Sunday, October 16, 2011

Japantag Düsseldorf !

Ohhh my god first of all, sorry that I havnt blogged for ages !!
I thought I could blog in our hotel room but somehow we were too stupid to type in the right WLAN code..
soo however here we are now !

Yesterday we had Japantag in Düsseldorf.
Ive never been there before so I was excited :3 and of course I was so happy to see everybody again !
Unfortunately I didnt meet Ari which made me so sad especially when Ive seen the pictures afterwards on FB. She looked so hot omg
BUUUUT I was able to meet everybody else !! GOOD NEWS :3

So I arrived on friday evening with René and met Lisa at the train station. She picked us up and we walked together to our hotel.
random pic of us ;D

It was the first time Ive seen her but we phoned before sometimes and we chat a lot.
 I love her so much now ;____; Shes really my Barbie sister :D

On the next day ( Saturday - day of Japantag ) we decided to go very early to the OCS ( Japanstore ) to take Purikura ! Because we were told that we have to stand in line for hours if we come too late !

Some Puris we took !!

Sorry for the bad quality ! I tried to scan them but they were even worse ,_,
They are too small !!

mhh...however /D

When we decided to leave we meet Caro, Andy and Kira in front of the OCS.
Of course we took some pictures :D

Afterwards we went to the train station to pick up Jasmin ! She stayed in the same hotel as we, too :D
While we were waiting weve seen Sasha, Rox and her friend ( I think her name was Juliette but I dont want to write her name wrong ;__; Sorry !! )
The two girls were dressed in yukata and looked soooo adorable !!
After a while Jelly joined our little group, too.
She and her friend decided to leave because they didnt want to wait any longer.
I thought we were waiting for Bella and Ari to arrive but Bella was already there /D and Ari was delayed !

We took some pics but every single pic looked so fugly so i wont show you any of it :D
Each picture looked like this :

so I think you can guess how the others look like hahaha

After this failure the season we went outside and meet Silke and Maxi for the first time.
The whole city was very crowded. Take a look !
Silke and Maxi in front of the pic :D

We went to the Rheinufer ( ~.~ ) to lay down and relax.
It was sunny and warm at this time !
Unfortunately there was a lot of wind the whole fucking time so my hair was gone AND I got even iller / more ill ( idk wtf )

We took some pics :D
( look at the yukata girls *0* Arent they stunning ?? )

 Somebody please tell me what happened here ? XD
Im drunk wohooo. Okay no ^^
Okay the light was awful for the pictures..sorry D:

Later on we got hungry but Rox and her friend wanted to stay so Sascha, Jasmin, René, Lisa and I went on to search for some FOOOOOOOOOD.
We didnt found some but we found Sui :D
Binh took this photo. I stole it from Suis blog. Im such a badass. Sorry ;D

We talked a lot and then we went on to search for something to eat but instead of eating something we decided to take some Puris together because we didnt want to stand in line for hours to get something to eat !


 I totally love this puri. I look so awesome :D

 Ohhh Bella gifted me the Bottle of Wodka Ice Mint !!
I wanted to gift her pickles but I forgott them at home OMG IM SO SORRY !! ;_____;
( You dont have to understand why we gift each other such stupid things /D )

drink drink drink drink..omg.. I laughed so hard at this :D

While we were on our way out of the OCS we meet Silke and Maxi the second time !!
We were hungry so we went to a Sushi bar at the train station.
It was so yummy but I think too expensive.
So I didnt eat that much.
We took one last pic together and then they had to leave ! 
badass mission #2. Stolen from their blog.

Jasmin, Sascha, Lisa and me went back to the hotel to relax a bit before the great firework.
René was sleeping because he was so tired of walking through the city :D
Poor guy.
I brought him some donuts from dunkin donuts but unfortunately they hadnt that much left because it was quite late in the evening.

At 20:30 we went back to the Rheinufer to watch the great firework. It was AMAZING !!


On the next day / today ( öhöhö )
René and I went to a cafe for breakfast.
Nya.. doesnt look like a breakfast but it was yummy :D

René had cacao an after eight ice cream. I had a hot milk with honey because Im such a fucking ill wreck now ,_,  and some greeeeeat crepe with vanilla ice cream and hot cherries !

We bought some donuts from dunkin donuts for the journey.
We couldnt eat that much so I giftet 2 of them my little sister :D

Thats it !! 
PUUU Finally omg such a long entry !!
Aww I forgott to say Ive met a very nice girl whos a reader of my blog ! She was so cute but I was in hurry because we had to take puris and then I couldnt find her anymore ,_, However Im really happy that somebody recognized me XDD
Yee...hope you liked it ^-^


  1. Omg so toll ♥ gut dass du in echt genauso nicht scheiße bist wie ich xD und alle warn so süß0 und ich seh teilweise so dick aus ey xD weil ich so ein zwerg bin -.-"

  2. Lischen? Klappe! :P
    Ihr saht so toll aus <3
    ich wünscht ich hätte euch gesehn ;A;

  3. ahahaha das foto wo du die masse fotografiert hast und wir vorne stehen XD wie witzig :) ... jaa ich kenn das problem lisa ;)

  4. Was ein langer Post, da weiß ich gar nicht was ich schreiben soll x'D
    Ich hätt so gerne auch mit euch Puris gemacht x.x nooooooooooooooooo

  5. alter...dieses anfangsbild..geht ja mal gar nicht xDDDD Ich wusste gar nicht dass ich so scheiße lache :D:D

  6. Looks like fun! :D I love your first outfit!



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