Friday, October 21, 2011

SHUT UP ! aka Halle Gosch.

Heey people whats uuup ??

Since Im ill again or still ill i dont know.. I have some time to blog again WOHOOO.
Its friday evening and I have nothing else to do than sitting at home alone and being on the internet /D
What a teenagers life.

So.. I bought a new Tshirt yesterday. Its from Jane Norman
( omg im so pissed right now O_O I found it on the janenorman online store and it only costs about 18 Euro WITH shipping and I payed holy mofu 34 euro for it. AHH ;____; )

However, I bought it because I fell in love at the first sight and I think I can wear it for my Halloween costume as well !

What do you think about it ? Im sooo in love with it !
( Im just ignoring the price and be sad instead next month when Ill see my bank statement /D )


nyahaha thats it for today !! Ill crawl under my blanket now with a hot cup of milk with honey !!
The best thing you can do if your throat hurts !!


  1. how always = lovely photos!
    & nice tshirt! :)

  2. ...ich fühl mich auch ein bisschen looserig heute daheim zu sein xD aber ich habs mir selbst ausgesucht, haha.
    was fürn halloween kostüm planst du denn? kann mir mit dem shirt garnichts vorstellen xx

  3. Omg, das Shirt is ja der hammer *_* Ich würds mir auch holen! Wenn ich nicht permanent pleite wäre... xD
    Aber dein Style is toll und ich liebe deinen Blog ^^ (Bin auch fleißiger Follower!) Weiter sooo!! <3

  4. I love your shirt!

    What is your Halloween costume??

  5. I like it! Nice colours, nice phrase! Ahahaha!

  6. das t-shirt ist toll!!! und schöne bilder hast du von dir gemacht! :D



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