Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dadord Würzburch - Dadord Vollmond

Last week I was able to take part in a film !!
Which can be seen in cinemas :3
Well, it wasnt something huge but you can see me in the background hahaha

Dadord Würzburch is the frängisch frankonia word for "Tatort Würzburg".
This episode was called "Tatort full moon" so it was about Vampires and stuff.
Since the scene I had to play in the background was about having a gothic party I had to come in disguise. And this was my outfit !

It was the most gothicish thing I had :D
( Sorry to all true people. Im not into this style so I may hurt you by looking this way. But tbh I have to say I felt kinda hardcore XDD Im never ever changing my style into this. I felt so.. WHERE IS MY MAKE UPPP ?? Because I even couldnt do some counturing or shit ;__; I didnt know what to do with my hair either.
So please dont blame me if I did something wrong. It was just for fucking fun and..Im in a movie :D )

I wore my tutuha top with cross and a normal black basic top from H&M.
The tights I got in my closet and the shoes are from x-tra-x which I own way too long and only wore them once LOL Somebody wants to buy them ? :D
Ahja, I also wore my xoxo kiss kiss garder.

Some random pics OTHER PEOPLE TOOK !!
Im not the owner of those pics. Just saying.

It was hella fun and Im looking forward to doing something like that again :D

Today evening Im going to a BBQ with my work !
So be aware of another post tomorrow of my outfit and stuff :3
( Then loking normal again :D )


  1. you look so good!
    i love your outfit! you rock it!

  2. I love your outfit! So cute ;D

  3. Omg wie geil, poste die Folge, wenns die online gibt, bitte :D

  4. Oh! That looks hardcore cool!
    I wanna do shit like that too, you're like. I bet people are gonna still see you on tv and think 'uh, that's one hot chick' hahaha.

  5. hey <3
    danke für deinen kommi ^^
    sorry, aber das hatte dieses mal seine gründe...
    die letzten werden die watermarks auch noch haben.
    aber ich hab sie leichter gemacht, nich so arg.
    tut mir leid. ich hoffe du liest die restlichen posts meiner japanreise dennoch <3
    liebe grüße <3

  6. vielen dank :)
    nach den Japan posts is dann wieder alles beim alten ^^
    ich finds auch schade, aba es ging leider nicht anders~~
    liebe grüße <3

  7. Aaaah wie süß du aussiehst *__*
    Als Vertreter der 'schwarzen Szene' (xD) kann ich mit Fug und Recht behaupten: Geil. 2Monate so in die Diskotheken und und bist fame. :D

    Btw ich liiiiiiiiebe deine Haare *_*

  8. Man siehst du in dem Outfit heiß aus! *-*;



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