not long alone in italy. Some stupid guy came to me and wanted to dance but as his hand started to came my pussy closer and closer I told him I had to leave but then he wanted to kiss me and stuff. I got really angry and had to hit his arm until he finally left me alone -.- I had enough from this night and went home alone at 2am lol Of course I was a bit disappointed because the music was so damn good but I just havent had fun..

The next day we had to stand up very early because we went to venice that day !!! But more of it in the upcoming post (:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation PART 1

Now I know why everybody calls italia bella italia and not only italia. It really is so damn beautiful! Ive never been to italy before but everything I expected from that country was true. Such beautiful landscape and the ocean...omg I havent been at the beach for 7 years and it was totally awesome to feel the comfy sand under my feet  

The only thing I wish was that I would have understood more than just "ciao, prego and grazie" XD I really felt so fucking dumb there! Fortunately I understood a little more because of my french and latin classes but italian is such a fast language ,__, Its like they dont want to waste time with speaking they rather do other stuff....xD

So okay why did I choose Italy, Rimini for holiday?
I didnt want to relax this time. This years holiday should have been a party holiday but for me party isnt only about alcohol and drinking the whole day/night. For me the music and dancing is most important. So since Ive been to spain before and sorry for that but spain has kinda like an image in my head I dont really like../D The fact bulgaria was about 100 euro more and Ive never been to italy and always wanted to go there ( just like so many other countries /D ) I decided for rimini !! And omg I regret NOTHING. It was totally worth it. 

Ive only been clubbing in germany and switzerland so I dont really have a comparing to other countries but DAMN italian djs understand what they are doing. The music is just so... can I dance 24 hrs please?

Okay lets end this love letter to italy.. lets talk about the 7 days I spend in rimini

First day
it took us 13 hrs by bus to italy with 2 hrs of sleep. do I have to say anything more than it was like even worse than my flight from tokyo via abu dhabi to frankfurt??? I guess not <.<
We arrived at 8 am but since our check in was at 3pm we decided to head over the beach. 

In the evening I had my first italian pizza ever with Linda and Isa. Isa is a friend of my sister but Isa turned 18 during the vacation so we 3 were kinda like the partybitch crew :D

However my italian pizza was delicious ,_,
even though I like pizza more when they arent that flat but I guess this is typical italian so I dont really care. It was tasty anyways xD

After dinner we had to buy ice cream. It wasnt much better than ice cream from "local italians" but also yummy ^0^

In the evening we went to a club called IXO but to be honest it wasnt really my thing. Linda and me rather spent our time next to the IXO club where a shot only cost 1 euro and a cocktail 5 xDD So we had quite fun anyways. We didnt want to stay that long because we still were totally exhausted from the bustrip but since our shuttle to the hotel was late we came home at like 4 -.- I WAS SO TIREEEEDD.

Second day
the next day we went to the beach again and just lay lazy in the sun. In the evening our hotel wanted to go to a disco called blow up but Linda and I didnt really want to go there and met a few boys from our hotel who shared that opinion so together we went to a bar called Shibuya. You know I just HAD TO go there even if people would have told me it was shit. Just because of the name xD

The cocktails were sooo good but quite expensive or let us say... normal. But if you are there try the coco loco. omg its so fucking good!! Oh and if you want to get drunk just say "strong" when you order something and your 3/4 cup will be only alcohol. Linda and I ordered 1/2 liter shibuya cocktail and it looked dangerous 
the green was like some peppermint vodka and the red one was some juice I think. Im not really sure about that but its good for a hangover /DD

After shibuya we went to another bar called copa but I dont really know any details of this..only that Linda always wanted some italian boys and I was just like..eww italians XDD 

Since some of the boys were under 18 we had to be back at the hotel at midnight but we arrived at 1am and the night guard was hella pissed. We just said that we dont know them lol omg we are such good friends.

So I think I have to split this post into several parts because I have so many pictures and Im writing so much.. sorry for that but I just want to keep every memory of this vacation ♥

Next posts will be about venice, a boattrip and of course party party party and even more party.

Friday, August 17, 2012

GAL Summer Meet 2nd Day

As I just said.. we had to stand up quite early because we needed to check out of the hotel at 12pm so the night was very short since checking out also means we had to be dressed gyaru and stuff at 12pm IMPOSSIBRRRUUUUU

So you can guess Jasmin and I were quite happy that Kate and Jasmin decided to stay one more night so we  had more time to dress up and do our make up and of course we could leave a mess behind and didnt need to pack and carry the stupid luggage through the city whoo!

