Sunday, October 14, 2012

I feel like my hair is making fun of me

Whoop whoop

After a weekend full of headaches and sickness (please dont ask^^) Im kinda back to reality.

So.. as I told you in a post before I wanted to dye my hair brown and I actually bought brown hairdye but it turned out to be black. Im not just talking about a really really really darrk brown, Im talking about REAL BLACK. 

I even have extens for black hair XD 

Last halloween I dyed some of my extens black and I just kept them. Im really happy I did because now I finally have long hair again *0* Im so happy about my long hair that its no more thaaaat bad that I have black hair xD 

However a lot of my friends say it will get lighter each time I wash my hair so.. maybe I can turn blonde in about a month again :3 

I really like how I look in those webcam pics but in real it looks way darker and I still have to get used to it. So.. yeah really boring post I know but I just wanted to give you an update.
Oh and thaaank you for entering my giveaway!! Im so glad you like it O:
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  1. Ich find so dunkel stehen dir die Haare viel besser Kitai!

  2. Ich finds total geil, ehrlich gesagt xD warum nur..:--D

  3. I think that darker colors suit you best ^^
    You look amazing <3

  4. sieht sehr gut aus, besser als das Blond find ich *-*

  5. ich finds auch gut! aber deine armen armen haare omg XD
    ich denk immer schon meine sind am arsch XD

  6. Gurl ur hair looks so damaged :X Stop dying em that much :( I rly dont like ur hair generally cuz they are looking so damn broke. But the color is rly nice :)


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  8. I think black is also suits you^^



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