Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gyaru Lovers Spring Meet Up

Hello lovely readers ;3

On Sunday the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fürth was held again but the day before Mia arrived in Würzburg so we spent the whole evening together!

First we went to Nushu for something to eat. Sushu tiiiime ^0^
and then we drank cocktails at Habaneros. I had a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

Later we drove to my place and since we were already a bit drunk we decided to dress up as manbas XD

LOOK AT MY FACE XD And my hands are also dirty!!

We really had a great time and talked a lot. We have so much in common we didnt even know before hihi

On the next day we drove to Fürth and waited for the others to arrive.
Fortunately it was soo sunny and warm! We had good weather and I was happy about that :3

Of course Jasmin and I took pictures again xDD
I really loved her nails. She made them herself!

We were 8 people in total but unfortunately Kyo and her girlfriend left for those pictures to do their own since both of them were in cosplays.
But Kyo/her girlfriend took other pics of us (the whole group!)
and outfit shots for GYARU LOVERS so Im excited to see the result :3

With Mia on our way. I drank the whole day energy drinks ,_, I dont even know why but it started with one Red Bull and ended up with 3 other Monsters XDD Sometimes you can see it on the pictures /DD

It was a great meet up just as always. We talked a lot and time flew by so fast!
Okay there were some 10 year olds or idk who really disturbed us ,_, I mean they were so young and kept asking us out lol 
At the beginning it was fun but then they really got on our nerves ,__,
To show you how intelligent our conversation between us and them was..

we:"how old are you?"
one of them: "Im gangster"

you know those moments when you dont know weather to laugh or cry? DX

However in the end they left us alone and we enjoyed the day again ^0^

More pictures will follow here and on Gyaru Lovers when Kyo edited them. So stay excited!

Thank you gals for this great day!!!



  1. ICH WILL EUCH SEHEN!!! Ihr seid alle so wunderwunderwunderschön ;A; und Mia stehen die Haare total! Und ich mag die dunklen Haare an dir :3

    1. Someday ^0^
      Wir müssen mal hoch in den Norden hihi oda kommst du zufällig nach Uttrecht zum Summer Meet?

      Jaa Ich hab ihr meine alten Extens gegeben weil ich fand sie passen zu ihr hihi

      Und Dankeeeee <3

  2. Ahhh that looks like so much fun though!!
    I like smaller meet up like this and hopefully the cosplayer friends didn't feel so excluded.
    And hey, be nice to the young guys, you probably broke all of their tiny fragile little hearts even if they acted cool, they probably dream to have one of you as their girlfriend haha~

    1. I also love small meet ups! You have time for everyone and can do a bit deeper talks :3
      And nooo I dont think she felt excluded. She was just a few minutes away to take her pictures for animexx or something but shes one of us and she knows that hihi

      We were nice at first! We let them take pics with us but they didnt leave even when they got what they wanted ,_, In the end somehow they disappeared I think they had to go home XD



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