Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Stuff

Hello dear followers ;3

As youve already seen on my FB page I bought a glitter palette from claires.
And thats not all. I bought two of them because I love all colours ,___, and of course brushes waaa they are so hot !!

Again I edited my pics for tumblr lol
(my last one got 200+ notes #feelingawesomeasfucknow)

damn this one looks kinda crappy on my mac... I hate it when I edit pics on my computer and theres alway a different light setting than on my mac. DAAA

okay this one looks a lot better XD sooo.... I want to try this glitter make up soon but as you can see I have to order new lashes ;s The lashes on the pics are the last ones I have omg buuuuu....and they wont last that long I know that. But okay...last time I ordered lashes was december so...I guess they did a good job :3 ( my problem always is that I lose them or they glue so fucking strong on each other because I just throw them in my purse that they will break ,_, )

Okay I will leave you with a promise to blog asap about a make up with the glitter gel ;3


  1. omg geiles zeug *_*
    aber du musst mir jetzt bitte sagen, woher du die zeitschriften kriegst! xD also wo du sie zb bestellst! ich will nicht immer von scans leben ~.~

    1. ocs! ;D hab aba kein abo hab nur 3-4 rumliegen hier.

  2. Replies
    1. I LOVE THEM
      would like to have them in black because nothing really fits lavender...but blacks always sold out so fast ,__,

  3. ooo great colors! im curious about the Claires eyeshadow i always see them but wondered if the quality is good! Please update! :) btw that Barbie case is cute!

    1. jaa me too :D
      I hope they are good for an AV Gal Make up. I also bought normal glitter eyeshadows few weeks ago but you can hardly see it <.< I hope the glitter gel works out better.

  4. Love da shoes in pic ♥

    You've been tagged :D

  5. those blushes are toooo cute. can't wait for your glitter update



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