Aww yeah.. the day after the party..XD

We meet at 2pm at the trainstation and then we headed over to ocs to take purikura but there was like a kpop meet or something with way too many people so we decided going eating first!
12 people were too many for getting a table spontaneously so we spend the 30 minutes we had to wait with lurking around in japanese book stores. I found foxyegg and egg which of course I had to buy! ^0^

I can really recommend foxyegg to you. Its a few cents more expensive than egg and rather tiny but I literally scanned every detail with my eyes XD It took me longer to "read" foxyegg than egg because I just liked EVERYTHING and looked at everything for so long.

Then we finally had FOOOOOOD.
Of course I ordered gyoza again ,___, so yummy yummy yummy yummy.
Oh and my own edamame awww healthy food is so yummmyyyy a maaa gaaaaad.

Snapshot of Aiko and Ari.

and aris hairdo omg you both make me jelly XD

Lisa, Mona and Kate while waiting for their food.
ma cuties  

So after this delicious meal we rolled walked back to the ocs to tak Purikura.
Unfortunately this time we were too many to fit in one puri but the pics turned out quite good, too ^0^

At first I took a puri with my Barbiesister ♥ We wanted to twin but it kinda failed because our hair colour doesnt match and you can hardly see our matching hairdoooo ,____,

I hope you will be able to see it better in the group pics!! 

Most of the time we did derp puris because we looked so ugly and when you do derp puris you can always say "but it was on purpose" lol

Okay here we just exaggerated a bit XD

Jasmin joined us later because she didnt feel very well and needed a couple hours of sleep 

Puri session without boobs?? Cant think of that guurl.
This time it wasnt me ;D

Okay Im sorry for ruining this puri guys. You all look so sweet and then theres me like...MERP.

Omg Riinaaa... Im so so so so so so so so so SO sad that we didnt speak that much this day ): I love you so much but I dont knoww.. My head was soo dizzy because of so many impressions and then there was the night before lol and I always had to think about getting my train on time and stuff and AHH I so regret that I wasnt really "there" on saturday ,_,

 blurrryy ....

Upsidedown puri whoooo!!

I think it looks like Caro but she wasnt even there on saturday.
But wait.. this is Ari isnt it? I AM LAUGHING SO HARD because I first saw us 5 girls and thought "awww  how cute we all are" and then theres like this creeper in the back and I didnt know at all who this could be XDDD Ariiiii I got you! :D

We took again some group pics before we all split up but Kyo hasnt send me those yet so I will just post them later the next days.

At like half past 8 our meet was over because everybody had to go to the train including Jasmin and Kyo. They took the same train and it bothered me a bit because I could have taken that train too but in the end I decided for another train since with this I could stay 1 h longer in Düsseldorf BUT arrive in Würzburg at the same time as I would have taken the train before. Like seriously why would I drive 4 hours instead of 3 hours voluntarily? xD

Soo at half past 9 I said goodbye to the last ones left. Ari, Lisa and Kate. Im so thankfull you ran to my train with me ,_, It was so typical for me that is was quarter past 8 when I left the hotel and 7 minutes later I had to catch my train.../DD Oh well...

In Frankfurt I had to change trains and when I sat down a woman behind me was phoning someone and said she would be in Nuremburg at 01:01 o clock.. I just remembered Jasmin complaining about how late she would arrive and I even thought it could be on the same time as the woman just said. So I send her a message asking where now she is saying if her train just stopped in Frankfurt then we could be in the same train :D

She phoned me and said "omg yes we are!!!" So I searched for her in the train and as I found her I sat down and we chatted a bit and read the foxyegg  together ^0^ Such an amazing surprise!!!
I really like Jasmin I had a great time with her! Next time we need to share a room together again ;D

This time I shared it with Lisa and Kate and baaa I love you ,_, I hope the 3 of you join me travelling to japan next year because I couldnt find any better room mates than you !! Ramona and Barbara were great too but they want to go to japan in hanami season and Jasmin, Kate, Lisa and I are planning going in august and omg please please please come with me!!!  

I cant thank enough for gaining so many new friends. Im sorry Im getting so emotional but seriously its so amazing how many great people I got to know through gyaru and I just get to know more and more people!!! I love how we improve together and share the same interest and help each other and you all just become such good friends to me. Im not really a person who has a lot of friends or likes too many people. "outside the gyaru world" I only have like 2 friends lol so I am really touched that so many girls like me and I like them back and just aaiojhaoöiadh friends are so good ,____, ♥♥♥

Okay enough emotional blabla which you may havent read anyways soo..
My favourite puri to end this post !!


