Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mini Meet Würzburg

Hey guuuuuys ^-^

Sorry for the lack of updates but since I finished my school I had to bring back my macbook ,_, Thats why I changed back to my old computer but I had to install everything and Im still not finished so I guess its taking some time... but I finally have XIU XIU MEITU AGAIN AHHH Im sooo happy!!!! Its my favourite picture editing programme but it didnt work on my macbook so Im super super happy to have a computer again :'D

Okay but back to the topic!

Last weeks sunday Milky, Mia and Marvin came to Würzburg to meet Ramona Barbara and me :3
Unfortunately Ramona got sick so we were only 5 people. Since its Kiliani time the current weeks we decided to wear our dirndl!!! I love wearing my dirndl <3 p="">
Mia didnt own one so I lent her my sisters dirndl. Milky is not a big fan of it so she denied wearing one.

Milky, Barbara, Kitai, Mia, Marvin

So at first we went to the fun fair Kiliani and Milky, Mia and I took some rides :3

 We didnt really take some pictures the whole day but Mia filmed a little bit and I hope shes uploading the video soon :)
We tried to win something at the UFO catchers but nobody won anything buhuuu.
We all wanted to have a care bear :D

After Kiliani we went to a beauitful garden right across the street and then walked to the japanese garden. I think these places are very beautiful but we walked so much this day and I was so tired from.. everything xD Mia also said she was partying the night before so we decided to go back into the "city center" if Würzburg has something like this ahahaha and ate dinner ^-^

 We went to the Café Journal and I had such a yummy sandwhich!! It was really tasty :3
Afterwards we went back to the mainstation because we already had to seperate again D:

So we took some last shots
 Marvin, Milky and me hihi ^-^

Aaand my outfit for that day :D

I will blog about the last day of Kraków soon! I just wanted to.. yeah show my face in between :D

Oh and just some random news... all of my ordered wigs arrived. Sooo I guess Ill try them out the next days but if not Ill wear them in tokyo anyway! (I know it will be soo hot there but I want to do so many puris with different looks!! I hope I will be able to wear them even if its just for a few days xD)

Preview of one of my wigs :3 Byebeee <3 br="">


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