Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello my dear readers !!

Okay, for those who didnt already notice.
We had a big Gal Meet up at Düsseldorf in Germany.
Boggy PeaK ( german gyaru cir ) HYPER ( netherlands ) HimeBerry ( germany ) and Pearl ( also from germany ) 
went there.

Group Pic

It was my first time at Düsseldorf. I was waiting soooooo long for it. Since October I planned to go to a Boggy peaK meeting but I never had enough money ):

mohoho. It was also my first time taking PURIKURA. hahaha Im such a noob.
However, it was Yayas first time, too :3

Here you can see some.
I made some more, but the others didnt upload them yet.
I will show you tomorrow :3

 This is my favo Puri which doesnt include me xD
I love this black-yellow thing

 My boyfriend and me ♥♥♥

HimeBerry Pics I took with Yaya <3
We were the only HimeBerry Member this time.

 With my BF LOL

With Sui and Bella♥♥
( whos the other girl ? u were just as nice as the others <3 )

We were in the Japan Store like..FOR HOURS ! xDD
It was so much fun. I bought the Ageha and EGG <3

June Edition ^-^

This day I met so many people and everyone was so nice !!
I was looking forward to meet Kira
and Im really glad it happened this time !!
LOL this photo is the only good one of us two.
But IR you look so cute :3

and of course I was excited to meet Ari <3
The Admiss of our Forum !!
This is how exemplary forum admiss' look like.
If you ever asked yourself " how do they look ? " 
"they must be goodlooking"
thought false :D :D

Also meet Keiji and Ai from BP

No matter which I should describe of you guys I would always write the same.
You are so friendly so FREAKING FRIENDLY !! and so STYLISH !!
You know, Im not a total noob but Im definitly not as good as they are so I went there and as you always think if you meet somebody whos really good at its thing and has a name in this com you dont think they will acceppt you. Not that they wont talk to you just.. " ah hey. just another girl who wants to be gal. aha.nice to meet you blabla " BUT NOOOOOO.
They welcomed us with open arms. Pai let us stay at her house <3 and bellas dad picked us up to drive us from Dortmund to Düsseldorf.
Y U SO KIND ?? ♥♥♥♥

On the next day my Boyfriend and I spend the whole day at the train station and the city around the train station. XD
We had to wait for our train which arrived at 19:27 ~.~
So we went to eat ice cream !!

I had Baileys Strawberry and René had After Aight ice cream :3
So delicious !!!

We also found a Dunkin Donuts but this weekend we ate so MUCH !! that we didnt feel any hunger for that XD

BUT we found a Bubble Tea store and ... Im not a Bubble Tea virgin any more :D

I just can say...this was one of the best weekends Ive ever had.
I need to come back !
On this weekend I had this GYARU LIFESTYLE feeling the first time !!
You cannot discribe how it feels, if you are part of a huge community and they all love you and you love them and have so much fun and... ♥♥♥


  1. und wir haben uns kaum gesehen buhuhuhu ♥

  2. Wunderschöne Bilder <33
    War echt happy dich mal zu sehen *-*
    nyan ~♥

  3. schöner post! :)
    es war soooo toll! *_* ich schwebe mit meinen gedanken immer noch in düsseldorf! :D

  4. Kann ich Johanna nur zustimmen.
    Und du sahst wirklich klasse aus! *-*
    Deine Schuhe, die man zwar auf keinem der Bilder sieht, waren geil =D




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