Monday, August 13, 2012

GAL Summer Meet 1st Day

On Friday I took the train to Düsseldorf because we had our GAL Summer Meet ^0^
This time I drove alone because Ramona was in Hamburg, Barbaras BF came over and Jasmin already took the train the day before. Anyways I met her at the hotel so we could get ready together for the meet (:

Jasmin and me 

Later Lisa and Kate joined so Jasmins room was like a mess XD
Everywhere on the floor were lashes and clothes and wigs.. since  we were too lazy to pack stuff we just left without cleaning the room sooo.. onto the trainstation!!

There we met Caro, Desii, Sui + friends, Amanda, Mia and Kyo
Kyo was also the one who brought and created the banner for the meet!! She did a great job and so did Milky because she designed the logo of the banner!! Thank you

We went to the OCS of course to take Purikura :D

Asti chan is our gyaru queen!!
 Look at her eyes.. she even has lashes!!!

Asti chan is the best hime I know <3 p="p">

Ebru, chill!!

After our Puri session we had to relax a bit and went to the Bubble Tea next door and shared our Purikuras. It was so much fun looking at them xD I really enjoyed Puri session.
Later we took some Pics of the group with our cute banner which is still in progress but still really cute ^0^

we cant help but loving derp faces !!!
However heres a cute one too (:

We took quite a lot pictures and time flew by so fast!! Everybody had to go but Amanda joined our little group because we wanted to party this night (:

Before heading back to the hotel for getting ready for the night we went to a small restaurant called Don. Its really cheap compared to Würzburg. They sell 12 Maki for 6 Euro lol wtf and they are delicious!!!
and omg I had the best fucking gyoza ever. Würzburg y u no have good gyoza????

I mean.. LOOK AT IT!!! I should really go to the restaurant here in town and order gyoza just to show you the fucking difference. 
 I think its a bit sad that the place is so small.. if we'll have a bigger meat up we wont be able to eat there ): 

After dinner we went back to our hotel but this time we decided to go in Lisas, Kates and my room because it was bigger so 5 girls could get ready for the night easily :D

Of course it was 11pm when we were finally finished redoing make up and started walking through the city.
Düsseldorf has a lot of bars and clubs in only one street. Its amazing when youre not used to it. I dont know such big things from würzburg. Its really like a partystreet xD

we started drinking cocktails 5,50 Euro each and the small ones even cheaper like WAT
Düsseldorf makes it so easy for you  to fall in love with the city XDD

I had a swimming pool at first ^0^

we sat there quite long like 2am because we also ordered a shisha and smoked 2 heads (lol can somebody tell me whats it in english please? XD Im curious because we say "smoking a head" ) so.. we smoked 2 times?^^

At 2am we searched for a club and entered 3 before we found a good one. I just dont like Rnb and stuff. Im more into electro. Sadly Lisa and Kate left but Jasmin, Amanda and I were ready to party!!!
At 4am we decided to leave the club because we were all sweaty from dancing and our eyes burned from the smoke of the cigarettes and we still wore lenses!! Yep yep in nrw you are allowed to smoke inside the clubs! My eyes arent used to this anymore XD

It took us over an hour to walk home because there were a lot of creepers on the streets o_o one guy asked us if we wanted to smoke a joint and I was like.. "go away??"
He followed us so we walked in a different direction than we had to because I was afraid he would find out where our hotel is but luckily he left after a few minutes.

Then there was this one turkish guy who walked behind us and was like 
"yo... yo!!! wait"
and I was like " noo. y the fuck. leave us alone"
and he said " no I wanna ask you something"
I said " I dont wanna be asked something!! "
he replied " not you.. the other girl.. I just wanna ask you something"
Jasmin " what do you want?"
and he said....












ASZwkjFX such a fucking jerk
We said if he wont leave us alone we would call our boyfriends and then  I called Lisa and said " hey baby Im in front of your house please come downstairs theres some turkish guy who threats us! Please come and beat him up" and so he left lol such a weener.

So I went to bed at like half past 6 and the day after was also a meet!!! Damn it was kinda hard to get up early but more of the 2nd day in the next entry!

I just leave you with some last Puris of us

Yes we all fit in the puri machine XDDD

I just recognized kyo behind the football in the corner LOL


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