Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gyaru Mini Meet and GAL VIP

Hey there cuties!

On Saturday I finally had time for some friends again! Work really is killing me right now. 
So I met with Ramona and Barbara in the city and at first we went to Nushu of course :D
Its our favourite asian restaurant in town because its simply the best one!!
My face for that day

I ordered some yummy salmon and chicken sushi ^0^

Afterwards we strolled through some stores and wanted to go on the christmas market for some hot glogg! Unfortunately it started to rain so we decided to go into New Yorker first and take some pictures :D
I forgot my cam at home thats why its only mobilephone quality pics.. but better than nothing!

d.i.a top
d.i.a belt
h&m basic top
new yorker leggins

Finished with our pics we decided to go somewhere inside for cocktails since it was still rainy :(
We went into a small bar called MUCK and each of us had a cocktail.
I could only finish mine half lol 

After 3 1/2 hours we already seperated again but even if it was a short and small meet, I really enjoyed spending time with Ramona and Barbara again ^-^

So onto another topic...

I am one of the new (well, this is already old news for some of you but I didnt blog about it before..)
Models for GAL VIP!! GAL VIP is the only international online Gyaru Magazin giving us Gaijin Gals tips and showing us tuts for make up and hair and even more!
I am really happy and proud to be a model for them even if I can not always submit too much stuff because Im busy with my work :( However I still do my best to submit as much as I can!

In the latest issue you could see me in the Fall Coords section.
Yeah I should have chosen a different pantyhose D/
Unfortunately the coord list is wrong. Most of my stuff is from d.i.a ^^'

I took more pictures for this issue but it happens that the rest of them will be shown in the next issue thats why I cant show you all of my work now! But I can give you a look from "behind the scenes" where my boyfriend and I shooted.
Clothes everywhere :D

Here are two of my favourite shots which I can show you. I can upload my other favos after they have been showed in the upcoming GAL VIP issue!

I didnt even have to edit them xD The light on that day was just too good and my boyfriend is a really good photografer! Well he can make me look pretty and thats the most important :D

I also did 3 different make up tutorials.. well, it was a bit in a rush but at least I did something D/
One of them shows how I do my heavier make up like in here ^-^

I really hope I find more time in the future to be a better model for GAL VIP. But the first step was made. I finally crawled out of my whole and put on some real make up and dressed up again. Now I just have to do it more often!!

Okay, enough of my face for today :D

See you next time, byebee!

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