Thursday, June 7, 2012

Airport whoo whoo

Soooo yesterday I finally went clubbing again!
Damn I missed that shit <3

I worked from 2pm - 8pm and was at home like 9pm. Chris asked me on FB if we want to meet in the next days but I wont have that time so I said "if you come over and drive us to the Airport (disco)... y not! " and so we did... I finished my hair and make up in about an hour so...whoo whoo a new record xDD

When we arrived weve seen a big line in front of the club. We forgot that atm we have vacations AND the next day is also a holiday sooo... we set a timer and guess how long we had to wait???
57 minutes and at that time we didnt even payed...DÄÄÄ 
BUT it was soooo worth it!! It felt great to hear loud bass again and dance all night looong ^-^

Here is a crappy pic of me. I want to show it to you because of my new lenses. They are so damn light blue !!! I didnt edited the pic except of cutting out Chris XDD

Soo.. ignore my too big tshirt and my dumb face and my short hair.. /DD
but take a look at my lenses !!! I love them <3 <3

what do you think about them? (:


  1. I'm ignoring nothing! You look cute no matter what you wear and I'm uber jealous omg.

    I love those lenses, such a striking color.

    1. ,_____, thank you so much <3
      I love them too! I think Ill also get them in green :D

  2. Die Linsen sind echt goil. Sieht sogar echt aus, als wären das deine echten Augen ;D

  3. Total tolle Linsen *_* steht dir!



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