Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tokyo Day 17 - Velvet goes Tokyo, Yukihides Bar and Atom

I will blog about Day 16 later because that was the day we went to Disney Sea and I forgot my camera at home /D

Thats why we will head over to the day after. On that day Jasmin and I met up with Hans and Amanda two lovely members of our gyaru circle Velvet and Mia another great friend of mine. Kate, another gal joined us later, too! 

At first we took Purikura of course :D

Afterwards we strolled through 109 again and while Amanda, Mia and Kate were shopping the rest of us took some pictures :b

Then we went to Donki to search for another suitcase for me :D
I bought so much stuff that I had to buy another suitcase.. XD I always wanted a cool and stylish one but my mum always went for the boring black ones.. since she always paid them I accepted it but now I took the chance to buy whatever suitcase I like and went for a leopard one :D I LOVE IT!!!!
I have to upload a picture of it in my "what I bought in tokyo" post (oh my I take my time I know...)
We split up again in the evening and arranged to meet again for clubbing later :3
Sadly only Hans showed up because Amanda and Kate didnt feel well and Mia didnt want to go "alone" :(
This was my outfit for that night (last time atom buhuhu :(((()

The top is actually a skirt and of course its d.i.a

So Hans, Jasmin and I met up with Erina (you remember the japanese gal of day 2?)
who showed us Yukihides bar! Yukihide is a mens egg model or was since egg had been shut down.
We talked a lot about gyaru fashion and animes xD At some point I caught myself singing some Karaoke and others played dart. Indeed it was really loud in there but thats just how bars are, arent they?

Picture with Yukihide xD

  He even invited us for 2 rounds of tequila :D

Since we wanted to go to Atom we decided to leave and meet up with Ina again to go partying ^0^
She brought some friends and so Jasmin and I went for the last time to Atom again.
 Unfortunately I got a big headache but once I was inside Atom and heard the music it was all ok again :'D Good music is the best medicine xD

But to be honest I was REALLY exhausted after the club closed. I think I was a bit drunk from the tequila ~.~ Im just not used to alcohol anymore!! D: Its not my thing anymore..

ANYWAY we went for afterclubbingpurikura again ^-^

yeah the last picture proofs that.. XD

Only two posts about tokyo left D:
I hope you will keep on reading even if Im a bit lazy these days..

Thank you anyway byebee ^-^

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