Saturday, June 25, 2011

International Gyaru Day / HimeBerry Meet up

Hey Gaaaals.

Whats up out there ?
What are you doing on this special day ? ^-^

We had a HimeBerry Circle meet up !

On the way to Erlangen, where this meet up was held we found somebody
who wants to clean my shoes XDD
Another bachelor. hahaha

This time we were 9 people !!
Omg so many Gals in Bavaria O__O
Gyaru is booming these days man.

We ate some sushi 

and then we went shopping. During this a lot of people asked for pictures and were interessted in our styling. We mostly got positiv feedback ! haha so happy ^-^

Of course we took some group shots !!

Omg i love you girls. You are amazing :D ♥♥♥♥♥

At the end only Yaya, Suzu Hinabi and me were left.
So we went to a Cocktailbar and drank some Cocktails !!

Girls and their cell .. ^^
These were my too. First Swimming pool and 2nd Pink pop power pudel ( I dont know LOL something with pink and poewer and pop and grapefruit and was yummy :D )

Since this is the international Gyaru day we decided to make a video.


Hope you are able to hear everything ?? It was so fucking windy. Our hair went flat soon and I was worried about my lashes to fly away O_Ö

Some random Pics..

 whaaat am I doing :D Looks like Im fucking thi car oh yyeeahh.
What what in my butt.

Jenny our NEW MEMBER tried to teach us Para para..

I failed so hard XDD
Yaya made a video about this.. I hope she will upload it soon !!

I had such an awesome day I freaking love my girls.
Im so glad we are able to meet each other that often.

and to yall out there..

happy international Gyaru Daaaay ♪


  1. wow!
    you really were many people - but all so lovely♥
    i really envy all of you for your amazing style><
    your hair, make up and clothes are always gorgerous♥
    and you re in a great circle!
    i want to seee more pictures of you and your members^^
    have a nice day♥

  2. Thank you !! You are always so nice !! ♥♥
    Btw my hair is from ^-^
    We try to meet more often but its a money thing :D
    Im still happy we can meet at least once a month but sometimes even twice !! I wish we could meet every week <3 But that would be too expensive ):
    Thank you for the nice comment !! <3

  3. Du siehst wie immer heiß aus :D ♥
    Die Drinks waren bestimmt lecker *o*

    & schön, dass euer Zirkel so wächst :)



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