Monday, September 2, 2013

Tokyo Day 10 and 11 - Shibuya, Atom and d.i.a Store

Hey guys!
Its been a long time haha
Unfortunately I got ill and didnt have motivation to blog but now Im back to write about the rest of our journey ^-^

On the 10th day we decided to walk up the huge stairs next to our hotel. 
 It was so steep that Ive been too afraid to walk downstairs again xD
So we walked another way back. (Fortunately there was one)
The view from above!
When we were finally up there weve seen this beautiful garden ^-^
There even was a koi pond. So pretty!!

In the evening we went to Atom again with Fabio but before we drank 
some cocktails in a Jamaican bar xD
It was a super fun night again as always at Atom :3 Unfortunately the afterparty puris didnt turn out so good this time xDD
Fabios hair was too unusual for it I guess :D
And I just dont like how "used" I look in these pics
On the next day we went to Shibuya again and this was my outfit.
Nothing special but I dont own something else which matches this wig so I looked kind of goshikku ish

Of course we went to d.i.a again and this time we even asked the shop staff for a picture and they allowed it. So cool!!
I also bought the top shes wearing :D
We also managed to film a bit. Since it is forbidden we had to hide it. Thats why the video isnt that good but maybe youll get an idea of the store.
(Its been on another day but I find it matches the theme pretty well so I put it here)
 In the evening we got hungry and ate at McDonalds. Finally I had chicken with mustardo again :D
It was also my last time  buhu
 Oh and I shall not forget to show you our Puris of the day.
I really love our shopping puri ^-^
 One last picture in front of the 109 and thats been day 10 and 11 ^-^

Read more next time about meeting Eriko ^-^
See you byebee <3 br="">

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