Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New stuff / Update of last days

Hey gals n boys ^-^

I havent updatet for some time ^^'''  but now Im back with some random news ;D

First of all I bought new bikinis!! 
Just 2 but Im still searching for a black bikini top argh

Take a look!!

H&M sells really cheap beach wear atm the pink one was only 9,90 Euro !!
(I wish they would sell bigger cups too in cute designs ,_,)

I got shopping addicted again. All these beautiful summer clothes and all I can think of is "BUY ALL THE STUFF FOR RIMINI" ( because we go there in our summer vacation // mentioned this the 3457th time /D )

Oh btw! Linda and I have so many plans! From 29.7 - 3.8 we will be in Switzerland and hopefully meet some swiss Gals there, shopping of course and swimming hrr :3
From 19.8 - 27.8 we will be in Rimini with my sister and her friends and from 31.8 - 2.9 we will be in Konstanz at Rock am See to stalk see Green Day asdfjk
Unfortunately we dont have money for Mönchengladbach 25.8 Green Day Open Air ,____,

last friday a store called Zeitzeichen gave away 4.000 YES FOURTHOUSAND ice creams for free. FOR FREE !!!

Of course I had to catch mine XD

A classmate came with me and chose Daim since we both wanted to try Oreo and Daim 

these are delicious as fuck TRY THEM !!!!
( Im super happy that I have a smartphone btw. Now I can take pictures everytime I want and can edit them and upload and omg how could I ever live without my baby samsung ??? <3 )

Just like in this situation... I was at the real;- supermarket and they sold these lovely babies...

I HAD TO try at least one.... and I decided for pina colada !!!
Super yummy I think. Real;- really has a great variety of alcohol. I want to spend so much money there XDDD When I walked through the supermarket I always had this one sentence in my head:
" I dont have a problem with alcohol. I LOVE alcohol"
haha :D

Okay now I end this post without any picture of me BUT with a yummy tofu curry...sausage ( is that the word in english?? XD ) and a guave milk tea ;3
Next post will include me again ;D

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