Saturday, February 5, 2011

Awesome as Fuck and Sport Tips

Many of u know that Im totally in love with my fav Band GREEN DAY !!!
So they will bring a new Live DVD Album coming out on March this year.
I was at the concert in munich when mtv filmed this for Mtv World Stage. It also was shown for 1 day in germanys cinemas but unfortunately they chose to put the tokyo concert on that dvd ;_;
But who caaaaares. I definitly buy this. Jesus I cant wait for iiiiiiiiiit ♥♥♥
watch the trailer. srsyly o.ó

So okay go on with the fabulous
 Sport Tips !!
Hope u all lost sum weight since the last post lol

• Try and find out which sport type u r. Need sum ppl for motivation Or do u prefer practicing 
alone ??
Depending on what u chose.. 
○join a gym, aerboic course, spinning course, yoga course, do cheerleading..
○ U can do yoga by urself, go swimming, go jogging, buy a hometrainer, ..

Dont have the time do do that ??
U can easily do sum sports in ur everyday life ! 
○ Use stairs instead of the elevator or the escelator.
Whenever u have to decide.. choose to walk !!
Or use ur bicycle rather then driving a car.

○ Dont sit at ur busstop or in the bus. Standing burns more kcal.
While u r standing and waiting for the bus to come for example u can pinch ur ass cheeks together. Hold them 20 sec and then relax. Hold them for 20 sec. Relax. Do this as often u r able to.

○ On toilett u can do knee bend and other strechings.

○ U dont need expensive training stuff. Use Waterbottles as dumbbells for tighten up ur boobs.
Do every morning and evening gymnastics. 
Me for example, I do 30 sit ups then relax. 30 sit ups then relax. 30 sit ups finished.
Some knee bend. Play scissor with my legs to tighten up.
Lay down on the floor and "riding a bike"
Gymnastics is as important as jogging for example. Its no use to be thin while u r squishy. Thats disgusting.

• Start with lower goals. Later u will be able to do more and better.

Need some motivation ??

Look at all the pretty gals. U want to look like they do right ? U cant do if u dont get ur lazy ass up !!
Buy some clothes one or two size smaller. It will be a great motivation for u to fit in !!
Write down some motivating sentences.
Have controll over ur weight and write them in a little book. So u can always see how many weight u already lost (:
Ask a friend for help. Maybe he / she wants to lose some weight too ! Together is always better than alone <3

Hope I could help u !!

My hair arrives in the next 4 days so Ill be able to post normally again with outfit posts etc.
Thank u for waiting. U r such great readers !

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  1. wow, ich wusste nicht das stehen mehr kcal verbrennt als sitzen *-* das werde ich gleich mal zu meinen gunsten missbrauchen xDD
    die sport sachen hören sich auch sehr hilfreich an, vor allem für jemanden wie mich, die eigentlich so wenig muskeln wie möglich aufbauen möchte -.-
    oh btw ich hab dich getagged, hoffe das war okay für dich =):



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