Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Meet Up 2013 PART 1

FINALLY another post of the winter meet up in düsseldorf :D

I decided to split this into two parts because I just have so many pictures of the day of the actual meet.. the blogpost would get too big!

So here we go:

On Friday Jasmin, Barbara and I travelled by train to Düsseldorf. We checked in our hotel but werent quite satisfied with our room. Weve been there several times before and had no problems with it but this time it was dirty and some things were even broken like the light in front of the mirror. I didnt thought it was such a big deal because we still had a desk lamp to put over there but when I was about to do so Ive seen that there was a whole in the desk like a superhero just smashed into it.
Of course we complained about it but nobody came to even just look at it. So I guess next time we are going to another hotel. Sorry domo but you've just lost some faithful customers!

This was my outfit for the day. d.i.a jumper from Barbara
my d.i.a belt and a H&M cardigan
nothing special but it was our lazy day anyway so.. ^-^

Me with brown lenses..used to be very rare but I fell in love with these so I think youll now see me more often brown eyed!!

After some time we dressed up and head over to the mainstation to meet with Mona, Kira, Anie and Daiana. The last two came from Switzerland! Of course we wanted to do some puris together so we went to the OCS

some of my favourites 

 After we finished, Jenny joined our group and we went together to Don for dinner :3

I had gyoza and Edamame of course. I was sooo craving for it the last days before the meet XD It is just so delicious!! 

Actually we got a big bowl where we were supposed to put our empty edamame thingie.. but due to the fact I sat next to Jasmin she kinda through her empty ones into my NEW edamame bowl. Every time I wanted to eat one it was empty and I felt so stupid and didnt want to say anything because I thought I would be just insane. But then Ive seen it with my own eyes !!! XDD JASMIN YOUUUUU :D :D

In the evening I wanted to pick up Venus and Mimi from the Mainstation but we went back to the hotel again because I got a headache and just wanted to sleep. ,_,

Before I leave you I want to share some last puris with you!
Took them with Jasmin and I find us so hilarious XDD

 For the people who dont know about the "hitler thingie" going on in this community...
somebody once compared me to hitler because I like organizing and "want to control everything" (those were the anons words) and yeah of course Im german. So I thought.. "why not feed the haters?" :3


see you next part. Its going to be huuuuuge!!


  1. hahaha die edamame!!! xDDD ich kack grad so ab! haha

  2. aaaaaahahahaha das mit den edamame war soo lustig XD

  3. wie witzig mit den edamame XDDDD und schöne bilder!

  4. Der D.I.A Jumper steht dir echt super! *___*



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