Thursday, February 3, 2011

Im mrs. " shes too big now shes too thin "

my post about my weight loss (:

In year 2008 I got 72 Kg. This was my highscore lol.
So on a high of 170 cm my BMI was like 24.9 wtf.

Never heard about BMI before ?
BMI stands for Body Mass Index.
So this is good for getting to know if u r overweight or even too skinny.
Of course this is just a guideline.
You can search for it on the internet by "bmi counter" then they will 
calculate ur weight with ur high and so on and TADA ur BMI is born.

This was me with 72 Kg.

And this was me with 54 kg.

My Story !!
With 72 Kg I didnt feel very comfortable of course but I was too lazy to get my ass up.
Since I got bellyache everytime I had period I started using  the anti baby pill.
So during the first year I lost 2 Kgs and felt very good about it. 
Second thing which happend was that the infrastructur at my village sucks as hell so sometimes I need to walk 2 busstops more b/c the bus stops just
This year I lost another 2 Kgs wuuu.

Having 68 Kg made me feel like WUU im a superchick and while buying sum new clothes I recognized size 40(l) fits me !! ( before it was more 42(xl) like 40 q.q ) So of course I wanted to lose more weight !!

With 62 Kg size 38 fits me this made me probably the happiest girl I thought but it went oooooon..
on 31th of july 2009 I got that 62 Kg but on Dezember 24th I already got 54 Kg WUUUUU
NOW I was the happiest girl ever ! 
I now wear top size 34/36(xs/s) but unfortunately my hipbones r too big so I can never ever wear a jeans size 34 (xs) CRY !!!
However, 36(s) is way better than 42(xl) ^^

Look at my fat as hell arm in the picture !!

and Now

I also lost my stupid double chin :D

But unfortunately I still got that stupid fatcheeks everytime I laugh !!

However now comes the important part.



• forget about this useless butter. Srsly. This has no damn use.
I havent eaten this for 2 years now and I didnt ever missed that shit.
You can eat ur bread WITHOUT butter. Really. Im not joking. It tastes really good just putting jelly on it.
Give it a try !! Also u should buy these special pans in which u dont need to take butter.
U will cook so healthy without useless fat !!

• Put down ur fat need. U can handle the taste if u try slowly.
Drank 3,5% milk before ?? Then try now 1,5%. Later u will be able to drink 0,3% and save all the useless fat. But keep on drinking milk. Ur body needs that protein. R u allergic or want to save even kcal ?? Then try soy milk. Honestly, that doesnt taste so I have to drink free lactose milk.( u save useless milksugar wuhu )

Dont stop eatin and starve urself. This just ruins ur body and u will gain lots of weight back !!
Better : Eat sum healthy food. There are so many available !! Me f.e, I try to eat every evening a grapefruit putting a LITTLE sugar on it. Take u time. Eat a yummy sandwich ( remember without butter ) putting on some salad, eggs ( protein !! ), tomatos or wtf u like. 

Use brown bread instead of white ones. This may have more kcal but lower fat and makes u well-fed.

• U r allowed to eat some fatier things SOMEtimes. But then please read and decide carefully what ur going to eat. Many productcompanies want to make fun with us. They write "only 450 kcal " as big as they can on that box of pizza but if u read twice u see a very small "half a pizza got " nearby -.-
AND please use a kitchen roll to dab up this useless fat. okay ??!!
Also u dont need to eat the unhealthiest candy with the most fat. Inform about ur food so u know what to eat. For example never eat that white chocolate. This is pure fat so disgusting -.-
There r so many sites on the internet which r useful.
 For germans might be a good one !!

• Try to drink ur tea without any sugar. I used to take 3 buckets and now no more !!
Handle it down with taking less and less buckets. U can do it !!
Furthermore u should stop drinking shit like Fanta and all the other sofullofsugar drinks.
Better: Drink water !! Wanna save kcal ?? Drink some cold water. This saves u up 8 kcal.
Every hour on a day.. Got over 80 kcal. WUU.
Sick of the nontaste ?? Use dietary dupplements just like this :

It is healthy b/c its magnesium, vitamin, iron and so on ! Since this is available in so many flavors u never get sick of drinking water !! Just jazz it up yaa !

Sport tips on the next Posts. This is gonna be a very long entry now wtf.

Enjoyed ?? Feedback ??? cmt this shit or add me on Facebook.
Kitai Fi

Cyo thinner next time :D


  1. Hello. Thanks for posting this post! I'm a chubby little girl and I'm having a hard ... I saw your post hope that still remains to be thin. THANKS

  2. Ich kann kein Wasser trinken, ich fang an zu spucken nach viel Wasser ohne Geschmack oO. Frag nicht warum :D Aber danke für die Tipps. Butter haben wir schon Jahre nicht mehr im Kühlschrank ^^ mag eh keine Butter unter Marmelade. Find das eklig :P ich versuch grad von 55 wieder auf 50 zu kommen ^^
    küsschen ♥

  3. Hey thanks for this !!
    I'm not that chubby but I do realise I need to lose a bit of weight *-*!! <3 <3 You look amazing btw! And congrulations for losing so much weight ~ ^_^" <3

  4. @ Goshikku: Wie groß bist du denn ? Und wegen dem keinen Geschmack hab ich ja exra gemeint du kannst Nahrungsergänzungsmittel benutzen um die ins Wasser zutun. Gibts ja in sovieln Geschmacksrichtungen dass es nie langweilig wird, wenig kcal hat und gesund ist (:

    @ Melody: Thank you !! I hope you reach your weight goal (: Good luck ! <3

  5. wow du siehst echt gut aus O.O da wird man ja absolut neidisch!
    danke für die tipps, ich fands sehr interessant und ich freu mich schon auf den nächsten post!
    ich sollte auch dringenst an meinem gewicht arbeiten -.-*

  6. Glückwunsch, dass du so viel abgenommen hast und dich nun gesund ernährst!
    Du siehst wirklich gut aus ^.^

    Die Tipps mit dem Tee ohne Zucker, nur Wasser und keine Butter kann ich nur unterstützen.
    Ist bei mir aber auch eher eine Geschmackssache, ich genieße Tee generell lieber ohne Süßßung, mag keine süßen Getränke wie Cola, trinke viel Wasser und hasse den Geschmack von Butter =D

  7. Gäbe es hier auch einen Like Button würde ich das jetzt liken ;b

  8. wow sowas baut auf U_U ich wiege mittlerweile etwaas über 80 weil ich mein essverhalten total verändert habe und dauernd futter in mich reinstopfe jetzt reichts mir...und dicke gyarus sieht man selten xD nun denn mal los ich habe mir vorgenommen nicht mehr so viel zwischendurch und weniger süßigkeiten zu essen ich glaube das bringt auch sehr viel >.< hast du auch sport gemacht?

  9. Ja lies doch mal einen Post weiter :b
    "Awesome as Fuck and Sport Tips "



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