Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glitter palette "review" and face spam

as I promised Im back with new pictures of me.
First of all I cut my bangs!!
I think it suits me ^-^

lol gal make up without having the hair done looks bit weird.
Nevertheless I wanted to camewhore.

Next pic is too light but I like my eyes there :3

Okay, but this post is not only about my face
I wanted to review a bit about my glitter palettes which I bought from claires.
I wouldnt recommend the lighter thinner palette. As you can see they are not really strong!
The 3rd colour from the right is the glitter pink. Doesnt really look pink hu? 4rd one is the lightblue....MEEP yellow green and white are also MEEEEEEP.

BUT As you can see the other palette is really good ^-^

mhhh I dont really have anything else to say xD
Well maybe... I try to lose wight healthy now. Brand new experience lol
I even ate grainy cream cheese ( ?? ) which just has 0,4% or 0,8% fat AND lots of protein.
Linda taught me lots of things :D she knows so much about losing weight HEALTHY!
I hope Ill stay strong since I really nearly gained all my weight back what Ive once lost ):
Even my mom called me fat ,___, Ok Im happy she did lol but it still hurts.
I dont want my old weight back (lol secretly I want) At first Im happy if I lose 10kg. (old weight is 17kg far awaaaay ,_,)

 Ill just leave you here /D
wish me luck on my way!!!



  1. Krass, der Pony steht dir super gut O_O
    Find deine Frise so viel cooler :)
    Musste heute auch zum Friseur... war aber nicht so erfreulich xDD *niemals wieder glättungscheme* Adieu ihr Haare oO" T^T

    2tes Bild ist voll sexy!

  2. I think that with this hair you do not have to do that much of styling, it suits you very well!!^^*


  3. Der Pony steht dir echt total gut!!

    Mein altes Gewicht ist fast so weit weg wie deins XD Bin auch grad aufm Weg dahin. Wir schaffen das schon :)♥

  4. you look so sexy!!

    The palette looks so fancy!! *O*

  5. Oh Gott, wieso hattest du nicht schon früher 'nen Pony? Sieht ja hammer gut aus D: ♥

  6. You don't have to always do your hair, I think it looks nice in a natural way. Also that bangs looks nice. Since it's not the full one but more of a side one, it suits your sexy style :>

    About the glitter palettes, I think they take so much time to apply ; ; I used the nyx once when I was living in Japan but due to humid weather they would smear and get in my eyes and bleh... ; A ;

    I LOVE COTTAGE CHEESE. Try to put a bit of sugar in it if you don't. It will taste like heavenly good cheesecake XD

    I also gained 2kg back even though I was on my lowest weight since 5years ago TT; Try to keep going~ We should all keep each other motivated :D

      That was the word I was searching for xD

      Oh I believe what youre saying. Since they arent really eyeshadowish but more like a gel I think they arent made for warm weather xD
      But its still the best glitter thing Ive been trying.

      Awww thank you !! Since wednesday I try to eat healthy and it seems to work!! I only ate a Burger on Thursday but the rest of the food since wednesday was healthy ^-^ I never thought this would work lol since I know myself.. well I thought I would!



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