Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick update

So yaa.. Today my class and I went to SACHS in Schweinfurt. Its a fabric for..sumthing which is built for cars..
idk anymore ^^''

We were eating there and  now Im going to the city for applying for a job at the local GameStop.
Nyaa. Hope they like me >0<

tried sumthin with my hair. It looks kinda weird on the pics lol.
At first it was rainy and later the sun shined ;3

The last pic reminds me on a rhino. solol.

LOL I am eating fast food with MAYONAISE and drinkin FANTA.
hahaha This looks kinda wtf b/c of my diet post in which I said " stop drinkin fanta " etc :D
They paid the meal for us so we just could decide between coke,mezzo mix and fanta.
( wtf ? -.- )  So please dont blame me even if it looks very "funny" ^^


  1. Also ich find das auch nicht schlimm, dass du da Fanta trinkst usw.

  2. Ne ich trinks ja eig auch ned. Das war halt nur, weils nix andres zur Auswahl gab <.<
    Und mir isses nachm Posten halt aufgefallen, dass es leicht wiedersprüchig aussieht :D Deswegen hab ichs dazu geschrieben. Aber das Zeug is mir zu süß. Ich trink lieber Osaft :3



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