Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party Gals and Giveaway ends

My Giveaway ended and I picked a winner!
Its Salla S. from Finland
I already messaged her and she replied so its fix that shes the winner :)
Thanks again to everyone who entered my giveaway and I hope youre staying followers of my blog! 

Last weeks saturday I went with Ramona and Barbara to Nuremburg to visit Jasmin. Actually Jenny also wanted to show up but she had some problems so we were only 4 girls.

Aft first we went a bit shopping because Nuremburg has a lot of great stores and I just want to buy ALL the shoes there and ALL the clothes ,_,
I was searching for some winter boots and I found some :3
Ill show you a pic later maybe.

After shopping we went to a shisha bar and had some cocktails. 
Aww yeah I love shisha!!

Ramona and I

Ramona and I

It got cold and foggy so we decided to go to Jasmins house and ordered some chinese food. Omg it was so delicious. Havent ate rice and duck for such a long time ^0^
Oh and of course we had some bottles of champagne.

While getting ready we listened to music and read the latest egg.
We also shared clothes with each other. Jasmin wore my d.i.a top and Barbara lent me her onepiece :3
We tried to take some good photos but the all ended up looking ugly so we started looking ugly on purpose.

just ugly

ugly on purpose

In general we took a lot of pics of ourselves and of the group while getting ready.

Barbara and I

reading the egg

At like midnight we decided to go to a club called won(world of nightlife) because Jasmin said they would play good music there and so it was! I enjoyed the electro area. It was quite big and we danced all night! The drinks were kinda cheap too. The only thing which was kinda weird were the people there. Some were just  really strange and some just looked really strange. But that didnt bring us down ;3 I would go there again because I liked it there!!

vodka fanta

All in all the little trip to Nuremburg was great. It was kinda like the old days with HimeBerry :D I really like Jasmin and the fact we dont live that far away from each other and of course I like hanging out with Ramona and Barbara :3 Im so lucky to have gals around my corner that share the same interests with me!

Looking forward the next party :D

Jasmin and I



  1. war echt toll mit euch!!! ♥
    party gals forever!!! :DDD hehe

  2. Ich muss dir immerwieder sagen wie geil die dunklen Haare an dir aussehen ;^; <33333

    Die Bilder sind toll *_* Ich will auch mal wieder auf ne richtig coole Party >:3 dömdöm!
    Christmas-Meet is coming! Nyahahaha!!

    1. OMG JA CHRISTMAS MEET!!! Glühwein en mass!!! :D Das wird so cool <3 <3
      Und danke dir ,_, <3

  3. du siehst auf den ersten fotos irgendwie verzweifelt aus >o<

    es ist echt toll wenn ihr euch öffters trefft und party machen könnt und wenn du uns dran teilhaben lässt :'D

    1. und ich weiss genau was du meinst!! XD Ich seh i.wie mega traurig aus. Das sind meine Augenbrauen. Ich hab die an dem Tag i.wie ned gescheit hinbekommen und die gehen so bissi nach unten deswegen seh ich VOLL traurig aus XD
      Is mir aba auch aufgefallen. Leider ers im nachhinein aba immerhin :D
      Ich versuchs nächste ma besser zu machen ;3

  4. aaaw nice, nürnberg ist in der nähe von mir und ich won war ich aus des öfteren . is wie ne große familie jeder kennt sich



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