Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party Gals and Giveaway ends

My Giveaway ended and I picked a winner!
Its Salla S. from Finland
I already messaged her and she replied so its fix that shes the winner :)
Thanks again to everyone who entered my giveaway and I hope youre staying followers of my blog! 

Last weeks saturday I went with Ramona and Barbara to Nuremburg to visit Jasmin. Actually Jenny also wanted to show up but she had some problems so we were only 4 girls.

Aft first we went a bit shopping because Nuremburg has a lot of great stores and I just want to buy ALL the shoes there and ALL the clothes ,_,
I was searching for some winter boots and I found some :3
Ill show you a pic later maybe.

After shopping we went to a shisha bar and had some cocktails. 
Aww yeah I love shisha!!

Ramona and I

Ramona and I

It got cold and foggy so we decided to go to Jasmins house and ordered some chinese food. Omg it was so delicious. Havent ate rice and duck for such a long time ^0^
Oh and of course we had some bottles of champagne.

While getting ready we listened to music and read the latest egg.
We also shared clothes with each other. Jasmin wore my d.i.a top and Barbara lent me her onepiece :3
We tried to take some good photos but the all ended up looking ugly so we started looking ugly on purpose.

just ugly

ugly on purpose

In general we took a lot of pics of ourselves and of the group while getting ready.

Barbara and I

reading the egg

At like midnight we decided to go to a club called won(world of nightlife) because Jasmin said they would play good music there and so it was! I enjoyed the electro area. It was quite big and we danced all night! The drinks were kinda cheap too. The only thing which was kinda weird were the people there. Some were just  really strange and some just looked really strange. But that didnt bring us down ;3 I would go there again because I liked it there!!

vodka fanta

All in all the little trip to Nuremburg was great. It was kinda like the old days with HimeBerry :D I really like Jasmin and the fact we dont live that far away from each other and of course I like hanging out with Ramona and Barbara :3 Im so lucky to have gals around my corner that share the same interests with me!

Looking forward the next party :D

Jasmin and I


Sunday, October 14, 2012

I feel like my hair is making fun of me

Whoop whoop

After a weekend full of headaches and sickness (please dont ask^^) Im kinda back to reality.

So.. as I told you in a post before I wanted to dye my hair brown and I actually bought brown hairdye but it turned out to be black. Im not just talking about a really really really darrk brown, Im talking about REAL BLACK. 

I even have extens for black hair XD 

Last halloween I dyed some of my extens black and I just kept them. Im really happy I did because now I finally have long hair again *0* Im so happy about my long hair that its no more thaaaat bad that I have black hair xD 

However a lot of my friends say it will get lighter each time I wash my hair so.. maybe I can turn blonde in about a month again :3 

I really like how I look in those webcam pics but in real it looks way darker and I still have to get used to it. So.. yeah really boring post I know but I just wanted to give you an update.
Oh and thaaank you for entering my giveaway!! Im so glad you like it O:
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello my lovely blog readers!!

As I promised looong ago Im going to finally hold my first giveaway.
I reached 400 readers some weeks ago and Im totally happy that you are following me and my life.
So with this giveaway I just want to thank everybody for always leaving cute and helpful comments and for supporting my blog :)

I know it looks quite cheap but I thought really long and hard about it and it wasnt even that cheap /DD
You can win everything which is shown on the pic above.
The Giveaway is open worldwide just follow these easy steps and gain entries ;3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends on Sunday, 28 October midnight german time.
Everything you can win is listet above and theres even a surprise waiting for the winner ^0^

I hope you like the prizes and enter my giveaway!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

slutty make up and hair changes

boom boom boom bitches.

This week I tried to colour my hair blonde so I bought 4 of the strongest hairdyes but guess what happened?? 

This was my hair before 

and this is my hair now

well..fuck D/

The only changes are that my hairline is now WHITE and my pink is kinda like a mixture of white and pink. It looks really cute but for me it is TOO light and Im afraid if Im dyeing it again Ill turn completely white O_O and thats not what Im looking for^^

Soo I guess I have to dye my hair darker and then dye it blonde again..
or has anybody a better idea???
omg I really dont want to know how much money I already spent on hairdyes because of experiments /DD

I really want my blonde hair back since I got 2 sets of brandnew extens here which I cant use ,__, I want to use them finally and do something with my hair again XD I hate the fact I kinda look scene and not gyaru ,-, 

Soo the other topic is my slutty make up. While I was in the drugstore to buy some things for the giveaway I couldnt resist buying stuff for me too lol so I found this perfekt for me pink creamy lipgloss ^0^ and I just thought Ill make well... not a real tutorial but pics showing you the progress of my make up.

Here you gooo

 I would make a good boy /DD
foundation and powder and of course lenses
eyeshadow and eyeliner
2 pairs of upper lashes
lower lashes and lipstick yaayy
 I am finished ;3

and here is a small video how I love my sluttypink lips :D
I used
  Manhattan x-treme last lipliner colour 57F
MAC Lippenstift Lady Gaga Pink
P2 heavenly lip mousse 020 marshmallow moments

Soo... I guess I have nothing more to tell except that I ordered again some new clothes on mbok but pics will follow when the stuff arrived ;3 I also bought 2 tops which looked kinda small so they will be my motivation tops because I really need motivation atm ,_, Im so glad my sister is going to the same gym with me so we can fight together our fat XDD I looked at old pics of me and it made me so sad that  I gave it all up because of fucking food :( I am so angry and sad at the same time :(

Okay enough winy winy about my life XD


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