Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leo Outfit

Yo Gals.

Yesterday I went into the city and tried on my new Leo Outfit.
You remember the shoe and the skirt I bought in Frankfurt ?
Well, I didnt feel very comfortable with it and since I needed something that fits with my shoes I cut the skirt and sewed the leo print on my black blouse.

I got inspired by this pic here :

then I tried on my skirt and OH SEE since its very short I like it XDD

Take a look at my whole outfit.

 Sunglasses :D

The pics are not that high quality b/c I forgott to take my SD card so René had to do the pics with his new LG.
But it didnt turn out that bad !

What do you think about my leo outfit ??


  1. woah, you did that yourself? looks awesome!
    and you look gorgeous in that outfit by the way =)

  2. ich find das steht dir total gut - leo print ist eh toll..... die schuhe sind richtig geil :)

  3. You are so talented with sewing!

  4. Damn Baby ur outfit is HOT! <3 ich hab auch ein Leo kleid. ^^

  5. du siehst einfach hammer genial aus *_________*

  6. very pretty. I like the way you modified the top.



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