Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tokyo Day 18 - Last Day in Shibuya D:

hey guys!

Today I will be blogging about our last day in Tokyo. Actually we stayed one more day but we only checked out on that day and drove to the airport so that doesnt really count as a day in Tokyo^^

We decided to spend our last day in shibuya of course. It was raining which meant not only we were sad that we were about to leave, also Tokyo was :'D

At first we went to eat Curry. It was my first time EVER and it was really delicious *0* Unfortunately it was way too much but still it was sooooo good!!

Jasmin had hers with vegetables and potatos and I went for fried shrimps :3

 Look how cute the decoration was!
Hello Kitty in food costumes everywhere :D

After our meal we strolled a bit through Shibuya and were really sentimental ,_,
Knowing that this was our last day was really sad. We tried to look at everything as long as possible so we can keep everything longer and more intens in our memories xD
Ofcourse we also spent our last money in 109 again. I bought some shoes and something from d.i.a again.

Afterwards we went to our favourite Izakaya for the last time.
It wasnt that good this evening because we had to wait forever for our food. Then we got told that they ran out of edamame and we accidentally ordered the wrong food which we couldnt cancel anymore ,_,
Blee however it was nice to relax a bit and look what Jasmin found..

PINK CIGARETTES :D I had to take a picture of them because well they are pink :D Even if I can not imagine rose taste tastes good but at least they look good hihi
This was some of our food. GYOZA of course hihi

We left quite early to take our last Purikuras in that game center we took them for the first time :D We only were there for our first and last puris hihi

"BUHU I CRYYY we have to leeeaveee soooon ,_______,"

One last picture in front of the Hachiko and then byebye Shibuya! Hope to see you soon!

We went back to our hotel to pack the rest of our stuff and go to bed early.... well that was the plan! It turned out to be that we went to bed at like 2 or 3 am and had to check out the hotel at 5am .......
We then had to go to the airport with so much luggage!!! It was like hell ._.

Jasmin had one suitcase and a biiig sportsbag which always fell off her suitcase so we had to take a lot of breaks to put it back on the suitcase again. Then she had a backpack and another shopping bag.

I had TWO suitcases, a backpack and also another shoppingbag to carry. Oh god I cant tell you how happy we were when we finally checked in our luggage..

Only one post about tokyo left!! Well actually about my gets :b
Be prepared ^-^

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