Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gyaru Mini Meet and GAL VIP

Hey there cuties!

On Saturday I finally had time for some friends again! Work really is killing me right now. 
So I met with Ramona and Barbara in the city and at first we went to Nushu of course :D
Its our favourite asian restaurant in town because its simply the best one!!
My face for that day

I ordered some yummy salmon and chicken sushi ^0^

Afterwards we strolled through some stores and wanted to go on the christmas market for some hot glogg! Unfortunately it started to rain so we decided to go into New Yorker first and take some pictures :D
I forgot my cam at home thats why its only mobilephone quality pics.. but better than nothing!

d.i.a top
d.i.a belt
h&m basic top
new yorker leggins

Finished with our pics we decided to go somewhere inside for cocktails since it was still rainy :(
We went into a small bar called MUCK and each of us had a cocktail.
I could only finish mine half lol 

After 3 1/2 hours we already seperated again but even if it was a short and small meet, I really enjoyed spending time with Ramona and Barbara again ^-^

So onto another topic...

I am one of the new (well, this is already old news for some of you but I didnt blog about it before..)
Models for GAL VIP!! GAL VIP is the only international online Gyaru Magazin giving us Gaijin Gals tips and showing us tuts for make up and hair and even more!
I am really happy and proud to be a model for them even if I can not always submit too much stuff because Im busy with my work :( However I still do my best to submit as much as I can!

In the latest issue you could see me in the Fall Coords section.
Yeah I should have chosen a different pantyhose D/
Unfortunately the coord list is wrong. Most of my stuff is from d.i.a ^^'

I took more pictures for this issue but it happens that the rest of them will be shown in the next issue thats why I cant show you all of my work now! But I can give you a look from "behind the scenes" where my boyfriend and I shooted.
Clothes everywhere :D

Here are two of my favourite shots which I can show you. I can upload my other favos after they have been showed in the upcoming GAL VIP issue!

I didnt even have to edit them xD The light on that day was just too good and my boyfriend is a really good photografer! Well he can make me look pretty and thats the most important :D

I also did 3 different make up tutorials.. well, it was a bit in a rush but at least I did something D/
One of them shows how I do my heavier make up like in here ^-^

I really hope I find more time in the future to be a better model for GAL VIP. But the first step was made. I finally crawled out of my whole and put on some real make up and dressed up again. Now I just have to do it more often!!

Okay, enough of my face for today :D

See you next time, byebee!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tokyo Day 18 - Last Day in Shibuya D:

hey guys!

Today I will be blogging about our last day in Tokyo. Actually we stayed one more day but we only checked out on that day and drove to the airport so that doesnt really count as a day in Tokyo^^

We decided to spend our last day in shibuya of course. It was raining which meant not only we were sad that we were about to leave, also Tokyo was :'D

At first we went to eat Curry. It was my first time EVER and it was really delicious *0* Unfortunately it was way too much but still it was sooooo good!!

Jasmin had hers with vegetables and potatos and I went for fried shrimps :3

 Look how cute the decoration was!
Hello Kitty in food costumes everywhere :D

After our meal we strolled a bit through Shibuya and were really sentimental ,_,
Knowing that this was our last day was really sad. We tried to look at everything as long as possible so we can keep everything longer and more intens in our memories xD
Ofcourse we also spent our last money in 109 again. I bought some shoes and something from d.i.a again.

Afterwards we went to our favourite Izakaya for the last time.
It wasnt that good this evening because we had to wait forever for our food. Then we got told that they ran out of edamame and we accidentally ordered the wrong food which we couldnt cancel anymore ,_,
Blee however it was nice to relax a bit and look what Jasmin found..

PINK CIGARETTES :D I had to take a picture of them because well they are pink :D Even if I can not imagine rose taste tastes good but at least they look good hihi
This was some of our food. GYOZA of course hihi

We left quite early to take our last Purikuras in that game center we took them for the first time :D We only were there for our first and last puris hihi

"BUHU I CRYYY we have to leeeaveee soooon ,_______,"

One last picture in front of the Hachiko and then byebye Shibuya! Hope to see you soon!

