Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lindas Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Lindas 18th Birthday !!
We decided to go to the local disco ODEON LOUNGE.
Ive never been there before so I was really excited.

You have to look very chic otherwise you wont come in !
Also you have to be at least 18 years old.
On Wednesday they have DOPPELDECKER which means you pay for one drink and get 2 :3
In other clubs this means ya everything shitty and everything except what Id like to drink but here it is for EVERYTHING !!!
So we only payed 13 Euros for 4 cocktails *0* 

Neddeee and me ^3^

We had so much fun there !
One Last partypic of yesterday.
For some reason the photographer decided to paint me blue in this pic gente esta muy loca.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ramonas Birthday Party !

Ramona celebrated her 19th birthday at the local disco Capitol !

This was hella fun. ^__^

We wanted to take lots of pictures but we couldnt find any photograph !!
So we decided to dance at first and FINALLY we found somebody.
Unfortunately we didnt look that good after dancing but we got at least one pic in which we look good :D

uww I like this pic so much *3*

Ramona asked the DJ in the area "Alma" to play the song LIPSTICK - JEDWARD
and when it finally was played we were the only one dancing and screaming singing to the song :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bubblea Tea and Sushi !

Yesterday my friend Anna visited me and I was sooo happy to finally meet her in person ^-^

She comes from Baden Württemberg so she had quite a long way.
We took some pictures in our Bathroom after we styled up :D

why do I have such a big head ,____,

After we got ready we decided to go to NUSHU !!
Remember ?? The place in town which got Sushi and Bubble Tea :3 nyom nyom nyom =3=

Unfortunately green painted walls arent a good location to take pics <.<

Anna chose Coconut milk tea with litchi bobbas and I decided for Litchi milk tea with Tapioka Pearls ^__^
For eating we had Tuna maki, Kappa maki and Sake Maki YUMMYYYY

Sadly, I didnt feel very well. I had A HUGE headache ._. and I felt so sick !!
Since Anna had to go home anyway, I decided to call my mom for picking me up. Fortunately a wild René appeard  René came across and helped me to call my mom because my batterie ran down <.<
He cared about me and I had to barf. 
After my mom picked me up I had to barf several times
So when I was at home again I fell asleep.

Except of this I had a great time and Im so looking forward to seeing her again !!

Egopic to end this post. BOOOO.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My hair is changing

My hair is getting lighter and lighter..
I like it even more now ^3^ but I hope they wont turn too light like..nearly blonde or something D:

Aaaand Im also thinking about cutting my hair...If I had some money I would definitely go to the hairdresser :D Since I dont have money left because of the Japantag I have to wait a little. But I think Im gonna do it. You know, if I have my extents in you wont see it anyway so wtf.

Just a pic with natural make up on. bodomm !!
( sieht voll dass ich vergessen hab meinen Hals und Dekoleté zu schminken DDDDD: )

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New school - new MacBook ! Seems legit

Im back with some new infos !!
Since Tuesday Im going to school again as you already read before.
BUT here comes the new info...
every student has got their own MacBook =3=

the window is reflected xD

Im very happy about that because I just own a computer and a Mac seems to be very good for me since Im a blogger and Im now able to post ATM not just in the evening ,__,

For example I can now take my mac with me on the Japan Tag in düsseldorf, germany.
We will stay there at a hotel from which Ill blog so you can stay up to date ^__^

Another thing Ill tell you is my shedule !

Im SO in love with my shedule. Its better than I expected.
Next week Ill be able to know when I have japanese lessons. So excited >0<

Monday : school starts at 8:50 and ends 14:15
Tuesday : 9:50 - 14:15
Wednesday : 8:00 - 14:15
Thursday : 10:40 - 15:55
Friday : 8:00 - 13:10

I dont care that I have that long school because I can sleep longer :D I think its great to have some spare time in the morning.

I have these subjects : 
Translate from english into german.
Translate from german into english.
English grammar.
English speaking.
English reading.
Writing letters in business english.
French.( we do level A1. I graduated with B1. / A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 )
Social studies.

Yep I think that was it !

What about your school start ?? Are you as happy as me ? ^___^

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bubble Tea in Würzburg !!!

whuut tha fuck ???
This was like the first thing went on my mind when I heard somebody saying we have a bubble tea store in würzburg. I said nyaaa yes of course. Nürnberg hasnt got any and Würzburg does.. trolololol.

Its not a real bubble tea store its more like that our sushi bar "NUSHU" sells bubble tea, too =3=
Soo...its freaking amazing I think. I love drinking bubble tea and I feel like "home again" when Im drinking it. ( yah stupid. But I first tried it in düsseldorf and then drank it like everyday in tokio so the taste of bubble tea will always remember me of the time while we were in tokio. Its just like the smell of one of my favourite hair products which I only used at the time when I was in Hamburg so now this kind of smell will always remember me of Hamburg ... a bit stupid I know Dx )

And here just for your amusement...

