Saturday, September 20, 2014


 Hey guuuuys. I have two weeks off at the moment so I had time to meet up with my friends again!!
It felt like ages ago even if Ramona and Barbara live in the same city as me we see each other so RARELY UGH WHY

So Kyo decided to visit us and of course we went to nushu for the best sushi in whole Würzburg!!
(lol I dont get paid by them to say this every time but AH its so delicious!!)
Just looking at it feels so satisfying XD

  With Ramona <3 p="">


GYARU POSE LEVEL 9000 hiding your make up was so 2013. 2014 you also hide your whole outfit.
 yeah fail lol

With Kyo <3 br="">
Of course we can not stay serious :D

I had an amazing time with my girls. And since Kyo moved to Bavaria we are now enough people for a bavarian cir again!! Jasmin joined us, too and together we are PLUTONIUM :D
(yeah we got drunk of a cocktail named plutonium and thought it was kinda cool ^3^)

Currently Im planning the Winter Meet with Kyo and I can say we planned A LOT OF cool things for you *0* Be prepared... in the next weeks we will give more information :3

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