Sunday, June 15, 2014

Int. Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet 2014 // Japantag 2014 //

I felt like finally blogging about some events /D

First of all there was the Int. Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet Up 2014 in Frankfurt in February.
A LOT OF PEOPLE CAME Thank you so much for coming ^0^

With Jada and Mary
With Chewiee, Mary and Daniel

Wesley, Riina, Jamin and Miku
 With Miku
The day before some of us already met for dinner and cocktails together ^-^
 We went to "Meat us" and after having some cocktails and shots we decided to go clubbing :D So we went to Velvet Club :3

On the next day the actuall meet up was held and I enjoyed it so so SO much!! Even if I was a bit stressed because I tried to welcome like 80 people and talk to them .. it was not that easy and sadly it was too less time for deeper talks DD:  But I hope everybody enjoyed it at least as I did! Thank you again for coming and a big thank you to Vivian who helped me so much with trains and directions >0<

 Groupshot click to enlarge!

At the Karaokebar later that day!

Aaaaand clubbing later that night :D

Nathalie even made a video for the event!! Thank you for editing and filming it it is such a great memory <3 p="">

Okayy and now Jdayy in Düsseldorf in May.
With my working colleague and friend Eva ^-^

yepp and my outfit for that day.

Idk Im planning a small summer meet in my town but I have to check everything again especially with the location but when its settled Ill let you guys know ^-^

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