René edited it with his mobil phone :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First School day in NEW SCHOOL !!

Oh yeaah uh-uh
Today was the first day of going to school again after 6 months !!
Oh gosh I was so so so so hyper nervous >0<
But in the end it turned out very well.
Linda, a friend of mine who went to school with me for 2 years ( 1 year ago )
is in my class now :33 Same class again WOOH WHOOOOO.

Okay uhm.. just a pick of me today !

Boo.. I think Ill tell you something about my "career" haha
If anybody is interested.. I was in too many classes <.<
Everything is written in german building system thingy..sooo.
Gymnasium is like the higher intelligent people go there^^ ( 5th class - 13 or 12th class )
Realschule is like intelligent but too lazy people or just dumber people ( 5th class - 10th )
Hauptschule is for the laziest people ever and stupid on the same time??  ( 5th class - 9h )
FOS is an easier way for people on the gymnasium.They go there after the 10th grade.
On the same time its a better building education for peope from the Realschule.

I first was on the Gymnasium until the 8th grade.
I had to go to the 6th class twice becaus I sucked at latin, maths and physics.
After the 8th grade Ihad to leave because I stil sucked at Latin D:
So I went to the Realschule which was the best class EVERRRRRR.
After I got my graduation I went to the FOS where I quitt this shit because of maths,physics,chemistry and all the other stupid things ._.
This was in february this year. Until now I worked in the local supermarket to earn some money and now Im starting my new "school". Actully its my work but I have to learn the job during the school soo.. Im a foreign language correspondent now :333
Ill have english, french and japanese tötötötötö.

nyahh...thats it. enough blublle blubbllee .

Hope you lke tha pics :3333

Sunday, September 11, 2011

White experience party pics

Yohoo... I dont have anything exciting to blog about D:
So Im just going to share some partypics with you.

On friday night there was a white experience party at the airport so I needed to dress white.

It was also kind of a single party so we all wore glowing bracelets in different colours.
Red meant in a relationship
green was for people who wanted to have fun
and the blue one which I prefered was I need a drink :D

It wasnt very crowed but I didnt care. At first Denise (2nd pic )and a friend of her shuffled around and Vio ( 1st pic ) and me just stand there like.."mhhh...<.< why is everyone able doing this ?? " and just "danced" a bit haha 
Later after a drink I decided to give it a try and WHOOO its so much fun omg *0*
Im not sure what Im exactly doing LOL and I dont care if its right but its so much fun really you all should give it a try. Thank god I wore my sneakers haha 

However something else....
Im thinking about a giveaway. What do you think ?? Do you want a giveaway ? :D
Im scared nobody will take part in it ,_______,
But somehow its time to say thank you to my followers O:

Ah and..atm Im editing pics for my facebook page. I want to upload all the pics we took in japan but somehow I cant find 2 of my 4 SD cards O____________O WTF !!!!

stay tuned ♥♥

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bought new extens // Tried new Sushi bar

Yooo chicks whats up ??
Today René and I went to Mai Sushi. Its a new Restaurant in town so we decided to give it a try.
We ordered some yakitori and Sushi of course.
Unfortunately the Yakitori wasnt as good as we hoped. It was kinda burned and there was just Soy sauce instead of a yummy peanut sauce..
however, the sushi was great and not that expensive !!
The whole restaurant looks nice. Of course its not as good as Sumo Sushi in my opinion but its the cheapest way to get good Sushi in town. The other "imbissbuden" here sell cheap sushi, too but I think its not thaaaat good. But if you want to eat some other food I would go to another restaurant. ^^

Sooo what else do we have ??
Yeah I got my new extens !
Blonde ones.

I think it matches very well.
What do you think ??

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vodka Vodka Vodka

I would like to have all of these Trojka bottles !!

 Close up !
Doesnt they look delicious as hell ?? 

I bought the pink bottle for Ramonas dad whose birthday is on saturday and the green one as a six pack.
However...enough of alcohol .. Lets take a look at my new hat which I found in a store in St.Gallen Shopping Arena.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. This is the only good thing I found on my shopping trip to Switzerland ,__,
My plans were to buy some shoes but unfortunately I didnt find ANY shoes I like <.<
So I just bought :
Pink Vodka ( ~ 15 CHF )
Green Vodka ( " )
Shopping bag Zebra ( 2,90CHF )
Hat ( ~ 18 CHF )
kinda disappointing but who cares..
I hope Ill find some shoes in Würzburg when Im back again !

Look, i found something else I wanna show you..
 They even had Barbie bed linen <3 I love Barbie :3
But Im not sure if make up for little kids is the shit.. I dont know what to think about now.
Maybe make up for kids doesnt have this whole chemistry in it..however.

Last thing I like...DAIM ICE CREAM !!!

Close up of my outfit and Im outta here !!


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