We went back to our hotel to pack the rest of our stuff and go to bed early.... well that was the plan! It turned out to be that we went to bed at like 2 or 3 am and had to check out the hotel at 5am .......
We then had to go to the airport with so much luggage!!! It was like hell ._.

Jasmin had one suitcase and a biiig sportsbag which always fell off her suitcase so we had to take a lot of breaks to put it back on the suitcase again. Then she had a backpack and another shopping bag.

I had TWO suitcases, a backpack and also another shoppingbag to carry. Oh god I cant tell you how happy we were when we finally checked in our luggage..

Only one post about tokyo left!! Well actually about my gets :b
Be prepared ^-^

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tokyo Day 17 - Velvet goes Tokyo, Yukihides Bar and Atom

I will blog about Day 16 later because that was the day we went to Disney Sea and I forgot my camera at home /D

Thats why we will head over to the day after. On that day Jasmin and I met up with Hans and Amanda two lovely members of our gyaru circle Velvet and Mia another great friend of mine. Kate, another gal joined us later, too! 

At first we took Purikura of course :D

Afterwards we strolled through 109 again and while Amanda, Mia and Kate were shopping the rest of us took some pictures :b

Then we went to Donki to search for another suitcase for me :D
I bought so much stuff that I had to buy another suitcase.. XD I always wanted a cool and stylish one but my mum always went for the boring black ones.. since she always paid them I accepted it but now I took the chance to buy whatever suitcase I like and went for a leopard one :D I LOVE IT!!!!
I have to upload a picture of it in my "what I bought in tokyo" post (oh my I take my time I know...)
We split up again in the evening and arranged to meet again for clubbing later :3
Sadly only Hans showed up because Amanda and Kate didnt feel well and Mia didnt want to go "alone" :(
This was my outfit for that night (last time atom buhuhu :(((()

The top is actually a skirt and of course its d.i.a

So Hans, Jasmin and I met up with Erina (you remember the japanese gal of day 2?)
who showed us Yukihides bar! Yukihide is a mens egg model or was since egg had been shut down.
We talked a lot about gyaru fashion and animes xD At some point I caught myself singing some Karaoke and others played dart. Indeed it was really loud in there but thats just how bars are, arent they?

Picture with Yukihide xD

  He even invited us for 2 rounds of tequila :D

Since we wanted to go to Atom we decided to leave and meet up with Ina again to go partying ^0^
She brought some friends and so Jasmin and I went for the last time to Atom again.
 Unfortunately I got a big headache but once I was inside Atom and heard the music it was all ok again :'D Good music is the best medicine xD

But to be honest I was REALLY exhausted after the club closed. I think I was a bit drunk from the tequila ~.~ Im just not used to alcohol anymore!! D: Its not my thing anymore..

ANYWAY we went for afterclubbingpurikura again ^-^

yeah the last picture proofs that.. XD

Only two posts about tokyo left D:
I hope you will keep on reading even if Im a bit lazy these days..

Thank you anyway byebee ^-^

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tokyo Day 13,14,15 - Disneyland

Hey guys!

I dont have anything exciting to tell you about the day 13 and 14.
On day 13 we drove to Tokyo to search for the shonen jump shop because I am a huge fan of Bleach and Jasmin is a huge fan of Naruto but when we arrived we noticed that there was a lot of One Piece and this new basketball anime thingie but no Bleach an Naruto stuff :( We were really disappointed because it was the only reason we went there.. so we strolled a bit through the other shops and found a Rilakkuma shop where I bought this huge pillow XD

Well at least something that day!

On the next day we wanted to meet with Eriko and Ina again but unfortunately I got sick :( My stomach hurt so much I couldnt even walk ,_____, So Jasmin went alone and I just stayed the whole day in the hotel.. 

