Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Gyaru clothes arrived VIDEO


Today I could pick up my package with new items in it at the customs office ~.~
Thank go it was only 30 euros but thats still much since Im trying to save money.
But more on friday ^^

I made a video because I thought it would be the best way to show you how the items look like.
Im still ill so my voice sounds kinda boring thats why I put some music in this video.

I really LOVE my shoes. They are amazing. And my leg warmers.
So fluffyyyyyy.

But I think Im going to sell this last item. My style is more agejo and this onepiece is more like hime or some .....other things^^ ( dont want to say shit because some people could get mad of this. Just like im saying bitch kay ? doesnt mean something worse.gosh.where you live. )

chuu anyone interessted ? XD

Okay that was it. I think Ill blog again on friday. Im having some good news for you. chchchch
very exciteeed !


  1. ohhh wie süss alle sachen sind *__* das letzte find ich voll süss, falls du es verkaufst sag bescheid <3

  2. omgoooosh,i wanted these shoes in lavender but it was sold out(((
    amazing shoes i think,especially in this color
    u're pretty)

  3. *_* woher hast du das bestellt? (Kann das in keinem Text finden >.<)

  4. hey :)
    ich freu mich immer auf deine posts!
    und deine videos sind auch immer total süß!
    ich mag dein englisch echt gerne(^3^)
    die sachen find ich auch alles so super (und die sachen stehetn dir!! ;)
    ich will mir da auch im internet immer was bestellen aber ich muss immer sparen... :'(
    kein geeeeld...

  5. @ MI : http://kitaifi.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-order-with-celga.html hier stehts ^-^

    @ Jelly : Ich sag dir bescheid xD

    @ みえーちゃん : dafür warste scho 4 mal in tokyo XDD
    danke <3



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