Friday, June 22, 2012



Havent blogged for ages again ,___,
BUT I have some pics for you ^-^
Ill just sum my last days up in pictures for you.

First of all Jan our driver to Japantag finally gave me the pics he took and awww I love stalker pics XD and one of them is really beautiful ^0^ look at it!!!

Somebody took a nice pic of me on coincidence... WHUUUT this actually never happens :D
Thanks Jan ^-^

I have also some pics from the little mural we sat and had a chat!

I want to hang out more often with you ,_,
So much fun!!

Some more pics Ive got for you are food spam pics!
Yesterday in our french class we went to a cafe and had yummy drinks and some food.
I had an ice tea with orange juice aww this some yummy shit!

aand on tuesday Ive been to pizza hut with René and it was sooo delicious! We couldnt even eat all of it and had to take the half of it home lol Cheese why dont you love me as I love you???

Look at this yummy shit !!

And not to forgett when I met him on sunday we went into a cafe and had some ice cream! I decided for some wodka orange thingy. Aww yeah !!
After that we found some cute looking ice looked like a banana?? XD I HAD TO buy it.

and heres the orange wodka thingy ^-^

Sooo something totally different...

do you want a SALES POST this evening???
Im trying to get rid of some things I just dont wear anymore or I havent even worn /D
Also I need some money for new extens soo....
whos interested in a sales post? :D



  1. Hau raus dein Zeug, ich hab grad wieder ein bischen Geld xDDD
    Und die Pizza... ich hab jetzt total den Hunger >.<
    Das erste Foto sieht echt hübsch aus.

    Alles Liebe

  2. hier sales posts gehn immer XD

    die stalkerbilder sind echt schön <3 ich mag sowas auch immer gerne XDD

  3. Ich will 'nen Sales Post :D

  4. Wo issn unser Video ? Oder ist das so schlecht das wir uns darauf nicht sehen lassen können XD

    1. ahhhh gut dass du mich erinnerst!! Damn wollte die eigentlich zusammen mit den Bildern hochladen...naja kommts in den Post nach dem Sales Post. Schrecklich isses ned aba voll random XD Aba ich werds hochladen ;3 <3

  5. Aww! You're just so adorable!<3

  6. In the second photo, I thought "Wow, she has a hairy arm." Not your arm! haha

    The first photo looks so nice! I agree, it's nice to have good photos. <3

    1. I KNOW LOL It looks like my arm but its the arm of my friend ^-^ you can see it at my pink nails :D

  7. das erstes bild siehst du hübsch aus *-* ~
    bzw. wo gibt es die banane eis? XDD

    1. in jeder Langnese Eistruhe ^-^ ich hab meins ausm Schwimmbad aba Starback oda jeder Supermarkt hat ja an der Kasse so ne Eistruhe stehen ;D



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