Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tokyo Day 9 - Akihabara

Hey Hey its been a while again haha /DD

On our 9th day we have been to Akihabara as I already told you. On our way we found a clock which looked pretty cool I think. It was at Shimbashi Station.

 At first we wanted to go to a Maid Cafe but it was pretty expensive and in the end we decided not to go there.

So to have at least some maid experience we decided to dress up as Maids haha :D
You could choose between several costumes and it was all for free ^-^

Our Puris with the cute costumes :3

Jasmin doesnt like the pictures but I think we are super cute!!!

We also tried our luck at some UFO catchers but we didnt had any ,_,
So saaaad buuuuu. 
This is how a Game Place looks like ^-^

 Buuuut I found the plushy I was looking for!!!! I just love this cat so so much <3 br="">

We also bought a lot of souveniers there for our beloved ones. I hope they will like it because we think they are totally funny :D
Of course I couldnt also resist buying some kitkats ,___,

Akihabara is known as the electro and anime town. So there is a lot of Anime, Manga and Gameplay advertisement. Take a look!

Me in Akihabara :3

And of course we found some One Piece related stuff again xDD
One Piece still seems very popular in Japan o;

Its been a long day since we walked through a lot of stores with a lot of stairs ,__, so when we were at home we fell asleep!

The next post will be about Day 10 AND 11 since we only went to Atom on day 10 and I have nothing really exciting to tell about it xD However day 11 will be full of stories again ^-^

Read more soon :3

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