Soo that brings me to day 15 where we went to the disneyland :3

They had their 30th anniversary so everything was decorated for it ^-^
It was really pretty and even the castle was decorated!

It was rainy and windy but we had fun anyway! Even if we didnt really took a ride that day because we would have to stand in line for literally hours ._. So we decided to go paddling XD We only had to wait 20 minutes and it was so much fun ahaha
Our guide shouted some phrases like "muscles muscles" in japanese and we had to repeat them :D
Jasmin and I were the loudest ones haha I really enjoyed the ride
 We also took some other rides but they werent that exciting since they were for kids. But hey we didnt have to stand in line for so long^^

We also ate some delicious ice cream! It was crushed ice with strawberries, strawberry juice and milk! So yummmyy. Oh and look at my awesome glasses :D

We also bought a lot of other souveniers..
This was what I got :D
I had to leave the flip flops in Japan because they didnt fit in my luggage anymore plus they hurt my feet so much ,_,

For dinner we went to a restaurant inside disneyland.. they had micky mouse shaped 
chicken nuggets xD So cute!

And thats been my day in disneyland! On the next day we went to disney sea which was way cooler than disneyland so be prepared for that post ^-^

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tokyo Day 12 - Shibuya, meeting Eriko

Heeyoo ~

On the 12th day I was finally able to meet my lovely Eriko again! We first met 2 years ago on a Gyaru Meet in Tokyo and since then we stayed in contact via Facebook ^-^

After meeting at Hachiko we decided to do Purikura first and these are the results 

Its so difficult to pose with shoes that arent flat in a Puribooth because I always ended up being too tall to fit into the picture so I had to make myself smaller xD

After the session we went to 109 for shopping a bit and of course we ended up in d.i.a again :D
Eriko also likes d.i.a thats why we spent a lot of time there again.

She also took some pictures in the store like it was the most normal thing on earth xD
Jasmin and me in the d.i.a store

Packed with new d.i.a bags we went to the Gyaru Café 10sion where surprisingly Kayo welcomed us. Of course I heard of the café but I didnt know that Kayo was working there :D It was really funny and we talked a lot about gyaru fashion and gaijin gyarus. Since she travelled and met a lot of us she had interesting things to tell ^-^
We all ordered some drinks, took some pictures and then left again because we got hungry.
Eriko, me, Jasmin, Kayo

Since Eriko also isnt from Tokyo we searched on the internet for some place to eat. We havent had sushi since we arrived in Japan so we went to a sushi restaurant :3
It was really comfortable and also affordable! I was happy that they had salmon nigiri *0*
When it comes to sushi I simply love salmon xD

We talked a bit and suddenly came to the topic clubbing and Eriko told us that she never partied in Tokyo! So since Jasmin and I planned to go to Atom that night again we asked her to join us and
 she agreed!! So great ^0^

We split up and Jasmin and I went to the hotel to sleep a bit and met again with Ina and Eriko at midnight.
At first we finally went to the first Izakaya again :D The one with the free water and edamame and uhh I just really liked this one.
The staff also took a picture of us. I look so chubby here ,___, (damn it xiuxiu meitu why you dont work anymore ,_, I need to put something on my chubby arm to hide it! Dx)

We had some cocktails but whe couldnt really taste any alcohol in it.. However one drink was really delicious. It was ginger ale with whiskey! So goooooood *3*

At something like 2 we went to Atom and it was even more crowded than the last times. I guess it was like that because its been saturday and even the securities seemed to have more muscles than the ones who are there thursdays xD It was amazing as always and Eriko even took a picture of me dancing on the pedestal hihi
I really like this picture! I think you can see how happy clubbing and good music makes me and how Im just one with the world <3 p="">

At 5 am as the club closed we went for afterclubbingpurikura again :D
I LOVE THE PURIS I really think they turned out great. 

It was a really great day and I was glad that Eriko and Ina understood each other, too ^-^
I really enjoyed this day Thank you girls <3 br="">


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